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Hari Om
We hear a song –
What sweetness all these SAINTS found in this MADHAV Name? We have seen meaning of KESHAVA it is beyond SHAVA. SHAVA means a particular shape of body. (In Marathi a dead body is called a SHAVA) SAINTS told people to pray for that GOD who has got a shape, though they have realized and prayed for GOD who doesn’t have any shape.By praying to The   GOD in shape they wanted to meet The GOD beyond shape

What is meaning of MADHAV?
MA means VIDYA (knowledge). DHAV means SWAMI (OWNER) MADHAV MEANS VIDYECHA ADHIPATI/SWAMI. We say there are total 64 VIDYA. HE is SWAMI of all 64 VIDYA, means exactly what? MA is which VIDYA? VYAS     Rishi directed to that VIDYA which  is known as HARISHAKTI. MA means HARISHAKTI. This relation is very strange. HE is SHIV and SHE is SHAKTI (UMA), HE is RAM and SHE is SEETA. HE is KRISHNA and SHE is RUKAMINI. HE is VISHNU and     SHE is LAXMI. When HE is SHAKTIMAN, SHE is HIS SHAKTI. 
After passing first standard examination when you will go to second standard you will find first standard examination very easy. You find a thing easy when you experience that first.
AGNI (FIRE) and its heat can’t be separated. With help of electricity we found HEATER. Here heat is there,but fire is not seen. Then how we can say fire and heat are indistinguishable. But definition of FIRE is that the (creative) source of Heat is FIRE. It cannot be separated from the source from which it is created.So HEAT is indistinguishable from FIRE. Similarly in any thing the energy which is present is Potential Energy and the same energy when becomes active is Kinetic Energy.
SHIV is AKARTUM Power (SHAKTI) while SHAKTI (UMA) is active power.When UMA becomes nonactive SHE only becomes SHIV. When SHAKTI becomes active SHE becomes UMA.

Einstein’s Theory proved that there is a constant relationship between matter and its energy. (E= MCІ).
There is no change during transfer. There is no progress or development in energy. Similarly SHIV and SHAKTI are not separate at all. Shall we give OTI (a type of honor given to GODDESS) to SHIV?
GODDESS wares a sari similar to a common woman and GOD puts dhoti similar to a man. But these clothes GOD/GODDESS doesn’t wear. Devotee gives them. Whatever devotee offers them with love they accept in same way.VATSLANCHAN is actually a mark of feet.     BHRUGU RISHI in his anger hurt VISHNU with his feet on HIS chest. But this devotee’s gift also HE accepted with great love in HIS every reincarnation. PARMESHWAR accepts things offered to HIM by every body with love. We heard SAINTS called VITTHAL as VITHAI.
Then SHIV should accept OTI with love. SAINTS realized SADGURUTATVA as MAULI (means mother). Has HE come wearing sari-blouse? Saints have created this relation with LOVE for HIM. This relationship (BHAVBANDH) isdeveloped by devotee, and accepted by HIM.It is   decided by each devotee what relationship he wants with him.
We recite a MANTRA for GODDESS –
This is SARVASHRESTHA SHLOK. SHIV is SHIVA and same is NARAYANI (LAXMI), same is GOURISHIV and SHIVA are same – to create this fact in minds of people, this form was created in PRAGHYA of RISHIS. If you went to a VITTHAL temple and by mistake if you offer sari to VITTHAL and PITAMBAR to RUKMINI they will accept. Even if you offer knowingly (purposefully to play a mischief) they will accept. 
See while offering something to HIM or HER, your feeling (BHAV) should be PURE. 
RAMA (LAXMI) and RAMAPATI (VISHNU) are not different. This is their ADVAITA. This is not  different in practical life too.Both mother –father love a child equally.Sometimes,father scolds or punishes a child. Mother loves more but she also scolds sometimes. So a little child will answer that he loves mother more than father. For child mother is more loving than father. But even then father feels sad when child has some hurt or wound. So
saints named PARMESHWAR with love as MOTHER (AAI). So VITHU became VITHAI.Then have we called any  time GODDESS as BAP (FATHER)? YES. 
