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In this world the fight between the power of LALITA and Bhandasur is going on and that army of LALITA has 15 KALA (Types). It is similar to the TITHI we called in a month. The NITYA SHAKTI indicates the power or SHAKTI of each KALA upto POORNIMA. LALITA is pleased and gets more encouraged to fight by observing each KALA'S (UTKAT) great VICTORY. Why we take only SHUKLA PAKSH KALA? It is because the same KALA are repeated in KRISHNA PAKSH also. These KALA are nothing but the army of LALITA.
Why we have to keep account of TIME (KAL)? 
We have to keep account of KAL because we are controlled by KAL. Which things account we keep normally? We keep account of our money and KAL (TIME). We heard sometimes people say in two hours they have spent their whole life. Similarly man keeps account of LOVE. Every person or any thing has its own feeling. Hence KALGANANA (counting of time) is essential for man. But it is not important for animals because only man can realize that he has to pass away (death) any day in his life. But he doesn't know when and at what time. So man must maintain a time schedule. One day and one night together make one whole day. Thus 7 days make one week, month and year. This counting of TIME was started with beginning of day and night. Man did not start it. This was created before man and he was created due to this KALGANANA. There is no planet where only day or only night is possible.
BAPU said He has heard discussions of college students regarding CHEMISTRY and BIOCHEMISTRY. But BAPU said their concept is wrong. They can't differentiate between them properly. CHEMISTRY means the reaction in between two matters. But in BIOCHEMISTRY, the BIOS are maintained between 2 chemicals till the soul exists in that body. After death of the body this BIOS is lost. BIOS are only maintained till body is live. BIOS means CHAITANYASHAKTI. Nothing is possible with only chemistry or weight of any body but CHAITANYASHAKTI should be present in it. Hence BIOS is very great SHAKTI. 
In KALGANANA presence of both day and night is essential. The night is present where day is present and vice versa. This means after day, night will come and after night day will come and this is called as KALKRAMANA. This states that KRAM means ORDER is created and maintained by KAL itself. But there is one point to be noted. Suppose in a college a new student comes in first year. Now he will be Junior to those who are studying in second or third year. These students in higher classes will be senior to him. But a student who has failed twice or thrice in a same examination and present in a college from 4-5 years can't be called as Senior. This shows us that ORDER or SENIORITY is not only decided by only counting of KAL (TIME). But SENIORITY also depends on QUALITY. The only one who makes progress along with TIME can be called as SENIOR. If one is not making progress along with TIME, he becomes JUNIOR (irrespective of his higher age). Our government gives SENIOR CITIZENSHIP to older persons. But think have you made any progress or just grown up by age only. Have any one thought whether he has made any progress after birth? Progress doesn't mean MONEY, HOUSE, BUNGALOW, CAR, or FLAT. No they don't mean PROGRESS although these are essential things for a common man. But irrespective of having all these things do I have any satisfaction, CHAITANYA or ANAND? Hence KALGANANA is done by QUALITY and not QUANTITY. One should think whether I have PEACE of MIND and ANAND in my life and if yes how much quantity do I have? BAPU said HE is sure that every one will say he has more ANAND and PEACE of MIND in his childhood then his present age. This states that every one has not done progress, but there was no success or degradation in his life. Actually ANAND and PEACE of MIND should increase in youth as compared to childhood and in old age it should be more than that of youth. This also shows that there was only progress in my body. My body has only grown up with passing years and SHANTI (PEACE OF MIND) and ANAND have not increased in my life. Hence only progress of body was done and I have not done any progress of myself. I have to take my MIND to the level of BUDDHI. By birth my body runs behind my MIND and MIND runs towards BODY which means finally I run towards my DEATH i.e. the death of my body. Thus I am going towards death or nonsuccess (ADHOGATI). The MIND is king of the body and he becomes successful who takes his mind in opposite direction of body and he becomes successful over TIME (KAL). But to achieve success shall we neglect our body? No, you shouldn't neglect your body. This means BUDDHI should control MIND and mind should control body. But MIND shouldn't control BUDDHI and body. But does it happen in my life? How to bring this change in my life? BAPU you have told that MIND should go in opposite direction of body but also tell us how to bring mind in opposite direction. 
BAPU explained thing with example. HE said there are some people in MUMBAI who stay near seashore. They see SUNRISE and SUNSET from sea. People who stay near mountain see SUNRISE or SUNSET from mountain. I get knowledge of direction from the place where I live. The person who has never seen sea can't imagine or realize how big is the sea, although we tell him SEA is very big. When a man goes at the center of sea, he can realize its vast nature. Here man uses theory of relativity. I can measure land with respect to the land where I live. We observe that the man affected by JAUNDICE complains that all things seem to be yellow in color, which is not written any science. I think according to my situation. But remember innocent man can't say another man is 420 and only he is innocent. Innocent man can't recognize whether another man is 420 or not. The one who predicts another man is 420 is the most 420 man. He can't be innocent, because due to his innocence he shouldn't recognize the exact quality of other man. ADHYATMA never asks to sink in water by becoming foolish. I see my behavior with my angle (point of view). I should see person in front of me and myself with same angle.
