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DYANDEO had directly told that JAY JAY RAMKRISHNA HARI, TE NAM SOPE RE RAM KRISHNA GOVINDA….Only difference is GOVINDA and HARI and is that difference exists at least? DYANDEO had told us “RAM KRISHNA GOVINDA” and TUKARAM had told us that “JAY JAY RAM KRISHNA HARI” And both had taken both GAJAR. Then when we should say GOVINDA and when we should say RAM KRISHNA HARI? What is difference between HARI and GOVINDA? Today’s name is going to explain us the difference or equality in both the NAMES – VAGMI! OM VAGMI… My obeisance to that MAHAVISHNU who is SWAMI (OWNER) of the VANI (SPEECH). VANICHA SWAMI …VANI means the Sense Organ (INDRIYA) with which I talk. VANI doesn’t mean only tongue. VANI means every thing from my tongue up to the centre in my brain. Who is the SWAMI/OWNER of this VANI? This MAHVISHNU is the OWNER of this VANI and so HE is VAGMI. 
Human being has become different than all other animals due to his own intellect and mainly due to his VANI (SPEECH). Due to support of this SPEECH, his own experiences can pass from one generation to second generation, from second generation to thousands of generations and also up to 2000 generations it can be passed. Does what we speak is only VANI? Medical Science tells us that there are 2 centers SPOKEN SPEECH and WRITTEN SPEECH. We read what we have written and that is our speech or it is big speech which we write. That means it is our VANI. The writing art is also a developed form of this VANI, which man has developed but the original VANI is given by PARMESHWARA and how HE has given this VANI? PARMESHWARA has given us this VANI easily, but not from a specific angle by birth. Otherwise MARATHI parent’s children would have learnt MARATHI by birth and wouldn’t children of parents speaking English have learnt English?
Suppose we kept a child from GUJARATHI family in the house of KANNAD people since his birth then that child will not learn GUJARATHI language any time. That child will learn that language which is spoken by the people in his surrounding. That means even PARMESHWARA has given man Freedom of action while giving a boom of VANI. PARMESHWARA gave him independence of education. Here question arises in our minds is that what is Freedom of action? There are 2 sections of Freedom of action - one is freedom of doing my own actions (KARMA) – that is what I will do, how I will plan my life, whether I will behave in good manner or bad manner? Which response I will give and when will I give? Man has all these freedom which is not available to animals. This independence of man means Freedom of action. But the lesson or part prior to Freedom of action is Independence of Education and MORALS (SANSKAR). Every man has got freedom or independence of getting value education or education of morals in his life. We men only use Freedom of action. For that we take support of KRISHNA from GEETA.


Even though we didn’t know meaning of this, we keep on talking on it. The simple meaning is true. Oh Man ! You have right to do KARM, but you don’t have right on its fruit or its fruit is not in your hands. But BHGAVNTA gives you the fruit and HE is not cruel (harsh, violent). HE is not at all harsh or violent in JUSTICE. HE is not at all cruel. HE is lovable and hence HE has given us VALUE INDEPENDENCE to every one as a one undividable element of independence of KARMA.

But BAPU then where is freedom in learning language? We have to learn that language in which house we have born. It is right. But besides that PARMESHWARA has not centered that in only one language. HE has not isolated us that it is not a rule that I have born in this house and A, B, C, D may be my mother tongue but I can’t learn any other language. I have got that much freedom. I can learn any other language. Suppose my parents (mother and father) taught me to steal things but when I become aware of it, I can change this impression (SANSKAR) of my mind and impress that impression which I want. And I have this freedom of KARMA (KARMASWATANTRYA). So I have this Freedom of action which is of action and also I haveIndependence of education. So PARMESHWARA has given me these both things. If PARMESHWAR is harsh then HE would have given me only Freedom of action i.e. Action and HE would not have offered Independence of Education. But this MAHAVISHNU has given me Independence of Education besides Freedom of action through which I can decide what I should learn or what education I should take or whether I should study further or not.
Once we leave our school or college we think that there is nothing left behind which we should learn, or rather we think about that how we can forget quickly whatever we had been taught in our school and here only we refuse the very beautiful and PURE gift offered by PARMESHWAR. We call it as freedom of education but this education is like dog training with conditions and reflexes means education given by hurting or injuring or by offering bribe for a prize. This education should not be such type of education. We see what dog trainer do? They make dog do some thing by either horrifying him about some thing or by offering him bribe of a biscuit or a bone and then get a work done from him.
