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Hari Om,

Thursday :04/10/2001: SECOND DISCOURSE


 We know Delhi, Mumbai are cities.  But which is this SHRIMANNAGAR? Who is NAYIKA (ACTORESS) of this NAGAR? Basically we think NAYIKA means main character role but this meaning is not referred here.  According to SANSKRIT, NAYIKA is the one with whose qualities the play is constituted, continued and BHARATVAKYA of that Drama is completed. (BHARATVAKYA means THE END, which indicates BHARAT MUNI wrote NATYASHASTRA).  Some people may say why they should call HER (LALITA) NAYIKA.  Irrespective of your accept or not HER as a NAYIKA, SHE is the only NAYIKA of the drama.  If we don’t know AMRUT is lying in our house then is that useful for us?  In spiritualism (ADHYATMA) asking queries is not a wrong thing.  If I ask questions to get knowledge about any matter then that is a correct thing.  But if I ask questions just because of my petty or meaningless doubts, then that is wrong.

To which NAGAR (city) this NAYIKA belongs? Which is this MANN NAGAR?
We have heard that during the process of SAGAR MANTHAN, LAXMIJI came out before AMRUT was found.  Does it mean that SHE was not present before that?  YES! SHE was present before that also.  SHE was not created but SHE was visible for us from that time (PARAKAT ZHALI) as SHE was turned to expressible form for a common man.

Was RAM not present before HIS Birth? No. (that was not the truth).

Once Valmiki Rishi (who wrote RAMAYAN) had gone to the river to have bath at morning, where he saw a couple of CRAUNCHA BIRD (NAR & NADI) enjoying nearby the river. Suddenly an arrow of hunter wounded the Craunch bird and he died. The wife of that bird started crying loudly due to love for that bird. Valmiki Rishi was watching this scene. He started thinking that birds loved each other. After death of Craunch bird also SHE loved Him, then why is she crying?  Is she crying for his PRAN? He started chanting RAM NAM as his usual practice and that time story of RAM was invented. Valmiki was chanting RAMNAM and then the RAMAYAN was created. About 10,000 years before birth of RAM, RATNAKAR robber became VALMIKI Rishi. RAM was there before HIS birth also in that period. RAM was not available for common man in visible or expressible form before HIS birth.

SAGAR MANTHAN was done between DEV (GOD) and ASUR (demon). They had taken assistance of VASUKI SNAKE. First of all Poison came out as DEV had taken help of Demons. LAXMI was manifested through the same KHIRSAGAR, which is nothing but the SHRIMANNAGAR. SAGAR is LAXMI’s father as well as mother. SAGAR is MUL STHAN (Original Place) of LAXMI. Before my birth I was there in this GARBHA. I get birth from my mother, where first I come into BEEJRUPA from mother and father. Thus mother and father’s place is my real Place, where I was born. This MUL STHAN is called as GARBHAGRUHA. Hence, the place where Idol of GOD is placed is called as GARBHAGRUHA. For LAXMI, HER GARBHAGRUHA is SHEERSAGAR.
SHEER means Milk, or KHEER – a sweet recipe made from Milk. Hence it is misunderstood that SHHERSAGAR is SAGAR (Ocean) of Milk. But it is not so.


 There are 2 meanings of SHEER. One meaning is MILK and another meaning - AKSHAY means the thing, which can be never reduced (SHAY means to reduce). SHEER means the thing that can be never reduced as well as it is not AKSHAY also. The thing, which is created, gets reduced obviously. 
The student of eighth standard and tenth standard are also students of that school. But eighth standard student can’t become tenth standard student.
SHEER means, which can never reduce. Any thing should be created before it will reduce. Thus SHEER means NITYA that is always present. There is only one who has no end after its creation and that is PARMESHWAR.SHEER is BRAHMASWARUPA. Every thing is filled up with BRAHMA. 
SHEERSAGAR is PARAMBRAHMA. SHEERSAGAR is MULSTHAN of SAKSHAT PARAMSHIV, MAHAVISHNU and LALITA. This states HER MUL NIWAS STHAN is PARAMSHIV or PARMATMA. Every one wants to do MANTHAN (To CHURN) of this SHEERSAGAR, but with help of demons. Hence Poison is only obtained and not AMRUT. SHRIMANNAGAR means SHEERSAGAR. LALITA is KARMANAYIKA of this play or drama of SHRIMANNAGAR and HER qualities continues drama to make progress.

