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    This is very different NAME. PADMA means LOTUS and MAHAPADMA means MAHALOTUS. In every man’s body there is a BRAHMARANDHRA, which is a door. There are total 9 doors in a human body. Hence it is called as PURI of 9 doors. Man can open the other RANDHRAS (doors) of human body, but irrespective of being open he can’t use BRAHMARANDHRA. The whole universe is made up of BRAHMA. All living beings, non-living things and water are fractions of BRAHMA. LALITA is present in BRAHMARANDHRA. It is such a door that it can be opened as well as closed also.
          But BAPU, we have heard that LALITA is sleeping in form of KUNDALINI, (JAGDAMBA SWARUPA) in MULADHAR CHAKRA and when SHE wakes up, SHE goes and meets SADGURUTATVA present in SAHASTRAR CHAKRA. BRAHMARANDHRA is above the SAHASTRAR CHAKRA. Now one may say SHE is goddess, so SHE can be present at two places. But without understanding any thing properly, just neglecting the fact on the basis that BHAGVAN can be present at two places is wrong thing.
LALITA is sitting in form of KUNDALINI by making 3 and ½ circles. When a devotee succeeds in awaking all 108 centers of his body , SHE wakes up from MULADHAR CHAKRA and travels towards SWADHISHTHAN CHAKRA and then progresses to AAGHYA CHKARA. The devotee who only wants to LOVE HER stops his MOTHER (LALITA) there. He wants to do BHAKTI and LOVE to his BHAGVAN / BHAGVATI and wants ADVAITA (duality – separation between devotee and his BHAGVAN). He knows if LALITA goes in upper direction, SHE will meet PARAMSHIVA and after their MILAN, there is MOKSHAPRAPTI (salvation) or DVAITA (unity with BHAGVAN to such extent that there is no separation between HIM and devotee) is only possible, which he never wants.        
How is it possible that LALITA, who is present in BRAHMARANDHRA is also sleeping in MULADHAR CHAKRA?
          LALITA is present in two forms in every man irrespective of he is PAPI/ PUNYAVAN, rich/poor. Then does SHE look alike at both places?  
BAPU explained this situation with an example. HE said you study for examination. After that you close the textbook and ask questions to your self (to check whether you have studied correctly or not) and answers yourself to you. Here, when you ask question you are GURU (teacher) and when you answer, you are student. This means you are playing 2 roles of GURU and student. You will get answer to a question when there is question. Even in first role when you were learning, you were teaching to you only. When I teach drawing/ engineering drawing/ any thing to me, means there is presence of GURU in me too. While I am learning I am a student and I am a GURU (teacher) too. Now you will understand how LALITA’S 2 forms are present, in the same manner the 2 forms of GURU and student are present in me.
          Which role is first? Whether chicken is first or egg is first? This is not that type of thing. Who is first GURU or student?  Both are first. There is LIGHT, because of presence of DARKNESS. There is NIGHT and hence DAY is present. The existence of both is proved simultaneously. GURU is student’s GURU as student is his student.
          LALITA is sleeping in MULADHAR CHAKRA for a common man, is the same who is JAGRUT in BRAHMARANDHRA. When KUNDALINI wakes up in MULADHAR CHAKRA, LALITA goes and unites SADGURUTATVA in SAHASTRAR CHAKRA. This EKRUPA AVASTHA (same state) is JAGRUT LALITA in BRAHMARANDHRA, who has united (EKRUPA) with SADGURUTATVA. SHE is not at all separate or different from PARMATMA.
          The one who is separate from PARMATMA is sleeping and when SHE is not separate from HER beloved husband, SHE is JAGRUT (awaking). Thus the biggest SHAKTI is EKRUPA with PARMATMA when SHE is JAGRUT. But remember one thing that SHE functions even if SHE is sleeping. We never care to see how we utilize the power of our body. We have been given SHAKTI for thinking how we can utilize our power to do our KARMA, which is called KARMASWANTRATYA (independence to do our KARMA as per our wish). This independence of KARMA is offered to us as LALITA is sleeping. But irrespective of KARMASWANTRYA offered to me, I don’t know how to utilize it.
          See, a man has gun, but he doesn’t know how to use that, then there is no use of that gun for him. Similarly we behave badly or rudely with our parents (aged mother-father), by using KARMASWANTRATYA and without thinking its effects. Our VIVEK BUDDHI (consciousness of BUDDHI which tells me what is wrong and what is correct) is sleeping, because LALITA is sleeping. When I do wrong works, KARYA, SHE is sleeping that time. LALITA sleeps till the time my VIVEK BUDDHI is not made JAGRUT. Hence I don’t know how to utilize correctly power offered to me.