 BAPU told that HE saw a program on television that a woman was training a rat as there was some role of that rat in a movie. The rat climbs on a pipeline and switch off the button. She has taken efforts from that white rat for about 3-4 weeks. She used to smash the perfume of his favorable food through out the way and finally she used to stick that food item above that button exactly. That rat used climb up that pipeline sensing the smell of that food item and used to switch off the button to catch that food item placed exactly above the button. The movie persons used to get the exact shooting they wanted. Is this freedom of education or not? This is called as CONDITION REFLEXATION. But we human are taking education on such type of level like animal. The bribe is required for teaching us and if that bribe or fear of punishment is not there then we don’t learn or study. That means we will understand that how great freedom of Education PARMESHWAR has offered me. But what we have done? We live on the level of animals. We are not ready to accept the very large gift offered by PARMESHWAR. The children in the school have same story. They study due to fear of teacher’s punishment. They study at home due to fear of parents hitting. Negligence towards studies starts when these children go to college as they know that parents would not hurt them now. But then what about elderly people like us? When do we learn any thing? When we have fear of any thing then we learn that thing. We are not ready to learn any new thing unless there is fear of punishment. That means we learn only if bribe or fear of punishment is present. If I leave home at 9.00 o’clock and return back at 5.00 o’clock in the evening then we waste our leisure time by sitting in front of television watching a t.v. serial. We don’t have little guilt that such huge world PARMESHWARA has created for me and there are many things left behind which I have not tasted at all. I don’t feel at all that I can develop many characters/angles of my personality /life. We don’t feel at all about such things. And then when condition comes and strange situation is created then I realize that I could have done this long before then it would have been better for me.
 BAPU taunted that this proverb is used only for writing in essay that – “PUDCHYAS THECH MAGACHA SHAHANA” But we don’t make proper use of this Proverb in our daily life. We see the wounds made to earlier men. We see even their wounded thumbs of the legs, but I don’t trust that even I can have the wound. I think how wise I am and how I will have the wound? So because of such things only Freedom of action (action) comes in my life and real Freedom of action doesn’t come to me because I should understand that TRAINED ACTION or ACTION inclusive of DYAN means KARMA. Freedom of action doesn’t mean only freedom of doing anything. Freedom of action means freedom of TRIANED ACTION. PARMESHWARA has offered me the freedom of ACTION inclusive of DYAN and then freedom of gaining knowledge and then acting as per that. It is essential to gain Knowledge for that. So it is essential to gain DYAN (knowledge) if I want to properly use the Freedom of action offered by PARMESHWARA.
     BAPU said you may ask that BAPU, YOU always tell that BHAKTI MARGA is better than DYAN MARGA. BAPU said YES! 108 % it is better. But if knowledge is not present in BHAKTI MARGA then devotion can go by wrong MARGA. If KNOWLEDGE (DYAN) is ritual/ harsh and there is no wetness of LOVE in that then that dry knowledge never comes for our help. See, you have vehicle, but as you need petrol, you will also need Oil. If oil is not there, then vehicle will not run. Even if I fill only oil, then also vehicle will not run. But will vehicle run if I fill petrol in Oil tank and oil in petrol tank? See both things are present and 3 types are possible. In one vehicle petrol is filled but oil is not filled then that vehicle will not run. In second vehicle oil is filled but petrol is not filled then also that vehicle will not run. In third vehicle oil and petrol both are filled but only petrol is filled in oil tank and oil is filled in petrol tank, will this vehicle run? No, vehicle will not run. So I should understand that KNOWLEDGE (DYAN) and LOVE, KNOWLEDGE and BHAKTI (DEVOTION), these both are essential for me. But they should be in their places only. We try to fill OIL of KNOWLEDGE (DYAN) in tank of petrol of BHAKTI. So our vehicle doesn’t run. We don’t get the stability which we should get. The entire world becomes harsh for us and so what is freedom of action? That means PARMESHWARA has offered me freedom of action so I should use that but prior to action I should get proper knowledge about that. My VANI (SPEECH) is the largest thing for gaining education or knowledge for me. This is very largest SADHAN (TOOL) for me. I have just now told you that even today’s medical Science tells us that to read written speech is also job of SPEECH CENTER. This is work of VANI and thus my study becomes maximum through reading and writing. It can be through listening/hearing and talking too. But it depends on me how I should use that freedom of action which is offered to me by PARMESHWARA – what I should learn/study, how much I should learn/study and when should I stop learning/studying? We are ready to stop learning immediately because we think that learning is low labor as we have to learn from any one and for that we have to accept his greatness. Unless I accept his greatness, I can’t learn.
  See, school children don’t tell some things to their mother at home. They may call mummy or mom but apart from whether children were of time of 50 years ago or 25 years ago or today’s children, they have tremendous trust on their school teacher or MISS. Our MISS or SISTER has told us like this, you may say any thing but they directly tell their mother wrong. This is because that they have strong trust that whatever my teacher is telling is correct only. She is very great. That means if I have to learn some thing then I should accept his greatness from whom I have to learn. This greatness of teacher is mostly accepted by students of Montessori or first standard and hence they can learn in good manner. But the moment the respect or greatness of that teacher start reducing from their mind due to opinion of their mother and father or their friends or other persons, their capacity of learning start reducing. When we grow up we think that we are all-rounder. I know all things and what cleverness he is going to teach me? And then I feel ashamed of learning. BAPU said that HE knew that there will be many men and women above 30 years, who don’t swimming. HE agreed that HE can understand about women as they don’t have permission from home. BAPU said but we are men and no one have opposed us in childhood or for some reason we have not learnt, it is o.k. But what does matter in learning now at 40 years age? What does matter in learning now at 50 years age? What does matter in learning now at 60 years age?  But we feel ashamed. We feel shy so we try to give some excuses. No, in childhood I can’t learn cycling, in childhood I can’t learn cycling because so was the reason, I can’t learn swimming. It may be the truth, but who has restricted now? You go and learn today, No, but you won’t go and you try to maintain your greatness by blaming your mother and father or your grand mother and grandfather. But I am frightened that there my greatness will be reduced. 

