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RADHAJI is one form of LALITAJI only. How this RADHA SAHASTRANAM was written? As SHRIKRISHNA expired, there was end of DWAPAR YUGA and start of KALIYUGA. BHAGVAN VYAS was sitting at the bank of JAMUNA River and was doing CHINTAN. But he was upset about KALIYUGA. He thought that what will be happening in KALI YUGA? So he left his penance in between and started wandering on the EARTH. First he reached to a little village which was familiar to him. He saw there some people were heavily drunk wine and fighting amongst them. When VYAS MOONI asked one of them the reason for fight, he came to know that actually for entertainment they have drunk wine so that those friends can enjoy more. But instead of their love increasing, some unknown thing came in their minds and they started abusing each other and fighting amongst them. VYAS MOONI was worried seeing this and he left that place. He was walking on the way while he found 3 women quarreling with each other because one of them wanted to marry a man. When VYAS asked them reason for quarreling, they told him that the man has put condition that he will marry that woman who will won out of quarrel from them. VYAS asked about know-how of that man. Those women pointed to a man, who was talking with forth woman. When VYAS went to him to clarify the matter, he was promising to that forth woman about marriage with him. Mean while VYAS was discussing with him, one woman who won the fight came there and started asking him to marry her. That man asked her to fight with that forth woman. That woman was tired by quarreling with other 2 women previously, so finally that forth woman won the fight. But during that time that man was cheating fifth woman. So VYAS was confused. Again he went to that man and enquired. That man replied him that he wanted to marry a strongest woman so he is doing those things and mean while he can enjoy with other woman too. Then he asked VYAS who he was and did he have any previous experience. VYAS told him that he was bachelor from 1600 years and no experience. So that man advised VYAS MOONI that he can marry any woman who was defeated. VYAS MOONI was scared to hear him and ran away from that place. He was worried very much that what was happening on the EARTH. Then he went to the bank of GANGA River, where he found that bank has become CREMETORIUM (SMASHAN). He was shocked too much and could not believe his eyes that just one day of KALIYUGA has started and what surprise he was finding. He never saw such CREMETORIUM at the bank of GANGA River previously. When he enquired about the matter he knew that when man is expired at the bank of River GANGA, he gains SWARGA easily. So he understood why that was started suddenly there. KALIYUGA was just started its first day and he found 100 people’s dead bodies there. VYAS MOONI enquired and he understood that due to eating some bad food they were dead. VYAS started enquiring in detail from 2 PANDAS that what were their symptoms and how they can be dead just by eating food. Actually some rich relatives of those 100 persons were coming to that place. So these PANDAS got annoyed and threatened VYAS MOONI that they will sent him to a prison of king if he ask any more details. VYAS was scared but he was curious to know actual truth. So he hided behind some trees. When those rich relatives came there , they cried and after some time they gave money to those 2 PANDAS and went away. While 2 PANDAS were counting the money they earned, 2 people suddenly came there. Those 2 PANDAS gave some money to those 2 men for mixing POISON in those 100 people’s food. They praise about their work and asked them to preserve that POISON carefully as very soon there was a fair going to be held where they wanted to use this poison for killing more men to earn more money. VYAS MOONI became very sad and he thought that just now hardly one day has started of KALIYUGA and what was happening on the EARTH. He was very much depressed and so he went to HIMALAYA to start practicing PENANCE (TAPASYA) again. He started chanting MANTRA “OM NAMO NARAYANA”. Previously he used to get DARSHAN of CHATURBHUJ BHAGVAN VISHNU after every 5 th day. But this time 6 th day passed away, 7th day, 8th day and so on 20 days passed away. But there was no DARSHAN. VYAS MOONI thought that there may be his mistake or effect of KALIYUGA. Thus 3 months were passed away. VYAS MOONI was very unhappy as he did not know if any mistake was done by him. That time NARAD MOONI arrived there and VYAS MOONI enquired to Him. NARAD MOONI replied that it is KALIYUGA’S effect and