MAHALAXMI, MAHASARSWATI AND MAHAKALI – all 3 are girls, not married. But they
created 6 children BRAHMA, VISHNU, MAHESH, SARSWATI,LAXMI, PARVATI from them. When DEVI-Yagna is performed first DEVI is invited as Mother form and then as Father form. So whichever name of PARMESHWAR we like is accepted in mother-father form. If you recognize mother’s disciplined nature about duty (KARTVYA-KATHORATA) and father’s love, then nothing is difficult.
We say MADHAV is swami of HARIVIDYA. Which is that? First we will see definition of word SWAMI- He is the one who is absolutely CHALAK, KARTA of that action and after donating that complete action he is never empty.
He is completely filled with that action or thing. That thing or action remains same as before. This donation (DAN) is given by not a single expectation or wish in mind. Thus only HE can become SWAMI of any VIDYA, because HE is CHALAK, KARTA of any action and after giving that VIDYA to others without any expectation HE never becomes empty. Then which is this VIDYA? ADHYATM .NO RAJANO (My dear one) every VIDYA (knowledge) is same type of vidya. Cycle, bus, train, plane, Spacecraft were invented. The Vidya was developed with latest inventions. In Medical Science, text books change after every 3 years. There is one textbook in Medicine – HARRISON of SCIENCE, which was written by HARRISON long before.Now that is totally changed by new scientists, which is totally different from original one. Thus in Engineering or Medical books get developed after few years. VIDYA is never ending thing. The one, who says he has learnt fully that VIDYA, means he is proud.
  Suppose a woman is expert in cooking and her husband likes food prepared by her for some days. Now when he visits other city like Madras, Delhi he starts liking those items, and asks his wife to prepare. She can’t prepare those items so easily. So here this case shows that even Vidya (knowledge) of cooking is unlimited.
Similar is case of a graduate who has passed out Civil Engineering. His knowledge is limited to textbooks. He can’t say he has mastered that subject. Thus this never-ending thing is HARIVIDYA. In this world every thing, which is KALYANKARI, is HARIVIDYA. The thing, which is not KALYANKARI, is AVIDYA.
   We know construction of an atom. Every one of us has heard about ATOMBOMB. It can be used for both purposes constructive as well as destructive. When we use for constructive work that is called as HARIVIDYA, while use for destructive is AVIDYA.In SAMARPAN we have discussed about NEETI –ANEETI. Similarly about VIDYA-AVIDYA there are many misunderstandings and hence a loss.
Here BAPU narrated a story. Once HE was sitting with 4-5 intelligent people. BAPU said during conversation that there is no personality like SHIVAJI. His generous nature is incomparable.One of them started arguing that SHIVAJI was not like that.While escaping from Aurangjeb’s prison, SHIVAJI killed a bullock of SHIVA barber to save his life.BAPU explained here that dedication of SHIVA barber(Nhavi) is beyond understanding power of that man.He has not followed at all the meaning of words PURITY (PAVITRYA), LOVE for COUNTRY (DESHBHAKTI).
He was just doing meaningless arguments. BAPU advised not to follow this type of foolish things in life and make a great loss of individual. BAPU explained here one more thing to clear the picture. HE said suppose there is a quarrel between you and your neighbor you will never kill him with a gun. But suppose from border of another country start quarreling with you then don’t sit idle. So who is going to use weapon and on whom is decided by NEETI. Every thing related to PARMESHWAR is called as VIDYA. The VIDYA always makes KALYAN of all mankind is MADHAV. In school we learn VIDYA, which teaches how to
survive in life? Is also MADHAV. I pass my S.S.C. Exam with great efforts. There is a lot of tension on mother-father rather than students who will appear for examination. They pressurize their children about this examination.We give lot of unnecessary credit to 10 Standard or 12 standard examinations. But no one of us
cares for examination of life we have to pass. Is JEEVAN-KALA (Art of life) different than examination? That   ART is to fill up your whole life with ANAND (HAPPINESS).
  RISHI has told that there are 9 ways to achieve any
VIDYA, which are called NAVVIDHA BHAKTI. 
1. SHRAVAN BHAKTI: SHRAVAN means not only listening. Painting,
  Singing etc. for all VIDYA SHRAVAN is must. SHRAVAN means the things accepted, experienced by all 5 DHYANEDRIYAS. BHAKTI SA ANUBHAVHA.BHAKTI is created through
experiences. Those who know how to apply that in good ways only
can get that VIDYA.