 I am interested in speaking ENGLISH. I know that talking in ENGLISH is supposed to be a respectable thing in Society. But how I will speak English? Though I learnt from English medium, all my family members were speaking in MARATHI. So now there is no use of ENGLSH. People talk in MARATHI or BAMBAI HINDI in the government office where I work. Frankly I can’t speak English. I have wish to learn but why I can’t speak? I feel ashamed. Suppose I try to speak English and it becomes wrong then people will laugh at me means I will become lower from that person. BAPU asked but tell HIM that how you can speak English if you do not attempt or try to speak? Then some one gives advertisement that you can speak English in 5 days perfectly. Here we make a long queue. BAPU said that HE knew that people sitting there also had been standing in that queue. BAPU asked that’s why do we need to do these things? We want to make misuse of the VANI given to us by PARMESHWARA instead of making its good use. Instead of that simply I decide that I will buy a good English book, or I knew the stories of RAMAYAN, MAHABHARAT by heart so I will purchase the same stories book in English and start reading it. Every day I will read 2-3 pages, I will find out meaning of difficult words from Dictionary, and I will keep on reading same words again and again then I will learn those words by heart. I will speak in English with my friends or in my office. I may speak sometimes wrong, but it doesn’t matter. BAPU asked do you think that what HINDI you speak is “POSH” language. BAPU said that language has accepted deafness by hearing your language. But still we speak HINDI language. Why does this thing happen? This happens because we have daring that the HINDI language we speak is correct only. But actually the person who is really HINDI speaking starts forgetting his own language by listening your language. But still we speak HINDI. Even a woman staying in a small village speaks with that Bhaiyya and tells him directly that BHAIYYAJI PHASANA NAHI, BEECH MAIN TUM BAHUT KUCH, BAHUT KUCH ANDAR ANDAR DALA HAI 1 Some one tells his servant that BHANDI VISALKE RAKHANA. We don’t feel why or for what it is wrong because we are sure that when we attach HAI, MARATHI gets translated in HINDI. BAPU said is it correct? HE doesn’t mean that it is wrong language or speaks wrong language. BALANO (my children)!  You are trying and you can communicate. But ENGLISH is today world’s language. It is agreed that my MOTHERTONGUE is great. But we must know the language which is world’s language of knowledge also. I should not do mistakes there. My mother in the house is my mother but my teacher is also my teacher. Suppose tomorrow any one says madly that no, my mother is great and important than teacher because mother loves me and I will not go to school, then what we will call him? We will say this is his foolishness. Similarly if I only give importance to mother –tongue and I neglect English then it is my great foolishness. BAPU said remember that those who shout for mother tongue, their own grand children are going in convent school only. They talk only for name sake and only for political issues. We must clearly understand that with that our welfare is not looked after because today the entire world’s language is ENGLISH only. BAPU explained that example is thrown to HIM. BAPUCHINA language is used in CHINA and RUSSIAN language is used in RUSSIA. BAPU asked have you visited those countries. Don’t talk rubbish (non-sense).In communist countries like CHINA and RUSSIA…. Now RUSSIA has become little mild, there are separate classes of ENGLISH. They talk only for name sake and only for political issues. They also require linguist to communicate with others, to explain what they talked in their own language. Remember this thing neatly that ENGLISH is also essential for them to bring knowledge of other languages in their own CHINI or RUSSIAN languages. But we are not ready for that? That is because we have closed our learning capacity or we think what others will say to us or we have wrong affection for our mother tongue. No, I have love for my mother tongue. I will do every thing in mother tongue. Oh! Tell that you don’t know ENGLISH. Don’t show wrong or false affection or love for Mother tongue. 
ENGLISH is the world’s language of KNOWLEDGE (DYAN). It may be that it is forced on you or what ever may be the reason but it is the fact (SATYA) and that is SATYA (TRUE FACT) only. Understand one simple thing that you have fallen in a puddle. In front of you, your enemy is standing though he is not standing there to beat you, irrespective of your daily quarrels with him. Now there is no other person who can help you, so you have to take his support only. If you say you will not take his support then you have to remain/lie in the same puddle. See how easy is this philosophy; the same easy philosophy is that ENGLISH is the maximum spoken language in the whole world so it is today’s world’s language. At some places SPANISH must be spoken or at some places FRENCH may be spoken but still in all these languages ENGLISH is the equal link between all languages. But still why we are not ready to learn ENGLISH? This is because we know greatness of that language but we are not ready to accept that. That means I have to accept his greatness from whom I have to learn. I have to agree his greatness. BAPU said Oh! It is not so easy to translate all books in Mother tongue. We see that in many government offices the names are written in MARATHI. But we don’t follow their meaning. The people who are speaking MARATHI from their birth don’t understand the meaning then what other people will understand? That means to find out synonyms (word of same meaning) is not to find out any difficult words. For synonyms we have to find out simple, easy words and for that any years toil (hard labor) is required. It requires many generations’s toil. Tomorrow our mother tongue has find out synonyms then it is good thing and not bad thing. But shall I close the source of knowledge (DYAN) till that time? But we do that. We reach up to hysteric end. Mother and father don’t know A, B, C of English but still children call them mummy and papa. Children will go to Convent and not in only English medium schools. So I go to convent but what’s wrong suppose I call my mother and father as AAI-BABA. Why we should feel ashamed? That mummy does not know this and that but she is ‘mummy’ and that papa does not know A,B,C,D and still he is ‘papa’. That don’t mean children should call only those mother and father as mummy and papa who know English. AAI-BABA or whatever we may be calling them, that we should call them in our language. But due to our slavery habits we go to ultimate end. We start feeling our Mother-tongue as third class, but that is also equally wrong thing. Here I have done wrong use of my freedom of action. This shows how I misuse my education or knowledge.