it was told that who ever wants to gain BHAGVAN VISHNU”D DARSHAN can only see HIM when he practices AARADHANA of HIS SHAKTI in spite of that man may be a common man or CHIRANJEEVI man like VYAS MOONI. So VYAS asked Him that which form of HIS SHAKTI he should worship- whether of RUKMINI , LALITA, KAMLA , whom he should worship? NARAD MOONI answered that this question has to be asked to MATA only. He doesn’t answer of that. So NARAD MOONI took VYAS MOONI to VAIKUNTHA. NARAD bowed to the feet of VISHNU BHAGVAN and LAXMI MATA. Then He asked VYAS MOONI to bow to the feet of BHAGVAN VISHNU. But VYAS MOONI told Him that he could not see any one there, .neither BHAGVAN VISHNU, or MATA LAXMI, or SHESHNAG. VYAS MOONI eyes were filled with water and he was very sad.. He started singing a STOTRA known as KOMUDAKI STOTRA which he constructed on a GADA (one weapon GADA which is also called KOMUDAKI) of VISHNU. He was pleading GAD thinking as MOTHER that what is use or benefit of becoming CHRANJEEVI if he can’t see his BHAGVAN. So he was asking GAD to come and hit his head so that he would be destroyed. He was continuously repeating this STOTRA so MATA LAXMI came to him and asked him to open his eyes. But VYAS MOONI refused HER saying that though he has recognized HER from HER voice he will not open his eyes. He willn’t open his eyes unless BHAGVAN comes there. MA Laughs at him. NARAD MOONI is VYAS’S GURU, so He advised him to open his eyes. He convinced him saying that he should no refuse MA”S saying. His eye light itself is MA KAMLA. His EYESIGHT is MA KAMLA and SHAKTI is LALITA.NARAD MOONI asked him to open his eyes without any fear. When VYAS MOONI opened his eyes he found only MA LAXMI. So he was unhappy. He said NARAD MOONI You are my GURU, I don’t want to blame You. But still why You have cheated me? I can’t see my beloved VISHNU here. So AM LAXMI told VYAS that he should call HIM then HE will surely answer. When VYAS MOONI called BHAGVAN VISHNU, he hears HIS voice replying him and calling him VATSA. Then he realizes that HIS voice is coming from MA LAXMI’S HEART. VYAS MOONI was confused that what that MAYAJAL (net of MAYA) was. That time NARADMOONI explained him that it was BHAGVAN VISHNU’S determination/decision that HE will always stay in MA KAMLA”S HEART so we should see HIM in LALITA, KAMLA. 

BAPU told that we have seen LAXMIJI always sitting in KAMAL (LOTUS). This LOTUS OF HEART (HRUDAY KAMAL) is for SEAT OF BHAGVAN. Till DWAPAR YUGA LALITA was sitting in BHAGVAN’S HEART but just before KALI YUGA BHAGVAN sat in LALITA”S HRUDAYKAMAL. VED VYAS has seen a picture of earlier days. So when MA LAXMI was standing in front of him, he did not bow to HER. So he asked NARAD MOONI that if BHAGVAN is sitting in MA’S HEART then how he can make HER PRATIMA (IMAGE). So NARAD MOONI told him that VATSA! AS BHAGVAN is sitting in LOTUS HEART of LAXMI, similarly LAXMI is sitting in LOTUS HEART of BHAGVAN. So VYAS asked can he see that. When NARAD MOONI assured him and he found same thing. He found that BHAGVAN is sitting in LOTUS HEART of LAXMI MA and MA LAXMI is sitting in LOTUS HEART of BHAGVAN. So again he asked can he again find MA LAXMI in heart of BAHGAVAN who is sitting in LAXMI MA’S HEART. So NARAD MOONI agreed. When VYAS MOONI found the same thing he went on looking inside and inside and he found VISHNU BHAGVAN in LAXMI MA’S HEART and LAXMI MA in HIS HEART and again so on. So he found indefinite BHAGVAN VISHNU and LAXMI MA sitting in each other’s HEART. That means that was indefinite thing. We can find hardly 1-2 images in mirror kept opposite to each other.  So looking so many BHAGVAN VISHNU and MA LAXMI in each other’s LOTUS HEART VYAS MOONI was so happy and ANANDI that he started dancing. He was so ANANDI that even he forgot to bow at KAMLA-LALITA and NARAYAN. NARAD MOONI asked him why he was so ANANDI. VYAS MOONI told Him that he never enjoyed this much ANAND. So NARAD MOONI explained him that means that to see LAXMI in VISHNU’S HEART and VISHNU in LALITA’S HEART is the greatest thing of this world. It is WORLD”S GREATEST PLEASURE (ANAND) to see THEM in each other’s heart. That time VYAS MOONI agreed that before that time he has practiced so many time PENANCE to gain the greatest ANAND of the WORLD, but he never enjoyed that much. So to see VISHNU in LAXMI’S HEART and LAXMI in VISHNU’S HEART is the GREATEST ANAND SWAROOPA of the WORLD. That is only their ANAND SWAROOPA. THEY (VISHNU and LAXMI) are not together with each other nor are THEY different from each other. But THEY are in HEART OF EACH OTHER and the same is ANAND SHAKTI. The same is SACCHIDANAND SHAKTI.

