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During discourse of KAUSATLAYO DRUSHYOU PATU (PART 18- SHREE RAMRAKSHA STOTRA) on 18.03.2005 our SADGURU P.P. BAPU told 5 ways to find out our distance from our beloved GOD (i.e SADGURU BAPU). First HE described that KAUSTLYA does not have so much importance because She was mother of RAMA. But she herself was a great devotee. Bhardwaj Mooni has asked to perform UPASANA of the SUN since her age of 11 years and she performed through out her life. After she got married to King DASHRATHA, she could not become mother for many years, even other queens of DASHRATHA was troubling her and teasing her as old woman. But she never complained about any trouble to her GOD and she continued her SUN (SURYA UPASANA). At the exact time of RAMA’S birth she got BRAHMADYAN from their SADGURU VASHISTHA and she could see MAHAVISHNU’S CHATURBHUJ SWAROOPA which is very difficult to achieve even after great penance. While she was gaining this BRAHMADYAN from SADGURU VASHISTHA she denied to see that SWAROOPA and MOKSHA too. She asked that she want to become a witness of RAMA’S CHARITRA. She wanted RAMA to be in a normal human child (new baby born)  form and she does not want to gain any BRAHMADYAN. 
            BAPU told see! She denied even MOKSHA and asked for only RAM as she knew what she wanted. She knew that HE is only KARTA and KARVITA (DOER and the one who gets things done from others). She does not want any credit to be taken in her account. So that  MAHAVISHNU’S CHATURBHUJ SWAROOPA turned into a small new born child who was her RAM!
            In human life there are 3 stages – JAGRUTI (awake ness), SUSHUPTI (Sleeping), SWAPNA – (DREAM state of mind). In all these 3 states KAUSATLYA  is the only one who can see only RAM! So BAPU narrated one story from which we can see how she was seeing only Her RAM in all 3 states of mind.
After that BAPU told that another meaning of KAUSATLYA is DOORDRUSHTI. She always has sight of future tense and the sight which searches how far I have come away from my GOD. BAPU told 5 measurements to find out this distance between you and your GOD.
  1. PEACE of MIND: I have to find out how much peace of mind I am experiencing through out the day and night of 24 hours and how much I feel unpeaceful.  I have to subtract this time or no. of hours I feel peace of mind and no instability in a day from 24 hours and the remaining is the my distance from my GOD.  Suppose I experience all 24 hours peace of mind then my distance from GOD is zero. (24-24=0) Whatever time I am not having peace of mind in a day that much distance I have to cross to go to my GOD. Suppose in a day I feel peace of mind only for 2 hours or 2.5 hours or only 20 minutes then only that much distance I have crossed and rest of 22 hrs or whatever balance is the distance I have to cross so far.
  2. In 24 hours of a day for how many times I remember my GOD easily without any happiness or without any problem. I have to count for how many times I remember about my self like I feel hungry, I feel thirsty, I  have to pass urine, I have to go to toilet and then count how many times I remember about HIM. BAPU said suppose you remember 200 times for yourself and 2 times for GOD then subtract 2 from 200 and you will get your distance from your GOD. Here particularly BAPU warned that don’t count 108 directly if you are chanting His NAM for 108 times as your concentration is not so perfect only on HIM.
  3.  After how long I remember HIM after I wake up in the morning. BAPU told 3 things normally a man experiences after he wakes up in the morning that he feels hungry or he wants to pass urine or he wants to go to toilet. BAPU said as you remember about these 3 things, the time you remembered is so small. But think after how much time you remember about HIM. Here there is reverse thing that you have to subtract how early you remember about your self from the time how late you remembered about GOD. (for eg. I remembered about my self within 2 minutes and about GOD after 5 hours then subtract 2 minutes from 5 hours and this is the distance from GOD)
  4.  In a whole month count how many feet I have walked for my self, my family and how much I have walked for HIM. Dancing in HIS GAJAR or NAM or in KIRTAN or DINDI are the feet you have walked for HIM. BAPU that’s why the RISHI and MOONI brought the concept of PRADAKSHINA because they wanted that at least you should walk 1/10 of your walk for HIM. When I do my SADGUR’S SEVA, or I take trouble to work for HIM then I am walking for HIM and these feet are counted for HIM.  BAPU clearly stated that while going to vegetable market or fish market you stopped at a temple and  you bowed in front of HIM but this does not count as a walk for HIM because all the time your thoughts were about fish or vegetable and not HIM.
  5. This fifth one is very difficult and at the same time very easy for them who carry out as BAPU told. I have to count my life in years like 40 years, 20 years or 70 years old as I am today. Then I have to remember for how many times I have decided to become ONLY ONLY and ONLY HIS. BAPU said this ONLY word is very important and underline for 10-12 times those who are taking notes. You have to become only HIS and live for that many times. BAPU said we plan for 200 times but hardly for one or 2 times we have tried to become only HIS. We should not count those numbers for how many times we had planned to become ONLY HIS but we should count those numbers when we have really lived or experienced that we were lived that many times ONLY for HIM. We were ONLY HIS and no one else. I have become HIS with my MIND, BODY and BUDDHI all.
BAPU said this is real DOORDRUSHTI which teach you how long you have traveled away from your GOD or SADGURU. It is very necessary to know this distance from HIM to become successful in your life. At least in a month we should try to find out this distance and then in next month when we will find we will know whether we are going nearer to HIM or away from HIM.
BAPU said the question to become KAUSATLAYO DRUSHYOU PATU or not is yours and answer is HIS because HE is always ready to offer slate and pencil to find out this distance in your life. But if we break off slate and throw away pencil then HE will not surely help us. But if we don’t have slate or pencil then surely HE will provide us and even HE is ready to hold our hands if our hands are shaking.

It is up to us whether we want to become KAUSATLAYO DRUSHYOU PATU means to see ANIRUDDHA RAM in all our 3 states and also in DOORDRUSTHI or not.

Note: This article was posted in the earlier sadgurubapu group by Sunneta Karande, have just reposted it her

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