Second thing we decide that now I will read such and such DHARMA GRANTHA. It may be DHARMA GRANTHA or literature of SAINTS, but I will read. I start reading. Let us take example of SAISACCHARIT. We start yawning during reading. Some words are not understood. We say we don’t follow any thing, why to read then such book? Instead of that we will read stories of SAIBABA, that means entertainment will be also possible and we will also get merits of reading SAISACCHARIT. Then we start searching guide. BAPU told that HE has seen such a big guide is prepared for SAISACCHARIT. But that guide is finally only guide. He has inserted many stories of his own. So we can’t find HEMANDPANT in that book and hence it is not possible to see SAIBABA in that book too. But we think that is easier to study such book and appear for PANCHAMI examination. So we think I have got less marks even though I have written such good paper. Oh! You have used guide and the examiner who checks the paper very well knows that who has used guide and who is trying to fool him and who is writing sincerely. We must understand this thing because this is not examination of KNOWLEDGE (DYAN) but it is examination of your TOIL (HARD LABOR).So this is also misuse. To find out shortcut is also misuse. We should find out shortcut, but how it should be? Those shortcuts should be easier and mainly not changing the direction even slightly. In our life we always try to find out shortcut. To use GUIDE for studies is a shortcut and today that has sanctioned as “RAJMANYA”(worthy to be honored by the Kings). BAPU said that HE doesn’t mind.
Tuitions….. for every subject from Montessori there is a tuition…about one-two years ago one woman came to DADA(SUCHIT DADA). Both husband and wife came together that DADA please do us one favor. DADA asked what’s that, as they were regularly coming people to him. We are not finding a teacher for our son. We have come to a new place for staying. DADA thought that couple seems to be young and it doesn’t seem that their son will be in 9th or 10 th standard. So they told DADA that son is not at all studying and they are most worried that what will happen in his 10th standard. DADA thought husband and wife seems to be of 25-26 years, so how son can be in 10th standard. Poor DADA asked them bowing his hands that in which standard their son is studying. No, couple replied that their son is in senior K.G. How much tension … that if his education could not be proper!  We will give him tuition from this time. Thus we take freedom of removing children’s freedom in our hands. But how much time do we spend with these children? How much time we talk with them? How many beautiful places in Mumbai we have shown them or taken them for visit? BAPU said that suppose HE asks that how many of them have visited MUSEUM and they know every thing about that place, then HE is sure that many hands will not be raised. If parents don’t know themselves the importance of such places then how they will show or guide their children? After going to RANEECHA BAUG (GARDEN) children should see only face of the tiger and they should be happy. We take children pulling them towards that garden , give them some food and cold drinks and we take merit of showing them RANEECHA BAUG. Thus our duty is finished. We say we give every thing to our children. Your company is mainly essential for children. BAPU said HE is not talking about the quantity of your company but HE is saying about the QUALITY of your company you provide them. When we spare time with our children, the quality of that time is important than its quantity. One mother and father may be hardly spending weekly only 1 hour with their child , but if that 1 hour’s quality is good then it is more useful than daily 10 hours spent with child. But here only we depress/degrade our children. According to capacity of our education to answer to children’s questions is a skill. BAPU said that HE knows that many times children ask such questions which make difficult for us to answer them. But still you ask them with sympathy. Hey! Keep quite and don’t do so much cleverness- these are not answers and the same answers are given by parents or us for many times. This should never happen. If it is required then you should beat him not 2 but 4 times. BAPU told that HE doesn’t agree the psychology that if children are punished or beaten then their mind gets affected. BAPU told that their mind is never affected or shocked. But remember that if you don’t beat him or punish him then his life may be shocked or affected. If situation demands then you have to beat your child but if you beat him because he is coming against your entertainment then it is totally wrong. That means from childhood what things we taught our children that mother and father don’t teach any morals or value education to children, nor they teach him about education. From childhood we teach our children what is use of this VANI (SPEECH) and what use of education is. Education means lessons and poems taught in the school and the marks I scored after mugging their answers. The use of education is to get good job or to run business or shop of father in better way. I don’t think any other use of education is there in our life. So when I take any DHARMA GRANTHA for reading my first question is that what we will learn from this. I want to read only magic done by BABA. What is use by reading magic performed by BABA? If I believe HIM as GOD then HE must be “GREAT”. From that I should clearly understand that how these magic had