2. KIIRTAN BHAKTI: KIIRTAN means describing. I should speak that VIDYA, remember HIS qualities. For example, when I am learning painting or singing,I should paint a picture or sing a song frequently, to make study of that art respectively.
3.VISHNUSMARAN:Whatever NAMSMARAN I have done should go to my memory.First I listen (SHRAVAN),second I remember (KIRTAN),and then third I should fix in memory and make that stable.
4.PADSAVAHAN: Till now I haven’t done any action. Now I should start bringing all that in my action. PADSAVAHN is an action. Not to only listen HARI’s qualities (GUN), and do Kirtan but to follow that in your behavior, in your life.
5. ARCHAN : Means not only Pooja. That doesn’t mean to throw only flowers on a book. To make that thing respectful with more PURE BHAV. To make that ART/VIDYA respected. ARCHAN means original point of behavior. To make SHUDH ACHARAN with POORNA BHAKTI and LOVE.
6.VANDAN: Means not only NAMSKAR.By using respected form of VIDYA whatever good, KALYANKARI, Useful, MANGALYA things I do are nothing but PARMESHWAR and realizing this to make VANDAN or NAMSKAR. All that success is not mine but of my PARMESHWAR. I am not great. When I say I am great – here journey towards
BHAKTI is stopped and AHAMKAR (Pride) comes.I make NAMSKAR to SWAMI of that VIDYAand MANGALYA (PURITY).
I should always be polite.There should not be any pride for greatness I have received. If a doctor is great and expert in diagnosis, but he is proud then there is no use of his medical VIDYA to world.VANDAN teaches you politeness. The original VIDYA is very great than what Vidya I have learnt. I have to learn more about that and I have to travel the whole world for that.When I do ARCHAN I start realizing importance of VANDAN, so they come together
7.DASYA: An example is HANUMAN. DASYA Bhakti means not becoming slave or servant. Once HANUMAN explained LAKSHMAN what HE is? HANUMAN said-
i) DEHBHAVO TAV DASOSMI (I am HIS (RAMA’S) DAS on body form).
ii) MANOBHAVE TAV ANSHOSMI (on emotions level I am HIS fraction –ANSH)
iii) ATMBHAVANE MECH RAM AAHE (on ATMA level I am RAM only)
Every devotee should have this feeling. I use this relation with physical sense only. I should have feeling that I am DAS of this VIDYA and I am not SWAMI of this VIDYA. With this VIDYA I will serve for others.VIDYECHA PRAVAH-This flow of VIDYA is FLOW of MADHAV.In Marathi there is one saying that TALE RAKHI TO PANI CHAKHI (who guards the pond will surely have taste of that pond’s water) But for that I have to become DAS of this VIDYA only. VIDYECHA MALAK means SWAMI of VIDYA is ONLY PARMATMA.HE is owner of the flow of that VIDYA. Every man has got right to use this flow of VIDYA. Realize that this flow is of PARMESHWAR and I will use that for benefit of all HIS Children.
8. SAKHYA BHAKTI: This is very beautiful and PURE.
ARJUNA has SAKHYA BHAKTI with LORD KRISHNA.SAKHA means friend. SAKHA – He is the one who always walk with you. This is relation of MIND and BUDHI. When I use this VIDYA and make DASYA BHAKTI and make every opportunity given to me as golden opportunity then it becomes SAKHYA BHAKTI.
BAPU narrated one event that once HE went to a shopkeeper. He used to close the shop by 8.30 p.m.That shopkeeper denied giving any thing, as that was closing time. After some days shopkeeper’s son went to BAPU asking for medicine for shopkeeper at closing time of dispensary. BAPU denied giving medicine. BAPU told this shows how we expect from DOCTOR to behave with us and how we behave with him. I have no responsibility towards any one of society. Doctor is responsible for offering hisservice for better of society any time. Politician has same responsibility.
