Sunday, October 28, 2012


I bow to the feet of that LALITA, who stays in a house made up of CHINTAMANI. CHINTAMANI is such a strange MANI that fulfills the wish (KAMANA) coming to my mind, when I hold it in my hands. This MANI makes HER house
Why SHE started living in such type of house?
SHE isn’t fond of treasures (VAIBHAV). But SHE is fond of only BHAKTI (DEVOTION).
But this CHINTAMANI satisfies every wish that we ask to it, irrespective of good or bad. We always think that why the plans didn’t become successful made by us .The plans fail because there is one more thing apart from the efforts I take for its completion, which is not in my hands. I don’t have any right on FRUIT (RESULT) of KARMA.I should do good KARMA and BHAGVAN will give me UCHIT FRUIT for that. When HE thinks the fruit is not UCHIT for any of my KARMA, HE won’t give me that. 
Who has used CHINTAMANI for the first time?
                Once BHRUGU RISHI had made TAPSCHARYA.  After many years BHAGVAN VISHNU gave him DARSHAN (VISION). HE asked that he should never make any mistake or fault. BHAGVAN VISHNU gave him blessings and promised to fulfill his saying. HE asked him to ask for another thing. BHRGU RISHI asked HIM that no one should be like him. VISHNU said TATHASTU (the blessing that same thing will happen what he wanted).
          Afterwards BHRUGU RISHI never made any mistake. But he became proud that no one is like him. Once he went to VINDHYA PARVAT and he taught DHYAN to people over there. Suddenly one child became DHYANI after 12 years. He asked BHRUGU RISHI to tell him how many faults he has done so that he can repent for them. BHRUGU RISHI thought only he had blessing that he would never make mistakes and if tells the truth to child that will not be good for him.
          Then BHRUGU RISHI went to VIDYAPEETH. When NARAD MOONI arrived there, he asked hi what he could do for that. NARAD explained him to wake up and realize that he was doing nothing. HE was only for the reason. BHRUGU RISHI realized his fault. He agreed that he should have asked that no one on earth would make mistakes. NARAD advised him to do TAPASCHARYA again and to ask to return his words. NARAD advised him to ask with BHAKTI and not with TAPSYA.
          There was BHRUGU RISHI’S symbol of foot already present on VISHNU’S chest, which was symbol of BHAKTI and same is LALITA. H e should do TAPASCHARYAfor KAMALA. H e should not do TAPSCHARYA with any MANTRA. HE should feel as if Mother is lifting him on her shoulders, she is feeding him. BHRUGU RISHI followed the same way and he behaved in same manner as a child will behave to his mother. After 3 days LALITA went to BHRUGU RISHI and explained him that whatever words VISHNU speaks are for well being of others. So he should combine his two different promises together. SHE asked him to say no faults should be present in him and no one should be like him. See, how MA (mother) has combined two different things.
          BHRUGU RISHI went to VISHNU. But before he could utter any word, HE blessed him TATHASTU. LALITA asked VISHNU how HE blessed him? HE never takes any thing back once HE offers that. VISHNU replied that HE never gives any thing to any one. No one gives any thing to other. HE only purifies the GUNA (qualities). But purifying action is done by LALITA and SHE is SHUDH MAYA. VISHNU told BHRURISHI if HE could give HIM a tear of repenting HIS blessing would become successful. BHRUGU tried a lot to offer that tear, but he could not get any tear. He went to LALITA and pleaded HER that he was unable to offer that tear to VISHNU. LALITA replied that he had that feeling of MA (MOTHER) for LALITA only for those 3 days. But when SHE gave him DARSHAN, that BHAV OF MAMATVA (MOTHERLY LOVE) was lost. Hearing HER words, tear rolled out from BHRUGU RISHI’S eyes. LALITA immediately took that tear in HER hands and that turned to CHINTAMANI.
           BAPU told remember that the tear, which comes due to repenting for the bad deeds we have done, turns into CHINTAMANI. 
This is CHINTAMANI, which reminds not to do mistake.  That is why till that CHINTAMANI remains in LALITA”S hands of BHAKTI, it gives good GUNA. But when it comes to my hands the opposite thing happens.  This LALITA stays in house of CHINTAMANI. If I want to avail this CHINTAMANI, I should wish to get HER blessing (grace) first. But for that I should have MOTHERLY FEELING for HER.I should learn to do BHAKTI with complete LOVE for HIM (PARMESHWAR). I should not do BHAKTI only for want of any thing. I should LOVE HIM and HER from bottom of my HEART. When tears will come due to separation from HIM, the same will be converted to CHINTAMANI and this I will get CHINTAMANI. Before having wished to get this CHINTAMANI, one should wish to get LALITA, who stays in that house. One should do HER BHAKTI.


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