That time NARAD MOONI told him that have he understood why BHAGVAN has worried him for so long. BHAGVAN wanted to give him the BEST and GREATEST THING. THEY are not found at different places. But THEY LIVE in EACH OTHER’S HEART. KAMLA stays in MAHAVISHU’S HEART and MAHAVISHNU stays in KAMLA’S HEART. This is only RADHA BHAV. So it is said that RADHA SA BHAVROOPINI. BHARDWAJ MOONI has told that RADHA is PREMSWAROOPA. RADHA is ANADI ANANT STHITI of PARMATMA. (it is situation which doesn’t have beginning as well as it doesn’t have any end). So this KALIYUGA’S SAVIOUR POWER (TARAN SHAKTI) is RADHA. SHE is not SAVIOR of any one RELIGION. AARADHANA means BHAGVAN’S WORSHIP. AARADHANA’S POWER is RADHA. AARADHAN means RADHA. RADHA is not only WORSHIP of BAHGVAN but SHE is BHAGVAN’S SHAKTI. So this entire WORLD’S every SHAKTI, every UPASANA is called as RADHA. BHAGVAN is SACCHIDANAND and KAMLA is SACCHIDANANDA and THEIR INDIFFERENTNESS (ABHINNATVA) is RADHA BHAV. That’s why KRISHNA and RUKMINI are always together. RAM and SEETA are always together. So to be with each other is RADHA BHAV. Thus VYAS MOONI came on the EARTH with ANRADMOONI chanting RADHA, RADHA NAM. 

BAPU said one RAM NAM is equivalent to SAHASTRA NAM. We have seen in RAMRAKSHA “SAHASTRANAM TATULYAM RAM NAM VARANANE”, but For KALIYUGA one RADHA NAM is equivalent to SAHASTRA RAM NAM. BAPU said that see how VED VYAS was polite that he was telling himself as ADYANI. If we had been his place then after writing so many VEDA and PURANA we would have called our self as DYANI. There is no doubt that Questions could be asked to solve your DOUBTS. “TADVIDI PARIPATEN PARIPRRASHNEN SEVAYAM”

In RAM NAM , there are R+AA (BHANU BEEJ)+M BEEJ . RADHA is that who has AGNI BEEJ and SURYA BEEJ. RAM +AA who has both these BEEJAS is RADHA. SHE is more powerful. SHASTRARAMNAM TATULYAM RADHA NAM UCCHAYATE.(ONE RADHA NAM equals 1000 RAM NAM).But there is one condition that RADHA NAM won’t give you any thing if you are not chanting RAM NAM. We find VISHNU is SHARIRTATVA (BODY FORM) and RADHA is PRANTATVA some where and at some places RADHA is SHARIRTATVA and VISHNU is PRANTATVA. They don’t have existence without each other. If man wants to gain PUNYA of SAHSTRARAM NAM from RADHA NAM then that man has to chant at least once a RAM NAM. RADHA sits in RAM NAM and RAM sits in RADHA NAM. NARAD MOONI ordered VYAS MOONI that if he had realized the importance of RADHA NAM then he should construct RADHA SAHASTRANAM which was the first RELIGIOUS CONSTRUCTION which began in STARTING of KALIYUGA. This is the FIRST CONSTRUCTION made especially for KALIYUGA. RADHA is SACCHIDANANDA. BAPU said that so we are starting RADHA SAHASTRANAM.