Which drama is played in SHRIMANNAGAR?
BHAGVAN’s KARMA is CREATION – DEVELOPMENT – END and again CREATION ….. But my birth –development- death is work (Karma) of LALITA and not HIM. As LALITA is first LEELA of BHAGVAN, this action or KARMA is SAHAJ BHAV (natural BHAV) of HER.

How the drama is played as per HER qualities?

LALITA is ANANDPARYAVASINI. SHE gives pleasant end and not unhappy end.
Even in KALKI reincarnation there will be destruction (SANHAR) , there will be no sorrows or worries after that. RAVANA was killed by an arrow (Arrow = SHAR) of RAM , but he was happy during his last moments. He exclaimed for first time he has chanted HIS NAM (RAM NAM), but RAM was so almighty that HE had sent an arrow (with HIS TOUCH), which will be finally taking him (Ravana) towards RAM only. KALKI reincarnation will make destruction but HE will not destroy GUNA (Good qualities). HE is PARMATMA, who is NIRGUNA. NIRGUNA means who bears all GUNA.

          In mathematics, (+7) + (- 7) = 0. But in practical life we may not observe same principle. Suppose one person (A) has borrowed Rupees 500/- from another person (B). Now if A person repays money to B person, then only B person will have Rs. 500? with him, otherwise if A doesn’t want to return money to B , then A will have Rs. 500/- with him and not B. When mother delivers a child, there is severe pain. But these pains don’t create panic ness, but they pleases her. Pleasant feelings and painful feelings are exactly opposite feelings. This states that opposite qualities can stay equally together and HE who bears that is NIRGUNA PARMATMA. Being LALITA HIS POWER, SHE bears all HIS GUNA (QUALITIES). LALITA is first LEELA/ SNKALPANA (IMGINATIONA)/ DESIRE (ICHA) and hence HIS qualities are already present with LALITA.LALITA was born from SHEERSAGAR first and after SHE married to VISHNU.

          While doing AMRUT MANTHAN every one was eagerly waiting for AMRUT-KUNBHA. They all were very tired and praying to PARMATMA to remove away their tiredness. But Only LALITA possesses the quality to remove away this tiredness, because only HER LAXMI SWARUPA has got this power. So first learn the meaning of LAXMI.

In SANSKRIT, there is a specific meaning of every VYANJANA (word).


INDRA is ENERGY UPASAK, while LAXMI bears DRAVYA BEEJ (Matter form). When there is requirement of matter in our body we feel tired. Tiredness is an action of body. LAXMI is the one who can remove this deficiency of body matter. SHE takes care for betterment to PRUTHVI TATVA. There are two powers (wives) of VISHNU. One is SHRIDEVI and other is BHUDEVI.


1. SHE is SHAKTI DATI, who gives SHAKTI.             SHE takes care for betterment of    BHUDRAVYA (MATTER).
2. SHE enriches you with SHAKTI.                        SHE removes your tiredness.

LAXMI is called as SHODASHAISHWARYA DAYINI. SHE gives all 16 types of AISHWARYA and not only MONEY to every human being. When LAXMIJI came out of SHEERSAGAR, SHEERSAGAR himself stand in form of HER father besides her.  Every father wants her daughter should be married in good family.  Similarly SHEERSAGAR expressed his wish that unless LAXMI gets suitable match she will stay with him.  Now DEO were found in duality.  First they were tired and wanted to remove their tiredness, so they were in search of LAXMI.  But now they have to find suitable match for HER also.  And simultaneously they have to do MANTHAN.  Because that was order that MANTHAN should not be stopped for a moment.  Suddenly they found that POISON (HALAHAL) came out.  SHIVJI drank that poison, which started burning sensation in HIS throat.  GURU BRAHASPATI asked HIM to chant RAMNAM, which indicates RAMNAM was present in that time also.  All DEO were pleased to see this and started pleading SHIV to show them RAM.  SHIV answered that there was still time for appearance of RAM.  But if they wanted HE would show them MOOLSWARUP.  Then HE showed them the MOOLSWARUP where they found VISHANU was sleeping in SHEERSAGAR, along with LAXMI.  Now the question was who will go there in center of SHEERSAGAR to get LAXMI? 