But we don’t want to take that responsibility on our shoulders.This shows how weuse that VIDYA.Normally medical camps are held for free checkups of poor and needy people. Here well known doctors come to offer their services. Hardly few are bothered about doctor who is he? Why he is doing that? Only those who ware batch of organizer are benefited. Many people come asking for donation to different festivals like GANAPATI, NAVRATRA, and AMBEDKAR –JAYANTI etc. And we think WHERE THIS MADHAV has gone? (GELA MADHAV  KUNIKADE)
Why these things happen? We use this VIDYA to trouble others.NAVVIDHA BHAKTI removes all bad qualities from me. SKHYA BHAKTI teaches me – 
a)Not to use VIDYA for bad things.
b)To see that VIDYA should develop, progress and gets spread up.(VADH AND PRASAR)
9.AATMANIVEDAN: This is complete dedication to that VIDYA (SAMARPAN).I am not  separate from that VIDYA. DOCTOR is always DOCTOR for all 24 hours. We are different at home and at office. But we should remember we are citizens of our country for all 24 hours, we are servants of DHARMA for all 24 hours.
India got independence in 1947. In 1948 in every lane and every road flag was hoisted. But after that importance reduced. Now there is no attraction for this independence. We never realized what difference we have achieved after independence. The generation, which was present, that time (1947) asks what benefit
they have got? Who has got freedom and benefit can’t tell what benefits they have achieved. Those who are corrupt or most helpless (LACHAR) can’t tell directly what they have achieved? So what is benefit of INDEPENDENCE?
When a common man goes to a builder, he asks for 60% white money and 40% black money. Those who have got only hard earned money don’t know from where to get this black money.So forcibly they have to use their white money as black.So people don’t know why they should make celebrations of Independence. These changes are beyond words. So no one gets that joy which comes from your inner heart.
On 1st August we celebrate LOKMANYA TILAK PUNYATITHI.Only one story of groundnuts eaten and covers were not thrown is repeated by students for elocution competitions. We know only one sentence about TILAK.

We never take trouble to read Tilak’s CHARITRA and understand his life.
Only RISHI follow that VIDYA their whole life.RISHI is the only one expression of this SATYAROOP VIDYA. Europe’s progress was due to many RISHIs of this type.
SOCRATES was asked to drink a glass of poison. His followers made a plan to make his escape one night before. But he refused and told that his death can do that thing which by living he can’t achieve.In EUROPE at ENGLAND many people were burnt alive, because they refused to accept DHARMA that was already established
We see the richness of AMERICA,but we never see history and reasons beyond that.
RISHI means not a person wearing saffron clothes.We have used them for our benefits. A great RISHI AGASTYA (AGASTI) was a best engineer who invented an AEROPLANE.YASK was a famous Mathematician who told that earth is a sphere.  He also invented CUBEROOT.This type of RISHI was present in INDIA. But today
there is scarcity of these RISHI.While doing this journey RISHI gets such a powerthat he is never scared from any thing.Thus whole society makes progress following that RISHI. I have to utilize these NAVVIDHA BHAKTI in my life so as to become BHAKT – DEVOTEE- SHISHYA (FOLLOWER) – RISHI. 
MADHAV is that PARMESHWAR, who belongs HARIVIDYA. To achieve HIM I have to cross these 9 steps, which are also necessary in my life even though I accept EXISTENCE OF PARMESHWAR or not. My power is less, while HIS power is great. I will get HIM with HIS BHAKTI. So I will do that to get HIM, I will chant HIS NAM.
There is a wide and deep valley between number 99 and 100. The distance between 99 and 100 is much more than distance between 1 to 99.This distance between 99 and 100 is AATMANIVEDAN. To cross this I have to follow NAVVIDHA BHAKTI PATH. These 9steps of VIDYA are NAVRATRA actually. These are 9 nights of that GODDESS.We play GARABA / DANDIYA for whole night. The purpose is different than BHAKTI, which is only entertainment. That’s why after NAVRATRA BAPU (I) gets many wedding invitations.
The actual purpose is to remain awake for one whole night till BRAHMA MUHURTA to follow one side of this     NAVVIDHA BHAKTI PATH. Then GODDESS will be pleased.
Dancing, singing is not bad. Do that with devotion for GODDESS in mind. We never do with this spirit of good aim of devotion. I have to decide whether I should buy a ticket of plane or a bullock cart for my journey. But the vehicle depends upon where I have to go and by which way. I have to go to achieve ANAND, so to get it I have to go by these 9 steps.
There are a lot many things hidden in this MADHAV NAM. HE is eager to give me his power, which is related with every breath of my life. But I have to achieve that.

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