occurred. How these devotees’s lives have changed? This is very beautifully explained in that SAISACCHARIT by HEMANDPANT. But we are not ready to learn that. BAPU has taken examination of PANCHAMI. We will appear for examination happily. BAPU informed that HE is very pleased that this year 12,000 students appeared for the examination. BAPU said that HE knows that Some changes do occur in every one’s life. But once PANCHAMI examination is over, we also close the book. We also close Practical’s book and also close all things. BAPU pleaded that RAJANO! Such things should not happen. It doesn’t matter if one line is not understood. Tell ME whether we understand all the things in the life? Today every one of you become introspective (self-meditative) yourself and ask this question to yourself that are all puzzles of my life has been solved? No, not solved. Many questions have remained unanswered, why such things happen? Why that man spoke like this? Why that man behaved like this? Has that man spoken truth or lied to me? Such so many questions keep on rising. If man decide to answer these questions then man will spend minimum one year in every question. That means many of our questions are unanswered. But apart from that don’t we live? BAPU said tell ME that you have passed 8th standard examination and also 10th standard examination you have solved only 9 questions out of 10 questions. If I can’t solve 10th question then do we think to reappear for 10thexamination again? No, you continue going ahead. Similarly I have to go ahead while reading DHARMA GRANTHA or SAINT’S LITERATURE that even if I don’t understand one line while reading, that doesn’t matter. I will continue reading. I will go ahead; I will go on reading and going ahead. But prior to that I should know why am I reading? That means BAPU said as I told you, you use freedom of action while reading but you don’t use freedom to know why you are reading.…. I should first gain this knowledge.   
Why am I reading? I am not reading SAISACCHARIT to know SAIBABA’S MAGIC, but to know how BABA carried our magic in devotee’s life, in which devotee’s life magic was occurred, how were those devotees and I should learn those things. So we read GRANTHA with wrong intention (wish) and hence we don’t get result (fruit) as we expect. We think what BAPU is bluffing to us that is APOURESHEY GRANTHA and all your questions will be immediately solved. Yes, they will be solved but when they will be solved? When I will utilize with proper way then only they will be solved.

BAPU asked tell ME that suppose you have conjunctivitis eyes and I have given you eye-drops. Now if you rub those eye-drops on your hands then will your eyes be o.k.? No, eyes won’t be cured 100%. Suppose I have given you a tablet to be swallowed for stomach and you put that tablet in your eyes, what will happen? Either your eye will be spoilt or you won’t be cured. That means I should properly use the thing at proper place and for that proper knowledge and information is essential. How we are made? Which is the last Sense Organ visible in respect of VANI (SPPECH) in man’s body? It is TONGUE. So my tongue speaks. AS this tongue speaks it is also “RASNA” means it also tastes. I should understand that this is the only one Sense Organ which is KARMENDRIYA as well as DYANENDRIYA. We talk about big , big things - PANCHDYANENDRIYA, PANCHKARMENDRIYA, ELEVENTH MIND, 36 hours, 72 TATVA(PRINCIPLES), 2400 TATVA (PRINCIPLES) , or whatever is there in Grantha. I should understand one TATVA that there are different DYANENDRIYA and KARMENDRIYA for different jobs but only one SENSE ORGAN – TONGUE is there, which functions as DYANENDRIYA and also as KARMENDRIYA. As DYANENDRIYA TONGUE tastes the food and as KARMENDRIYA it works to speak. Our RISHIS have recognized this VANI and its CHAITANYA is filled with 2 types of brilliance (TEJA). Which are these 2 types of TEJA? PRANMAY TEJA and RASMAY TEJA are the 2 types. What is in VANI? VANI has both TEJA – PRAN as well as RAS. In speech (talk) there should be aliveness (CHAITANYA). RAS is not created unless this CHAITANYA is present. Until this RAS is created the CHAITANYA or aliveness can not flow.
 See, there is a common thing. Two teachers teach the same lesson. One teacher is fed up of teaching same lesson for many years. So she teaches as a routine method/schedule of teaching. Other teacher is also of same age of first teacher. She has also taught for that many years.  But she tries to make subject interesting knowing that every batch of students is new. She teaches the students of that batch so that every batch will feel the subject as new. Students understand quickly one teacher’s teaching, while in other teacher’s class students are yawning, why this happen? Both teachers are giving Knowledge. Both are fully and properly teaching and they are not doing any mistake any where. So aliveness is there but it has no RAS (liking/interest). Due to lack of RAS, that knowledge has become dry DYAN and it can’t flow. As it can not flow, it can’t reach up to students. Here we understand that there are “PRANMAYATA (ALIVENESS) and “RASMAYATA” both things present in our VANI. That means VANI (SPEECH) is the only ultimate thing which is representative of this VANI in my life. There are KARMENDRIYA and DYANENDRIYA and both these things are the same. PRAN and RAS or KARMENDRIYA and DYANENDRIYA and VANI is the only thing and the ultimate organ in my life which can unite my KARMENDRIYA and DYANENDRIYA SAKSHAT. So I have to use this VANI properly.