What does LALITA do when SHE is JAGRUT in BRAHMARANDHRA?     
          Irrespective of the man is sleeping or awaken, LALITA has only one work to join every JEEVATMA with PARMATMA, when SHE exists in BRAHMARANDHRA. Hence SHE is also called as SETUBANDHDWAR. SHE builds a bridge (SETU). When devotee looks at his BHAGVAN with love and BHAKTI, he tries to realize HIM , then LALITA existing in BRAHMARANDHRA attracts KUNDALINI present in MULADHAR CHAKRA. See, here SHE is attracting HER OWN FORM only.
           When we listen a song in early morning, we keep on murmuring same song for the whole day. If we want to put an alarm for morning we set it at night on either telephone or in watch. This means we have to make preparation in the night for waking up at early morning. When I wake up at morning, I must chant RAMNAM, GOVINDNAM or SATNAM means HIS NAM at first. If we want to learn TAMIL Language we must do study. In Sanskrit, ABHYAS (study) is called as PRAYAS, which means PRACTISE. If we keep on speaking in our mother tongue for the whole day, then we can’t pass in examination. Similarly to chant RAMNAM early in the morning when we wake up, we must chant RAMNAM before we sleep at night. See, you can’t catch the moment when you sleep. But we can easily catch the moments when we are waking. But when we sleep, our KUNDALINI sleeps but LALITA in BRAHMARANDHRA is JAGRUT only. It is very difficult to awake sleeping KUNDALINI and easy to achieve JAGRUT LALITA. But same LALITA wakes up bad dreams. But by doing this SHE wants to make us scared so that SHE can again remove that fear from our mind and make us JAGRUT like HER (who is always JAGRUT). Thus to achieve LALITA’S   grace is easy. There are 4 ways (MARG) to achieve LALITA’S grace.
1.     KRIYASHEELATA – To become active or functional at the same moment when I wake up. KRIYASHEEL means to start KARMA immediately, the moment you wake up and that is very essential. That doesn’t mean to start eating or drinking the moment you wake up. Having BED TEA is not KRIYASHEELATA. The Best KRIYASHEELATA is that I should chant my ESHTA BHAGVAN’S NAM. I should see HIS IDOL or PICTURE (PHOTO). So automatically my eyes, hands will be involved in LOVE of PARMESHWAR (BHAGVAN). I should offer my first moment of every LIFE, every day to HIM, HIS NAM. According to BHARTIYA DHARMA (religion) every night is death (PRALAY) of man’s life, which is sleep for us. So every day becomes new life for me and I should learn to offer the very first moment of my new life to HIM only. Hence it is called as KRIYASHEELATA PATH.    
2.     VIHANG PATH – VIHANG means bird. VIHANGAM is the area from where bird sees. This is the area to little upper level than the normal area where I stay. VIHANGAM area is beautiful because I raise my self to upper limit and observe the view. Those who travel in aeroplane are aware of this concept. The views, which are not beautiful from lower area, may found to be beautiful at upper level.
See, a common example that if a tiger is standing in front of you, you may not even dare to see at him. First you will run away to save your own life. But when you are at height above him, you can see his beauty, his golden yellow color and his stripes.
          Similarly getting up from your normal level every day is called progress. Yesterday I have prayed, chanted HIS NAM for 10 minutes, today I will do for 11 Minutes HIS JAP and this is only VIHANGAM. Progress means you should rise up from state of MIND, DHAYN, BUDDHI, SEVA (serving). You should rise from every state of life. Think about whether you have tried any time today to raise yourself at upper level as compared to yesterday’s level.This NAM teaches to become LAYBADDHA. LAM BEEJ means PRUTHVI BEEJ – LAM ETI VAYU BEEJ. It is journey of PRUTVI TATVA to VAYU TATVA.  So sometimes DEATH is also called as LAM journey. LAY means journey of GHAN RUPA (SOLID FORM) to VAYU RUPA,but by mistake we refer LAY as death. Every day man should learn to make progress towards good things and not bad things.
3.     KRUTYA PATH – We think KRUTYA means demo ness who will eat us the moment
     she comes in front of us. We may ask BAPU why are you scaring us? BAPU said look 
     at the word with other meaning. The one who can do any thing is KRUT = KRUTYA. The same reference is used and KRUTYA is said to be the one who can do any worst action. I don’t know whether that created will be good or bad , but I will do – This is RAKSHASI (demo ness) nature. When we do any KARYA without knowing its effects or without thinking that becomes KRUTYA PATH. Not to follow this PATH is called as APATHGAMITVA.AGAMITVA means not to follow KRUTYA PATH, which means we should not do any KRIYA without thinking or understanding that. This is opposite name used to tell us why we are doing KARYA without knowing or thinking. So to prevent us from doing KARYA without thinking and understanding, RISHIS have named it in reverse way. We smoke, eat bad things and drink wines, without thinking.