DEO and demon went to their SADGURU BRAHASPATI AND SHUKRACHARYA respectively.  Both advised them but there was difference as shown below.

Sl. No. BRUHASPATI                                       SHUKRACHARYA                             
1. HE never thought whether HIS opinion       HE always thought in such a manner that will be in favor of DEO or NOT.                         everything will be in his own favor.

2.      HE told DEO that although VISHNU was       HE told DEMON that VISHNU is mayavi, 
sleeping HE was aware of all things. so they should awake HIM from sleep        .                                                                     as to get power to LAXMI

They should not try to awake HIM. HE himself will awake from his sleep as per HIS sleep. 
Hence they should praise about HIS GUNA and sing songs, which will please HIM.
It is easy to awake a sleeping person, but it is very difficult to awake a person who is pretending.  HE is the biggest dramatist of the world.  Now who will awake HIM?  Hence SHUKRACHARYA advised demons to shake away SHESHANAG.  SHESHANAG is that POWER, which remained, balanced after creation of the whole world and which is indefinite (ANANT).  This ANANTROOPY SHESH has only one desire that HIS VISHNU and LAXMIMATA should be pleased. Hence HE is always JAGRUT.  If anyone tries to shake HIM, imagine what will happen?  HE is a snake so it is advisable not to awake HIM. only one  hair of HIS tail is bigger than the whole BRAHAMANDA.  When DEMON started shaking HIM, the BRAHAMANDA started increasing to such a great extend that neither VISHNU nor SHESHNAG was visible to them. All demons were hardly hanging on that one hair and they were not having any strength at all to shake away that one hair.  Then SHUKRACHARYA started praying SHIVJI.  First HE scorned him why he is showing them a false dream?  SHESH is ANANT SHAKTI, so they should pray to SHESH.  As DEO were not involved with DEMONS they were not tired.  SHESH turned down his hair.  As DEO had not taken help of DEMON for some time VISHNU AND LAXMI became identical and AMRUT started coming out. 

Now we have to think, whether we want to behave like DEO OR DEMON (ASUR).  We should think whom we should obey either BRUHASPATI OR SHUKRACHARYA.  We have seen LAXMI has become NAYIKA when VISHNU AND LAXMI became identical.  LAXMI becomes SAMPNA (POWERFULL) with VISHNU’S SHAKTI.

Suppose, I am having 100 crores of Rupees with me while traveling in desert, without food and water, then what is use of that money to me?  Try to understand limitation of every POWER.  It is essential that MOOLSHAKI should be present with MATTERSHAKTI. 

In a married life, if a person is not happy with his wife and interested in some external affairs then that married life cannot be called as a happy married life, even though that family consists of children.  But if this couple is having LOVE for each other they will be happy in a HUT.  Behind everything BHAVSAGAR (IMOTIONS) is always present.


VISHNU is DHYANSWARUP and LAXMI is KRIYASWARUP. An ACTION (KRIYA) does every thing and not DYAN.  But with lack of DYAN, ACTION cannot by done.  Without the knowledge of swimming, I cannot save myself if some one pushes me in deep water. Eating does not require any DYAN because that is a KRIYA. That is an instinct (ESHANA).  Without knowledge birds makes their nest because that is there instinct (SAHAJPRERANA).  Similarly eating, drinking are instincts. 

KRIYA is within the DYAN only. DYAN is SHREMANNAGAR.  Now we have realized that LALITA is NAYIKA of SHREEMANNAGAR, which is DYANMAYI

Who knows BRAHAM? The person who has got knowledge (dyan) of world can have ATAMADYAN, which is nothing but BRAHM.  LALITA is expression of DYAN.  To sing classical songs, I have to learn from a teacher and I have to practice to develop the skill. This shows singing action requires knowledge (DYAN).

