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   AKSHA means eyes. By simple and straightforward meaning it seems to be KAMAKSHI means the one who has KAM in HER eyes and I bow to the feet of LALITA who is KAMAKSHI.
LALITA is also called as HARIKAMA as HER ESHANA/KAM/WISH is only HARI. So SHE is KAMAKSHI. But the original meaning is very beautiful. KA means SARSWATI and MA means LAKSHMI. I bow to the feet of that LALITA whose eyes are KA and MA means SARSWATI and LAKSHMI. The presence of both SARSWATI and LAKSHMI is essential for us and LALITA’S presence is must. But we don’t know SARSWATI and LAKSHMI. It is essential that both eyes should be present, as with one eye work can’t be done. SARSWATI is the GODDESS of VIDYA and SHE gives VIDYA. SHE wears white clothes and SHE is playing VEENA with one hand and in another hand SHE is holding a BOOK. We pray to SARSWATI only on occasion of DASHERA. The books or GRANTHA have become things of POOJA for us. But GRANTHA is the thing to be experienced. SARSWATI is not only GODDESS of school’s education. SHE is GODDESS of VIDYA.
Educations at school, college or degree of M.S. or M.D all are just one small part of VIDYA. Even after passing out degree of Doctor or Engineer One has to gain lot of PRACTICAL Knowledge, which is not included in the text book. An engineer has to find out from where he will get workers and how to behave with customers. All these practical things are nowhere written in any textbook. To experience that one has to learn them practically. A man must learn how to live a life, which is the most important thing of all.
SARSWATI is the GODDESS of JEEVAN VIDYA (LIFE’S KNOWLEDGE). LAKSHMI is not only goddess of MONEY. LAKSHMI – one meaning is LAM =PRUTHVI BEEJ and LAKSHMI is my journey from LAM BEEJ to VAYU BEEJ.LAKSHMI is the goddess who gives strength (POWER) to achieve LAM BEEJ and helps to achieve LAM BEEJ. Thus one eye (SARSWATI) teaches how and what we have to achieve and other eye (LAKSHMI) gives power to achieve that thing 
Sl. NO.
SHE is DHYANVARDHINI, increases      Knowledge (DHYAN).
   SHE is DONOR (who offers 16 types of AISHWARYA).