When I speak that VANI should have aliveness and RAS in it. There is no need for me to talk as if I am acting in drama. Don’t talk things other than this. Don’t talk those things which are not live. While slandering/criticizing others your talk may be live, but there is no RASMAYATA in that. The RAS involved even if, it will be “BEEBHATSA RAS” (HATEFUL RAS). BEEBHATSA RAS is “ABHAV RAS” (RAS without any BHAV or due to absence of BHAV).So don’t talk and get entangled in bad things unnecessarily. If you want to say good words about some one, then speak good things of good persons. Don’t give undue importance of bad persons only for my selfishness. To learn to use TONGUE properly is the most important thing of all in man’s life because as KARMENDRIYA and DYANENDRIYA are together and PRAN and RAS are together and hence TONGUE is the VANI which joins me with PARMESHWARA. I should understand that TONGUE is the most important media or tool which connects /joins me with PARMESHWARA. KARMENDRIYA and DYANENDRIYA are together. As KARMENDRIYA it is PRANMAY and as DYANENDRIYA it is RASMAY, and that is RASNA. We call TONGUE as RASNA. That means only this INDRIYA or SENSE ORGAN has both PRAN and RAS together and how is PARMEHSWARA? PARMESHWARA is PRANMAY as well as RASMAYA.
“RASO VAI SAHA RASRAJAHA SA KRISHNAHA” I should understand that this BHAVAN SHRIKRISHNA HIMSELF is RASRAJ. PRANTATAV and RASTATVA are together in my TONGUE.I can see that tongue with eyes. I can hear as well as others can hear what I speak with tongue. Finally what I do with PARMESHWARA? I call He teased them by chanting SHIV, SHIV,HIM; I give SAD to PARMESHWARA HEY GOD! Run for my help. It may be an elephant from GAJENDRA MOKSHA, he calls BHAGVANTA run. Whom am I using? I am using my tongue. So finally who joins me with PARMESHWARA? My VANI joins me with HIM. But when will I be joined with PARMESHWARA? When my VANI will become PRANMAYA and RASMAY, I will be joined with PARMESHWARA. I simply say NAM.
BAPU said just think that there is a hotel owner and there is one servant with him, who is working in his hotel. His name is “RAM”. BAPU said tell HIM that for how many times that owner of hotel may be saying RAM , RAM through out the day. At least for 108 times surely he will be saying. Correct! RAM come here and attains this customer. So I should understand that  he will not get merit of saying “RAMNAM” , 108 % he will not get merit.
 Then you may say BAPU we read “SHIVLEELA”. We read a story in that there was a hunter sitting on a tree and there were some devotees gathered in front of him who were saying SHIV, SHIV. After some time messengers of SHIVA came and carried him away. BAPU asked do you wish that you should be carried away like. Then you also tease them and say thatNAM. No, we don’t wish that. We must understand the meaning behind this story that basically there is no value education or morals taught to that hunter about SHIVNAM. And when NAMis taken by such a man who is not been taught about value of SHIVNAM, then definitely it will become beneficial for him. But when we know use of that NAM then we must take that NAM with BHAV. Otherwise there will be havoc.
Think that the same hotel owner told his servant RAM that he will kick him off. Then immediately that hotel owner’s leg should be broken off. He is saying some thing to RAM. Is it all right for us? No, that is not o.k. for us. We only want good fruit. There is servant in our hotel and we have taken his NAME for 108 times, so we shall get merit of chanting RAMNAM. Then when you are asking that servant to sleep on the road, you are not providing him good clothes, you are not offering him good food, so all these things should also reach to RAM. So we must understand this thing that it is very essential to see how is my BHAV when I am using that VANI for taking NAM. RASMAYATA means BHAV. There is no RAS without BHAV and what is PRANMAYATA? PRANMAYATA means DETERMINATION. I should understand that PRAN is the only one determination of the world. All things are present till PRAN exists because my every determination should be PRANMAYA. Determination lasts only when it is PRANMAYA. If determination is not PRANMAYA then it won’t last. The thing never lasts when PRAN is not there in it.
You may ask BAPU how that is possible. Here one stone is lying on the ground which is lying from 1000 years before my birth and it may be there after 1000 years after I am passed away. Then how that stone lasted? Do we call it as LASTING? We have given birth to a man and tied him with string from 5 years after his birth till he becomes 90 years old and mean while we have also provided him food and water , then do we call it as his lasting? No, we don’t. Today we see a patient is lying in COMA for 20-30 years. He is living. BAPU asked RAJANO! Shall we call that living as living? No you can’t say. That is not living for that person or for his relatives. LASTING means not only existing but living lively. It is to be active and not non-active or passive. My TONGUE should be like this, it should be PRANMAYA and also RASMAYA. Where do I find both PRANMAYATA and RASMAYATA?