          How a language is learnt?  If a child is brought up in a forest by animals he cannot learn speaking.  Even though it has been observed that child with dumb parents cannot learn to speak easily.  Speaking is learnt with help of listening. Language is developed with the help of DYAN and cannot be developed by animals due to lack of DYAN.

LAXMI is NAYIKA OF SHREMANNAGAR.VISHNU IS NAYAK and SHE is HIS ACTION (KRIYA). KRIYA is created from DYAN. AAKRUTI (FIGURE) cannot create an ACTION (KRIYA) but KRUTI creates an AAKRUTI. If PRAN is absent in DEHA (BODY) then MIND cannot function.  In case of paralysis, hands and legs (AAKRUTI) are present but they cannot do any ACTION.  VISHNU AND LAXMI are separate like BHAV AND KRIYA.  The man becomes successful when he can make his knowledge and action identical.                  Hence men’s first duty is to make them identical. 


To get success in life one should translate his knowledge to an action. Any action without knowledge is unuseful. DEVOTION without Knowledge is impossible. BAPU told, we may argue that HE has asked us to follow BHAKTIMARG always, then why is it necessary to follow DYANMARG? To increase DEVOTION one should make his appearance in SATSANG.

          In SAI-SATCHARITRA, we have read CHAMATKAR occurred in life of DEVOTEE.  But we should not ask SAIBABA to repeat it in my life because that is wrong thing.  It is must that one should have knowledge that those actions were not CHAMATKAR actually.  We will have knowledge of that action when we understand behavior of devotees and BHAKTI.  When we will get this DYAN, then automatically LALITA will come along with VISHNU.  Only LAXMI cannot make my life happy.  SHE makes my life HAPPY when SHE comes along with VISHNU and functions as KRIYAROOPINI.  But if I pull her separately in my life, SHE becomes KARYANIRODHINI (OPPOSES MY KRIYA). When I break up relation between BHAKTI and DYAN, I make LAXMI AS ALAXMI. ALAXMI is form of MAYA, which invites ADYAN.  BHAGAWAN is ready to give me DYAN.  LAXMI is HIS wife and SHE knows that the one who loves my husband should be benefited.

          A common woman loves only that person who loves her husband.  She treats enemies of her husband like her own enemy.  Even if her father behaves like enemy with her husband she will order him not to enter her house.  LALITA is honored as first wife of this world.  Then SHE will also behave similarly with all human beings. 

          The importance (DYAN) of the breathing is realized only when there is resistance for it due to any reasons such as ASATHAMA. Otherwise it is a common process for me and not a DYAN.  Similarly BHAGAVAN gives total completion to my life.  To gain knowledge of this BHAGAVAN I should first achieve this SHEERLAXMI who removes away my tiredness.  Try to know how is her LOVE and LEELA. LALITA is a LOVE of BHAGAVAN and they LOVE each other enormously.  Hence SAINT advised us to gain knowledge of BHAGAVAN.  My life will be happy when DYAN AND KRIYA both will be present. 

          KRIYA (ACTION) rules the whole world.  The BHAKTI is BHAVRUPI SHAKTI of DHYANRUPI WORLD. The DYAN of BHAV and KRIYA is must. KRIYA means serving to needy people. Don’t think that they had done sins in previous birth so they are suffering in this birth and we should not help them. I should serve to those people who are lame, handicapped. I should not donate to beggars. I should help to helpless persons. I will get only PUNYA if I donate Rupees One Crore to beggars, but I can’t gain HIM. By offering money I may not get Punya of donation. The best way is YADHYEN DANEN TAPASA.I should serve only those who are really helpless. A triangle is formed by BHAKTI, SEVA and DYAN. This SHRIMANNAGAR is same triangle, whose NAYIKA is LALITA. PARMESHWARA’S GUNA are SATYA, PREM and ANAND, while LALITA’S GUNA are SEVA, DYAN and BHAKTI. They both attract each other like opposite poles of magnets.  SATYA, PREM and ANAND will attract me towards BHAGVAN while SEVA, DAN and BHAKTI will attract me towards LALITA.


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