KRISHNA BHAGVAN was not RADHA’S husband. HER husband was some one else. RADHA was not also fiancĐše of KRISHNA BHAGVAN or there was no affair between BOTH OF THEM. In “HARIVANSHA” it is clearly written that RADHA was 23 years and KRISHNA was 4 years. This shows that there was a MOTHER and SON relation between THEM.  
RADHA and KRISHNA were INDIFFERENT (ABHINNA) from each other. BAPU explained this MAGNET concept. HE said that there are NORTH and SOUTH POLES in a MAGNET. When you divide that MAGNET into 2 pieces then it becomes NORTH POLE which was earlier SOUTH POLE in one MAGNET and in another MAGNET it become SOUTH POLE which was NORTH POLE earlier. Even if we make again 2 pieces from each of then we will get NORTH POLES and SOUTH POLES in every MAGNET. That means SOUTH POLE has no existence without NORTH POLE and NORTH POLE has no existence without SOUTH POLE. When both join together then only MAGNET is formed. But NORTH POLE and SOUTH POLE have different properties. We can consider BHAGVAN as NORTH POLE then RADHA is SOUTH POLE.

AAKRUSHATAYATI SA KRISHNAHA –KRISHNA. HE attracts all things. HE attracts all TATVAS. BAPU said when I say there is all capacity in NORTH POLE to become SOUTH POLE then there is also all capacity in SOUTH POLE to become MORTH POLE. When you break one MAGNET into 2 pieces you get 2 MAGNETS. So you can’t break BHAGVAN and RADHA differently. It is NEVER POSSIBLE. THEY are always together. THEY are not OPPOSITE to each other but THEY are COMPLIMENTARY to each other. RADHA has no existence without KRISHNA and KRISHNA has no existence without RADHA. RADHA is not other woman (PARNARI) for HIM but SHE is HIS one of form only. RADHAJI is like that only and hence THEY are called YUGAL SARKAR or JUGAL SARKAR. THEY both stay together and NO POWER can make THEM separate. THEY BOTH STAY IN EACH OTHER’S HEART. It is not possible that I will sit on any one’s HEAD and again he will sit on my HEAD. But KRISHNA and RADHA is one such RELATION where it is possible. It is essential for us to know that as per our RELIGION or PANTHA we may do WORSHIP or UPASANA of any BHAGVAN’S SWAROOPA but that should be done in RIGHT way. The pronunciation of MANTRA can be wrong also but that will not matter. But my BHAV should be PURE. At least during UPASANA my BHAV should be PURE (SHUDDHA). This PURE BHAV is RADHA SWAROOPA. BHAGVATI RADHA is SHUDDHA BHAV (PURE BAHV) only. If RADHA is SHUDDHA BHAV then VISHNU is MOOL BHAV (ORIGINAL BHAV). MOOL BHAV comes before SHUDDHA BHAV. In SHRIKRISHNA’S SITUATION it is immaterial where BHAV is SHUDDHA or ASHUDDHA. How day and night are formed? The NIGHT is present because of the DAY and vice versa. Similarly when SHUDDHA is present ASHUDDHA must be there. BHAGVAN SHRIKRISHNA is MOOL BHAV. When SHUDDHA BHAV was created i.e when RADHA is created there was a place left for ASHUDDHA BHAV, which is AVIDYA. From where does AVIDYA is created? From MOOL BHAV SHUDDHA BHAV is created and when there is AASAKTI then ASHUDDHA BHAV is produced. When with LOVE forcibility (AASAKTI) comes it becomes ASHUDDHA BHAV. That’s why CHRISTIAN people accept the concept of DEVIL. 

BAPU explained that KANSA is form of ASHUDDHA BHAV and that’s why he wanted to kill BAHGVAN KRISHNA. Our MIND’S BHAV is SHRIADVAITA STHITI, which NITYA STHITI. There is no DVAITA and ADVAITA. RADHAJI is SHUDDHA BHAV. 