BAPU said see, one lover writes a letter to his girl friend where these 2 things come automatically. First of all praising words will be showered whether he is boy or she is girl. Second thing both parties are strong equally. But when one year passes after marriage, RASMAYATA has gone away. Then NIRASATA (without RASMAYATA) comes. Suppose wife goes to husband lovingly and asks him some thing then he will shout that why she has shown her unlucky face in the morning and now his whole day will become bad. On the contrary wife tells husband that he opens his mouth only to abuse her and for nothing else. BAPU asked that RAJANO! What has left balance in this life? Aliveness is there as it is stronger but RAS is no more there. Since RAS is lost, BLISS (HAPPINESS) is also lost from life.

PARMATMA means BLISS. BHAGVANTA has made this restriction to us that we have to use this tongue by both types PRANMAYA and RASMAY and HE has made only this INDRIYA (SENSE ORGAN) which is KARMENDRIYA and DYANENDRIYA also and hence it is RASMAYA and PRANMAYA also. So BHAGVANTA”S work, BHAGVANTA’SNAM and BHAGVANTA’S PRAYER and BAHGAVNTA’S WORDS all are PRANMAYA and automatically they are RASMAYA. RAMKRISHNA GOVINDA and RAMKRISHNA HARI – both have PRANMAYATA and RASMAYATA. Only my BHAV should be that I am taking my BHAGVANTA’S NAM. My BHAV should be only that I don’t at all want any DYAN (KNOWLEDGE). I should have only knowledge that I am taking my GOD’S NAM and DYANESHWAR has asked me to take this NAM. This BHAV creates RASMAYATA. My determination should be that I am going to take NAM. “TE NAM SOPE RE RAMKRISHNA GOVINDA” – (RAMKRISHNA GOVINDA NAM is easy for me) due to this determination PRANMAYATA comes in my SANKALPA. Do you know what difference between RAMKRISHNA GOVINDA and RAMKRISHNA HARI is? RAMKRISHNA GOVINDA means the MARGA (WAY) going from DYAN towards ACTION (KRUTI) and RAMKRISHNA HARI means the way going from ACTION to DYAN. What is difference between them? Nothing! I learn to write SHREEGANESHA and I learn to write alphabets – A,B,C,D,E,F,G…BAPU asked tell HIM that while you learn writing your parents teach you, but the first letter you write, so do you read before or you write before, or do you speak before? You might have spoken 1000 times before to that, but while doing action all 3 things are done simultaneously. Your mother or teacher taught you and you are writing, while writing you are speaking and you are learning. All 3 actions are done together. So to go from DYAN to action or to go from action to DYAN is a thing decided as per my nature. Finally this cycle is from DYAN to ACTION, ACTION to DYAN and from more DYAN to more ACTION, and more ACTION to more DYAN. KAMACH KAMASYA RAMKRISHNA HARI or RAMKRISHNA GOVINDA. Both are equally PRANMAYA. Both are equally RASMAYA. But when I will gain this DYAN? When I will achieve this RAS? I will gain this DYAN and RAS when I will completely have TRUST that this is my BHAGVANTA’S NAM and I will trust that this BHAGVANTA’S NAM can do all things for me. This TRUST means BHAGVANTA’S PRANPRATISTHA (establishment of GOD’S PRAN or the rite of instilling life into an image or idol). We call BHATAJI (priest who perform this worship) to do PRANPRATISTHA of GOD. We catch nostril, we hold this thing and that thing, and we keep hand on our chest…. What strange acts we do, we do NYAS and then we feel that GOD’S PRANPRATISTHA is completed. In our GRANTHAS the meaning of GOD’S PRANPRATISTHA is neatly written. In this it is told that GOD’S PRANPRATISTHA means this is not the IDOL of the GOD but to have TRUST that HE is SAKSHAT ESHWAR and this means PARMATMA’S PRANPRATISTHA. We don’t follow/understand this thing that we should be able to answer properly to those who laugh at our worship to IDOL that BABANO! We are not believing that IDOL as GOD but we believe that is not at all IDOL. We believe that that is only our GOD. This TRUST means PRANPRATISTHA means GOD’S PRAN. With this way we should be able to do PRANPRATISTHA of our GOD. Here PRANMAYATA is present as well as RASMAYATA is also present because HE is “VAGMI”. HE is ESHWAR of VANI. So HE is equally ESHWAR of both PRANMAYATA and RASMAYATA. HE is not achievable with only PRAN and HE is also not achievable with only RAS. RAS has no identity without PRAN.
See, if all hormones are present in man’s body but they are not alive, then what is use of that man? Man has died on this moment and all hormones from respective thyroid to Adrenal all are present means RAS are present, but what is use? There is no use at all. Similarly all PRAN are present and man is alive but there are no RAS, man is in COMA, then tell ME what is use? No use at all again. So ACTION is there till there are PRAN and RAS present. I should understand that out of these 2 when even one is absent or reduced then passiveness or inactiveness comes. PRAN and RAS both should be present.