See, if audience don't have interest in listening CLASSICAL MUSIC, then however best singer sings a song they can't enjoy as they can't understand or realize that song. The song or music is used to entertain people or to create joy. That doesn't mean use cabre dance to entertain people. One should see what person in front of him wants or what are his views. But actually I even don't understand myself. I never realize day and night. Neither I understand from what period I am passing through. I never understand when I am passing from happy moments of my life and also in sorrow period of my life. In worries and sorrows I look with negative point of view. That time my life doesn't make progress with respect to time (KAL). But I have to go forward. It depends on me whether I will go forward or backward depending on my movement is with KAL or not with respect to KAL.
While travelling in a train one has to keep (off-board) his luggage in train beside him. But he has to be careful and cautious for his luggage. Similarly I can become successful only when I will make observation of the TIME (KAL) through which I am passing. The same thing is told in this LALITA'S NAM. This LALITA observes how we are making use of day and night. The SHAKTI of day and night means KALA. I should make PARAKRAM every day and night as LALITA becomes happy by observing my PARAKRAM for every KALA. LALITA always observes this PARAKRAM. There is SHAKTI to sleep during the night and to awake during the day.
BAPU said all are mad because they sleep the whole day and they wake up all the night. They are not conscious. We are never attentive or cautious about the work we do. We always sleep during the work we do. We see television for 4-5 hours. What is use of it to me? This suggests that my mind is not under my control. But it is under control of television or a machine. Nowadays people watch t.v. during lunch/dinner. What they see during that time either accident/rape/race etc. See acid secretion in stomach is according to your feeling that time what you are watching on t.v. No body wants to talk with each other during lunchtime. Neither mother nor father has communication with their children. We eat our food like strangers similar to the way many people are crowded together and having food in a hall of hotel. For entertainment purpose watching t.v. is o.k. for one hour. It is o.k. for those who are handicapped or helpless to do any thing without any one's help. We read FILMFARE magazine to enjoy affairs of filmstars. See we should watch them as actor and there is no need in interfering their personal life. Women spend their time in doing gossips in building. This is what is called as having sleep during the day. I think about those things, which are not having any concern to my life. We see dreams during nights i.e. we are awake in night. Our BUDDHI doesn't get sound sleep during night, it is in half conscious and half sleeping state. Thus by real means we are sleeping during the day and we are awaken during the night. If we learn to remain awake in the day and sleep in the night then we will be doing real PARAKRAM or KALA. I have to do progress every day and night, not only by AADHYATMIK way, but also by MIND and BUDDHI.
Even man can do his HEALTH CARE at age of 70. See same type of success LALITA wants to observe in life of HER children. But children don't want to achieve this success.
DREAMS = Unsatisfied desires/wishes/thoughts which indicate thoughts of unconscious mind because I sleep during the day and awake during the night. Sometimes some people couldn't understand what is happening just during some moments when they get up from sleep.
In previous days only sick, aged, old people and pregnant women used to sleep during afternoon. Children of 2-3 years can sleep in afternoon. But nowadays scene is different. When Sunday comes, people think they have their own rights. They can sleep for as many hours as they like. People think that holiday is for taking rest. But holidays are meant for REFUELLING. When I take vehicle for long drive, after some hours (or 100 miles) I check fuel and if shortage I get it refueled. Similarly we should put fuel for mistakes which we have done in last week, so as to avoid same mistakes in next week. We should recall what things/jobs/works we can't finish during last week and plan accordingly for next week. We should see what health care we can take for ourselves as well as for our family. Husband and wife should think what way they can help each other and their children. In school children lot of curiosity is there, so parents should try to answer their queries. They can show them good book collection from book centers. Mother and father both should take efforts to give better SANSKAR (thoughts for making life successful) to their children.
REST means AARAM. On holidays we should call this RAM in our life. ABHIRAM = ANAND. We should invite this ANAND to our life. If every one tries to do AARAM by real means there will be no HARAM because real AARAM means ABHIRAM, ANAND, ARIHANT.
LALITA wants same thing to happen in every one's life. My every day's life is battle for me. Every day I should learn to fight against my past. But there is hardship in doing this and hence no body wants to do that. But the one who tries to do this practice knows what pleasance lies in that. LALITAJI'S SENA (ARMY) knows what happiness lies in practicing these things in every day's life. We should forget what mistakes we had done in past. But at the same time we should try to give best things to our mind, BUDDHI and ourselves. I should give best things to my mother, father, children, family, nation and myself too. This is the real fuel for next week and if I try to give this every week then there will be no shortage of fuel/petrol to my life.
LALITA is SAMUTSUK. This means the way SHE pleases and satisfies, by same way SHE wants to please HER BHAKT (devotee) by creating SATISFACTION in that devotee's life who is ever ready to do ATYANTIK PARAKRAM in every day's KALA and battle. Thus if LALITA is pleased, SHE will bring happiness to my life.
BAPU is always there with those who are doing these efforts. This has never happened and will never happen that you have called BAPU and BAPU has not come for your help. BAPU remains steady till the moment your efforts don't prick/pinch HIS heart. The one who makes efforts with STRONG TRUST (DRUDH VISHWAS) in HIM, this ANIRUDDHA is always with him. HE is always there besides him, in front of him and at the back of him, at the right side and at the left side of him. That moment HE comes and stands in front of you and that is MY (BAPU'S) PROMISE. But for that you should make your day and night as KALA.


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