We never see any temple of only SARSWATI GODDESS. So we think that SHE is loyal to HER husband so SHE need not stay separately. We also never thought any need to build a separate temple for HER. We keep idols of RAM, SHIV, and GANPATI in our SHRINE. BAPU asked a question how many people have idol of SARSWATI in their SHRINE at house? BAPU said think why this happens? HE said by asking that question HE doesn’t mean that we should keep SARSWATI IDOL in our SHRINE at house. But HE wanted to specify that it is essential that we should do SARSWATI’S POOJA at every moment in our MINDS.
We see normally picture with GANESH in the center and LAKSHMI and SARSWATI on HIS both sides, or GANESH and LAKSHMI together. But we never see picture where SARSWATI is at the center. SARSWATI is not only GODDESS of books. SHE teaches the way to achieve LAKSHMI.SARSWATI and LAKSHMI stays together.
People may ask now BAPU how is it possible? As there are many illiterate people who are Crorepati (rich). BAPU replied that no that is not like the way you consider. Vidya does n’t mean only school education. VIDYA is an art to live LIFE.
BAPU narrated a story of a person whom HE knew. The person was rich. He celebrated a ceremony after his 60 years completed and then took retirement and decided to leave house in Mumbai and go to AASHRAMA for further stay. When he declared his plan of retirement every one requested him to spend at least one more week with them at house. But no one (son, daughter, daughter-in-law) stopped him from leaving the house. All were happy. After spending one week with them the person left his house with his wife and went to KASHI. There he used to go to temple at early morning and used to make discussions with people and do NAMSMARAN of PARMATMA. Thus he was happy there. But his children faced problems in business at MUMBAI. They started sending letter to father at KASHI. Before business problems rose, no one remembered and wrote letter asking father’s welfare. But father didn’t reply. Finally one son went to meet him at KASHI. He directly asked first question to father that whether he has not received any letter sent to him.
BAPU said see here the son has not enquired about father or mother’s welfare first. Father told him that he had received all letters they had sent. Son was surprised and asked him why he hadn’t given reply to any of them. They are facing lot of problems in business. Father replied that he had left all things behind in MUMBAI. So he had left property as well as problems related to property in MUMBAI and he didn’t want to intervene them again. Son started crying and asked the due to his selfishness that for last 2 years they are staying in KASHI, and does it mean that they had forgotten their father and mother relations too? Now mother explained her son yes they have broken that relationship too and hence they have not replied. The son was helpless and went away. When he told the story , all sons, daughters decided to go and meet father and mother. They all went there and received warm welcome. But this time also father told them that he had left his business MIND in MUMBAI and now the body which they wanted to take MUMBAI will be of no use to them. Because now the body , MIND and BUDDHI is filled with spiritual things, which is of no use to them .  But children pleaded lot and hence old couple returned back to MUMBAI with them. When the couple entered the house they visited SHRINE, but there was no POOJA, worship performed. He explained them their fault that don’t give call to PARMESHWAR or father or mother in your needs only. Afterwards father again settled the business in well situation. But now again rules have to be followed like 7.00p.m. pooja, come home within time limit etc. BAPU said see now the same father became burden for them. Sons and daughters decided to send father again to KASHI. But they pretended and told that they had created hurdles in their duty towards BHAGVAN and they should send them again at KASHI. The aged couple went away to KASHI.
BAPU said see now with father and mother SARSWATI and LAKSHMI both had left the house. First SARSWATI left the house. Then LAKSHMI reminded them that they should take help of father. But now EGO was their enemy. PROUD covered their BUDDHI. They thought why to call back that aged man? Now they have learnt the business tact from him.  LAKSHMI also left the house. Thus with the children neither SARSWATI nor LAKSHMI stayed. BAPU said see this story teaches us that to achieve LAKSHMI it is very essential to achieve SARSWATI also. SARSWATI teaches us the VIDYA required to achieve LAKSHMI and LAKSHMI gives us the strength or power required to achieve HER- this is the one meaning. The second meaning of the story is we need LAKSHMI to get all knowledge about either land or book.
ESHANA means KAM. If I have ESHANA of studying and I don’t have both eyes o.k. Then also I can study. Every one remembers HELEN KELLAR’S example. She proved that irrespective of absence of eyes, ears and speech (tongue) one could study. Thus SARSWATI and LAKSHMI both are required in our life. SARSWATI teaches VIDYA and LAKSHMI teaches to experience that through efforts.
Who is first amongst SARSWATI and LAKSHMI?    
          SARSWATI and LAKSHMI both are equal. We need both the eyes together. SARSWATI translates information to knowledge (DHYAN) while LAKSHMI gives experience from application of that DHAYN. This is an unbreakable cycle of them as shown:

SARSWATI --------LAKSHMI ----------SARSWATI ---------LAKSHMI 
:                                                                       :
:                                                                        :        
LAKSHMI----------SARSWATI---------LAKSHMI --------- SARSWATI                

