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Sainaam count from Saisatcharitra

During discourse of 29.09.2005 “MADHYAM PATU KHARDWANSI” P.P. BAPU told a story
of CHAUBAL AAJOBA. He told that on RAMNAVAMI of 1997 he asked to find out some
things from SAISACCHARIT. Besides this he asked to find out SAINAM from
SAISACCHARIT. All other devotees counted the words SAINATH, SAIRAM perfectly and
told BAPU the number they have find out. But the number given by CHABAL AAJOBA
was very very large than this number. BAPU said,” AAJOBA, come here. Was there
any second SAISACCHARIT stick to first and third SAISACCHARIT to second and then
you have counted SAINAM (from all 3 SAISACCHARIT)?

AAJOBA replied,” No, see this is only one.

BAPU,” in one SAISACCHARIT SAINAM does not come for so many times.”



Then AAJOBA said,” then your saying is wrong. I am telling you MY GOD’S NAME has
appeared for so many times and I have counted that many times.”

BAPU asked AAJOBA ,” Tell me how you have counted”

Then AAJOBA explained beautifully that he has counted SAIBABA, SAI, SAIRAM,
SAINATH in his counting but even the word BABA has come simply then also he has
counted that. At some places BABA said ,”I” this I means also SAIBABA. So AAJOBA
has counted BABA’S this “I” or “ME” as BABA only.

At some places devotees (BHAKT) said to SAIBABA as “YOU” this YOU is also
SAIBABA. The word where “SADGURU” has written is also counted as SAIBABA. The
word where “GURU “ has come is also counted as SAIBABA. Not even this but where
ever the name of any GOD has appeared like HARI, RAM, KRISHNA, DATTA .. all
these were counted as SAIBABA because every name of GOD is name of MY SAI only.

BAPU said then tell me now to whom real SAIBABA was understood. It was
understood to AAJOBA and not to those who have read great VED. It was understood
by a common man that at how many places BABA’S NAME has come. Then BAPU asked
again to 2-3 persons to count SAIBABA name in such a way as AAJOBA told. The
counting was again done.

But then also AAJOBA”S count was too big.

BAPU called AAJOBA,” AAJOBA, come here! Now we have counted like you have told
us. Still your number of counting is coming higher. How this is possible?

BAPU said the answer AAJOBA gave was very beautiful

“Have you read this OVI ? Then AAJOBA read the OVI “ This mUNGI (ANT), MASHI
(FLY ) and JALCHAR (FISHES) all are SAIBABA ? AAJOBA said Yes, why not! SAIBABA
only told to that woman that I have eaten BHAKRI from your hand when a dog came
there. That dog was SAINATH only! So that is also the name of SANATH. Then BABA
told that woman that the CHAPATI she gave to that pig was also eaten by Him and
BABA’S hunger was fulfilled. So that Pig is also the name of My SAINATH. I have
counted that also.

BAPU said now there was question. SO again we have found out all the animals
from SAISACCHARIT and counted them as SAIBABA’S name. Then also AAJOBA”S count
was too big.

Then BAPU again called AAJOBA now tell me at once  how you have counted. The
list is increasing every time but it is not ending. AAJOBA tell me what you have

AAJOBA told that see as per my age I don’t remember exactly. But I will tell you
that old woman ran after Tonga and she offered PERU to BABA , so that old woman
was SAIBABA. BAPU said thus AAJOBA made me to make circles for more the numbers
than those women make rounds to the banyan tree and finally told me that in the
last what HEMANDPANT has told. Hemandpant said that I have not written each and
every word of this SAISACCHARIT. It was written by SAIBABA only. This
SAISACCHARIT is the image of SAIBABA, then who am I to deny this saying?

So every word of SAISACCHARIT is SAINAM only.

Then the counting was done and this time it exactly matched with AAJOBA’S
counting. BAPU said but for this first we should understand HIS BHAV for His
SAIBABA. First count only SAINAM as SAI, SAIBABA, SAINATH, SAIRAM then all
pronouns like I, YOU, WE etc..So we have to climb step by step then only we will
follow CHAUBAL AAJOBA”S MARG, then only we will understand SAISACCHARIT and then
their will be no EMPTYNESS in our life.

BAPU said RAJANO! We don’t want to create emptiness or vacuums in our life.
Those vacuums are meaningless. Suppose you don’t understand meaning of SANSKRIT
words then also it does not matter. Here we sing RUDRA, PURUSHSUKTA and
VYANKTESH STOTRA. Even if you don’t follow it does not matter. But listen from
the bottom of heart thinking that this is my VISHNU’s Name and this is My
SHIVA’s name. The vibrations which pass from your ears are very good. But we
should try to bring the thing which CHAUBAL AAJOBA did in our life then all the
vacuums will disappear from our life but remember who does this? KHARDWANSI RAM
does this.


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