BAPU again explained that see a 2 day’s infant can’t drink his mother’s milk. So that mother will dilute her milk and give him. But if still he can’t drink then she will use COW’S MILK on 3rd day. BAPU said cow never gives her calf diluted milk with water. But mother of a child in human being has to dilute the milk so that it becomes SHUDDHA. SHUDDHA doesn’t mean CLEAN but it is BEST with respect to all the qualities. For an INFANT actually COW’S MILK is CLEAN but not the BEST. For him his MOTHER”S MILK is the BEST. But same mother’s milk can’t become the BEST for her friend’s infant. Some antibodies are created in MOTHER”S MILK which are suitable only for that child and not to other child. The same difference is between MOOL BHAV and SHUDDHA BHAV. The same difference is between KRISHNA and RADHA. MOOL BHAV means MOTHER’S MILK which is the best for the child. KRISHNA is DIRECT TATVA (PRATYAKSHA TATVA) where MILK comes DIRECTLY from own MOTHER’S BREAST. RADHA is INDIRECT TATVA where MILK comes after doing PROCESSING, where it can be of COEW or POWDER MIX MILK. But we can’t make DIRECT CONTACT, so we have to accept APRATYAKSHA ROOPA. But this is also not DNAGEROUS. If we can’t get BAHGVAN’S MILK means DIRECT MOTHER’S MILK then we will at least get COW’S MILK which is the IMMEDIATELY BEST, even though it is diluted, it is easy for digestion. HUMAN can recognize RADHAJI. This is the MOL BHAV and SHUDDHA BHAV. Both BAHV are SHUDDHA only. But for man RADHA BHAV is easy and he can get MOOL BHAV after UPASANA. BAPU said if you feel this is also difficult to understand then HE will explain with easier example. HE said for taking a BATH, we want SOAP and WATER. WATER in BUCKET is SHUDDHA and SOAP is also SHUDDHA. But we can’t have BATH with only SOAP or only WATER. To clear off SOAP we require WATER. Here if RADHAJI is SOAP then BHAGVAN KRISHNA is WATER.BAPU said now HE Could see smiling faces of all devotees.
BAPU said but it is our FIRST DUTY (ETIKARTVYA) to become SHUDDHA. We couldn’t get POWER unless we become SHUDDHA. AS we become SHUDDHA we get more POWER. We see lion and dear. Lion has more power than dear. Dear has got FEAR and the greatest ASHUDDHATA is a caused by FEAR. LION is the bravest of all animals and has maximum SHUDDHATA. The MMOLSAMARTHYA (ORIGINAL POWER/STRENGTH) is SHUDDHATA and not the cleanliness. AS CLEAN SHUDDHA is more the health of DESTINY (PRARBDHA) is strong. BHAGVAN’S AARADHANA has to be made with SHUDDHA BHAV. This is the only way. Any ROOPA’S AARADHANA should be done in SHUDDHA BHAV. Unless there is SHUDDHA BHAV AARADHANA is not possible, it will become only RADHANA.BAPU told that we all do RADHANA and don’t do AARADHANA. In this KALIYUGA we don’t require PENANCE (TAPASYA). But we require HARIGUNASAMKIRTAN and NAMSAMKIRTANA. As our SHUDDHATA increases our FEAR decreases. That means our difficulties will be reduced. So in KALIYUGA UPASANA of this YUGAL SARKAR is essential. 