What children have done in this story? They have brought father back to home and again left him at KASHI. The same fault we also do. We study till the time we are studying in school or college. We worship LAKSHMI only on DHAN TERAS DAY in DIWALI. LALITA’s 2 eyes are SARSWATI and LAKSHMI. In absence of any one eye I can’t see properly. We can see a correct picture with both eyes. After having drinks man can’t see correctly as both eyes are not working simultaneously. This means I achieve only one thing VIDYA with help of SARSWATI and LAKSHMI, irrespective of any art whether it is fighting art or any other art. By knowing this SCIENCE, RISHIS have named HER as KAMAKSHI where both eyes work together by becoming EKRUPA.
BAPU said just think if your 2 eyes are looking two different things then you will see 2 different roads and you (man) can’t walk. Hence to obtain VIDYA and apply it in proper way is very needful. If a man can’t see properly with both eyes people tease him saying KARJAT- KASARA in MUMBAI. (These are 2 stations far away from each other or 2 ends )BAAPU said don’t laugh at such people as that is a bodily fault. It is not possible that our SARSWATI and LAKSHMI are functioning in different directions. If I put one leg in right and other in left direction it is not possible to walk. Similarly both eyes should be working together, which is essential. LAKSHMI never teaches you to kill any one for your revenge or SARSWATI never teaches to drink wines. SARSWATI and LAKSHMI both are ORIGINAL FORMS. These are ORIGINAL GODDESS and only show PURE things. Every one wants to get PURE things from others but never wants to offer them to others.
In Industry what things are made from raw matter contains same property of raw matter. It is not possible that from iron gold is made. People may cheat by giving golden polish to iron and sell that as gold. 
Hence it is essential that what I achieve from others , I should offer them to others. If I do bad things and give bad things then I am spreading bad things in society. Try to realize this cycle. Try to understand the presence of SARSWATI and LAKSHMI and presence of both of them is important. I may pray both by keeping their idols together, but my action (KRUTI) should be according to that.
In India nowadays lot of quarrels are based on language problem. Every one wants to prove that his mother tongue is the best and other mother tongue is not best. My religion is best and not others? BAPU said brothers why such things? DHARMA is the way to go towards PARMATMA and its appearance may look different. Though they are different paths they lead to one and only one PARMATMA. Today every one fights for area. This is my area. Hence BAPU has asked to HIS VEERA AND SINGH of SAMARPAN PATHAK to learn different languages.
BAPU said today many facilities are available for transport. But in old days there were no such facilities available. When people used to go to KASHI, they were not knowing different languages like Punjabi, Sindhi, Tamil and it used to take period of 12-13 years to make journey, but the feeling was of HUMANITY. There was no feeling for an outsider that he is my enemy. Irrespective of absence of developments of Science man was comfortable. But nowadays a gap has been widen with SCIENCE.I should learn any other language other than my mother tongue.
BAPU said nowadays VRS (Voluntary Retirement Scheme) has come. Many people asked HIM what they could do at age of 45 years if VRS is applied to them. They complained that they are getting bored. They go to SHIVAJI PARK for walk or they watch television, but for how many hours? BAPU said but no one wants to learn new language. These people never think that they have to achieve some things in life. A man should be a student at every stage. The one who becomes student at every step of life becomes devotee of LAKSHMI. It is easy to teach others but it is difficult to learn us. We can achieve SARSWATI with such type of JEEVAN VIDYA and by that only LAKSHMI also arrives. With only LAKSHMI no businessman can become successful. Every businessman knows that his experience should be enriched.
LALITA has 2 eyes SARSWATI and LAKSHMI. We should achieve whom SARSWATI , LAKSHMI or LALITA?
BAPU said question is correct. But answer is very easy. Think till today how much grace of LAKSHMI you have achieved, how much grace of SARSWATI have you achieved? Think what have I achieved and what I have accepted? Once you sit and think about this , you will automatically come to know that LAKSHMI and SARSWATI both are needed.
          Man’s feelings are expressed in his eyes. SARSWATI and LAKSHMI are LALITA’S eyes and HER LOVE for every man is expressed in form of SARSWATI AND LALITA for that man, irrespective of that man is on KARMAMARGA or BHAKTIMARGA. On KARMAMARGA SARSWATI comes first and later on LAKSHMI comes. For BHAKTIMARGA both come together. But realize the fact that I have to achieve SARSWATI and LAKSHMI both. Every one wants that he should achieve SARSWATI and LAKSHMI together. But all people know this fact and no one wants to think.
BAPU said there are some illiterate people and they may argue that they don’t know reading/ writing and how they can read GRANTHA? Who will give them power (SHAKTI)?
BAPU said ,” IF any one asks ME from real heart then I am ready to give that to him. Here ANIRUDDHA is sitting. Call ME by any NAME and HE will keep HIS promise of always giving SUPPORT. If you take efforts and ask help to me, I am always ready to stand near by you (in front of you and behind you). But you people listen some things here and leave them from other ear. Whatever this ANIRUDDHA tells you at least try to accept or follow some part of that in your life. In your difficulties or sorrows I run to you for help.
(See, how our BAPPA is pleading to all of us to follow HIS PATH of SATYA , PREM and ANAND so that HE can give us maximum HAPPINESS. But we are not listening to HIM and hence HE has to repeat that all in HIS discourses.

Only PIPA has realized this TRUTH and so he only can sing 




Yes, PIPA only realize that his BAPU is getting tired as HE has to run to every devotee to please him. Let’s try to follow what our beloved BAPU has asked us to do. )

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