What do it mean to do KARYA with thinking and knowing ? 
          There is a big difference between the thought automatically developed in my mind and the thought I create. First thought is MIND’S development, while second is BUDDHI’S creation. Suppose a man wants to eat MALPOOA (sweet dish), BUDDHI reminds me doctor’s advice of not to eat sweet. But MIND wants to neglect it and eat that. Thinking is KARYA of MIND while understanding or knowing is KARYA of BUDDHI. Thus not to follow KRUTYA PATH means to accept APATHGAMITVA.I can’t force my MIND’S thought on BUDDHI. If I want to go to LALITA then I have to follow only KRUTYA APATHGAMITVA.
4.     GOU KA PATHCOW’S PATH – This is very beautiful PATH. In INDIA, all religions consider cow as HOLY (PURE).Even cow dung and urine of cow is holy. But cow’s mouth is not holy. Cow’s MILK is SATVAGUNI, DUNG is RAJOGUNI+TAMOGUNI and urine is RAJOGUNI (gives antiseptic effect). But meat of cow is TAMOGUNI only and hence it should be avoided. But we find the sacred water used for ordination (ABHISHEKA) of BHAGVAN comes through GOMUKHI. This is used because the mouth of cow accepts not holy things but gives only holy things out. In SANSKRIT, COW means SUNLIGHT. SHE changes my APAVITRATA (IMPUTIRY) to PAVITRATA (PURITY). That means darkness is converted to light like SUN. Similarly cow eats bad things and gives me pure MILK, which is the best food.
I should use my 6 enemies (6 RIPU = KAM, KRODHA, MAD, MOH, MATSAR, LOBH) to bring purity. We may think how they can bring PURITY. But I have made them my enemies. If KAM, KRODH are gifts of BHAGVAN, they can’t be bad. It depends on me how I use them as my friends or enemies. KAM is not SEX. It is ESHANA. KAMDEO has created KAM and not BHANDASUR. If I use KAM for doing good work I use KAMDEO. I should all things to create good things. BHAGVAN has given me KRODH so that I can become angry with LOBH, laziness, ANEETI. It is possible that I can’t fight against 10-12 people, but I can phone to Police and call them at least to such places where ANEETI is going on. Isn’t that my responsibility?
     In MUMBAI, one girl was burnet and no one helped her. Was there no witness present on the incident? I should fight against bad things and should oppose them. Thus BHAGVAN has given me KRODH to oppose bad things.
     KAM is given to create new world (SRUSHTI) and not to rape woman. VYABHICHAR means opposite of ABHICHAR. BHAGVAN never supports any type of bad or evil actions or KAM. HE has given me KAM, KRODH to use for good things.
Why HE has given LOBH (GREEDINESS)?
     LOBH means MOH (desire) to obtain any thing. The biggest LOBH is to achieve BHAGVAN. Mother’s MOH to make her child good is also called as LOBH, which is also big LOBH.  At time of King SHIVAJI, there was a woman HEERABAI of 32 years old who had crossed the difficult BURUJ difficult portion of a fort to cross) in 20 Minutes only to feed milk to her child at night. Even trekkers group takes more than half an hour till today for same BURUJ to cross, which was named as HIRAKANI’S BURUJ. See, here one mother had crossed the BURUJ safely due to her real LOBH, KAM for her child, which is even impossible for young people. This type of LOBH gives me good things only.
      I make them my enemies and call as SHADRIPU. They will become my friends when I will follow GOPATH. But man never follows GOPATH, because those who walk on this GOPATH become SAINT. Try to learn to walk on GOPATH. Even if you step in one foot you will become SAINT.SAINT means the fraction of SAT (HE). How many births I will take? I will come and go (DIE), then why I should not become SAINT? TULSIDAS, RAMDAS, NAMDEO HAS NEVER ASKED MOKSHA (SALVATION). They asked HIM to give as many births HE wants to give provided HE could give HIS LOVE to them. I should know that at least one day will come when there will be no sorrow and worries, so I should stop singing song for unhappiness, sorrows. HE has given 6 SHAKTI (not 6 RIPU or 6 enemies) to walk on GOPATH, which are not sleeping. These are awaken, so that I can get HIS SHAKTI, when I will follow these 4 PATH S (ways) and when I will get HIS SHAKTI, there will be not only a single moment of sorrow or worry but also a fraction left over in my life
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