You may do UPASANA of GAUTAM and YASHODHARA or RAM and SEETA or KRISHNA and RADHA or SADGURU’S UPASANA. RAMNAM and RADHANAM are such NAMES which don’t have any VIDHINISHEDH (conditions of timings or place or any such barriers). RAMNAM and RADHA NAM are such NAMES that you can chant THEM even when you are doing wrong work. Man does bad work when there is effect of bad emotions or feelings and if you chant GURUNAM. When you chant RAM NAM, RADHA NAM or GURUNAM while ding a mistake then you can observe that bad feeling disappearing slowly from your mind. Suppose you are doing mistakes for 4 times and chant NAM during doing mistakes again and again then that feeling of committing SIN will be ended. That’s why it is said that when you see a GHOST, CHANT RAMNAM. CREMATORIUM (SAMSHAN) is supposed to be a place of all ghosts where the leader (NAYAK) of GHOSTS “SHIVA” leaves. So people enter their chanting RAMNAM. So people say RAM, RAM loudly as they don’t want to see big ghosts there. BAPU said even if you say SHIVA, SHIVA, the ghost will run away, but there is slight difference. It is essential that VIBRATIONS of SHIVA NAM should reach up to SUSHUMNA NADI which exists at the centre of SPINAL CHORD. This SUSHUMNA NADI is like SARSWATI RIVER which has disappeared after joining GANGA and JAMUMA RIVERS. To reach VIBRATIONS of NAM to SUSHUMNA NADI a lot of UPASANA is required. But you can chant RAM NAM and RADHA NAM any time and at any place by which EDA and PINGALA NADIS are run. So RAM NAM and RADHA NAM are TARIT NAM (SAVIOR NAMS) and can become our AARADHANA NAM.
BAPU again cleared that if your GURU’S NAM is SHIVA then it will be effective as GURU NAM. So SHIVA is considered as AADIGURU in every PANTHA. In every PANTHA, UPASANA of SHIVA is done in GURU SWAROOPA. So RAMNAM, RADHANAM and GURUNAM are TARANHAR NAM and we should meditate these NAMS.BAPU said you can chant any NAM. Suppose you want chant RAMNAM for 7 times, RADHA NAM for 7 times and GURUNAM for 7 times, it doesn’t matter. You can chant all 3 NAMS for 36 times each for 3 times and cook KHICHADI (MIXTURE of all NAMS) as you want. Even if you chant ONE NAM from bottom of your HEART it is equal to chanting TWO OTHER NAMS. GURUTATVA means RAMNAM AND RADHA NAM are together. There is no quarrel between any 2 NAM. GURUTATVA gives you same effect. All INDIAN DHARMAS have said that SADGURUTATVA is the greatest. Because here NORTH POLE is SADGURUTATVA and SOUTH POLE is also SADGURUTATVA. SADGURUTATVA is the ORIGINAL POWER (MOOL SHAKTI) of the WORLD.  We may say OM PRANAV, SATNAM, VAHE GURU, and ARIHANT. There is no quarrel amongst these 3 NAM i.e. RAM NAM, RADHA NAM and GURU NAM. If NORTH POLE is RAMNAM then SOUTH POLE is RADHA NAM. But we should take any NAM with LOVE. We will start chanting RADHA NAM lovingly from today which will give us more ANAND.
BAPU said there is specialty of RADHA NAM that it is sufficient as much we understood. As much one understands RADHA NAM that much is only sufficient for him. VISHNU NAM and RADHA NAM has specialty that THOSE NAM are one and SAME and THEY are not separate. But when you chant THEM separately THEY will give you whatever is essential and required for you. Here FLOW may be from NORTH POLE to SOUTH POLE or SOUTH POLE to NORTH POLE but current will not be started as every one has to take care of his own MAGNETIC CIRCUIT, Whatever may be RAM NAM or RADHA NAM or GURUNAM that is MY OWN PROPERTY. But suppose we chant RAM NAM for 6 months and then we think that it is not beneficial for me and then I start RADHA NAM then RAM and RADHA both will kick me out. You should have LOVE for THESE NAM in my MIND and I should chant with FULL TRUST on THEM. Today WORLD’S RAM, RADHA and SADGURUSHAKTI are available to us and to go away from THEM is useless. BAPU said HE has given a discourse 3 years before and after that on 3rd October HE gave one discourse. HE told that by 2007 year HINSA (VIOLENCE) will increase by LAKHS of times more than today. Suppose today VIOLENCE is 1 gram then it will increase by 10 times. If we want to withstand in those 18 years (from 2007 to 2025) then we can only withstand/ remain intact on SADGURUBHAKTI’S basis. BAPU said HE told us that we can save our lives with RADHA NAM and we can withstand in that period or time phase.
After that BAPU said first HE will chant RADHA MANTRA for 5 times and then we have to chant and join HIM as HE told us. The MANTRA chanted was
HARI OM             

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