Here SHOUNAK MOONI tells us very beautiful story. Once his disciple asks him a question that with what thing these PRAN and RAS are tied together. Then SHOUNAK MOONI answers him that PRAN and RAS are tied together with each other by 2 BONDS and these BONDS are SATYA and TRUST. PRAN TRUSTS RAS and RAS have TRUST on PRAN. If SATYA and TRUST are absent then PRAN and RAS can’t be tied together.When we will have TRUST then only our NAM will tie us with our BHAGVANTA. We should have TRUST that this is SATYA. That means there is no use if SATYA and TRUST both are separated from each other. We agree that PARMESHWAR is there and this is SATYA. But I should understand that if this TRUST or this SATYA is not converted into TRUST then I have no use of that. So I have to use this VANI which PARMATMA has given me, which is PRANMAYA and RASMAY too and by using both of them with this VANI, I should create PRAN and RAS in my life. In my every action or simple action PRAN and RAS should be present.
See, woman receives a phone in the morning at her in-laws that her brother is coming from far place to her house for lunch. Her hand and waist is paining, yesterday she had a quarrel with her mother-in-law, her husband was annoyed with her in the morning and has left for the office, still in her joy, she prepares 3 vegetables, 3 CHATTANIS, 3 KOSHIMBIRI (SALADS) and she also orders GULABJAMUN (SWEET DISH) from outside shop. If her brother likes SHRIKHAND then she prepares that also. Why she does all things? Due to love, she does all things that my brother has gone far away and he is returning back to me after so many days. So she wants to please him by making his favorite dishes. So how her this action is filled with? Her action is filled with PRANMAYA and also RASMAYA. But the sister-in-law who always taunts her is coming then she will say OH! Today she is going to come. She will come, play some games and take all respects and will go away. What should I do? She will purchase white pumpkin. She will prepare vegetable from that pumpkin. Her husband will say 2 vegetables are required. So she will prepare vegetables from skins of pumpkin and CHATTANI from its seeds.  But she will not prepare DUDHI HALWA (SWEET DISH) because sister-in-law who is taunting her is coming. So there is no RASMAYATA and no PRANMAYATA. She never thinks that she may be treating me badly but she is my husband’s sister. Here this story is as applicable to woman, so equally to man also. Here there is no separation of woman and man. And I am telling for example. So PRAN and RAS both should be present in our action. Without PRAN and RAS no action can be complete. The curse of INCOMPLETENESS we carry through out our life is due to this same reason that PRAN are absent where RAS is present and RAS is absent where PRAN are present. When my TONGUE is emerged in PARMESHWARA’S NAMASMARAN where PRAN and RAS are both present together, then in every part of my body, in every fraction of my DEH that NAM is created. Suppose I am saying RAMKRISHNA HARI and my body’s need is RAM KRISHNA GOVINDA NAM then remember as your BHAV goes on increasing then that HARI NAM will do work of GOVINDA NAM. Remember this thing it will do 108 % surely. But tomorrow suppose I am taking NAM of some wrong BHONDU GOSAVI and I say that I believe him as my GOD then surely that NAM will not survive/ save me. I should understand this thing carefully because that NAM should be equally HOLY, PURE and the person bearing that NAM should be equally PURE and HOLY, and then only it can give us that PURE RAS and PURE PRAN. So we have to decide that how we to use our tongue. She is VAK, SHE is VANI and SARSWATI is SAKSHAT its ADHISHTHATI. But we hear 1000 times SARSWATI name, may be of our grandmother or great grandmother. In today’s time no one use SARSWATI as name.
BAPU told that many people ask HIM what name they should give to their son or daughter. BAPU told one man to keep ANNAPORNA as his daughter’s name. He told BAPU that it is o.k. as name in cradle, but how he can use this name in her school? BAPU said why this name will not be o.k.? Then why have you asked ME? It is correct. SA – RA- SWA- TI - SA HA RAS WATI – means filled with the best RAS. But we don’t understand simple meaning in MARATHI. There is no need to understand SANSKRIT for us. We say he is NAMVANT… BHAGYAVANTA and she is BAHGYAWANTIN. We say whatever we want to say. We know meaning of “WATI” word and we also know meaning of RAS. We also know meaning of word ‘SARAS’. Even if we see from any angle, as it is in MARATHI, we know its meaning. We should know meaning completely. RASWANTI and SARASWATI is RASWATI and SARASWATI is ADHISHTHATI GODDESS of TONGUE. RASWATI means RAS and CHAITANYA. It is not said RASATMIKA. Her name is not SARASATMIKA, but it is SARAWATI. SARASWATI means completely filled with RAS means RAS and PRAN both together.
We should learn to use properly this TONGUE if we want to make our life RASMAYA and we want to keep it alive and CHAITANYAMAYA. We should use this TONGUE for speaking good things. We should use this TONGUE for chanting PARMESHWARA’S NAMSMARAN. How NAMSMARAN should be? NAMSMARAN should be with complete TRUST. No other MANTRA-TANTRA can do PRANPRATISHTHA of PARMESHWARA and only your VANI can do that. My TRUST can do that, my FAITH can do that. My LOVE can do that. No one else can do that. Why PARMESHWARA’S PRANPRATISHTHA should be done in IDOL only? That PRANPRATISHTHA should be done in my house, in my every action in my every thought and then see this is SARASWATI. SHE will give SARASPANA (BEST) to your every action, and your every action will become SARAS (BEST), your every word will become SARAS and your FORTUNE will become SARAS and your fate /destiny (PRARBDHA) will become SARAS

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