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   I make NAMASKAR to that LALITA, whose all body parts are without faults (DOSH). There 
is very simple meaning in this sentence the all body parts are DOSHRAHIT. Thing is very
straight and not straight also.
What are the body parts of this MAHASHAKTI? AADIMAYA or CHITSHAKTI consists of 3 body 
parts, which are
3.TRUPTI (satisfaction, samadhan)
If you see carefully you will find the whole life is a game of all these 3 SHAKTI (POWERS). 
KRIYA SHAKTI depends on BHAV SHAKTI and TRUPTI depends on KRIYA SHAKTI. With these 3
 SHAKTI every KRIYA (action) is created and vanished (GHATIT/ VIGHATIT HOTI HAI).
After giving birth to a child mother’s feeling create milk in her breasts. After drinking milk 
child is satisfied (TRUPT) and giving that milk to child, mother is also satisfied. The one
who gets as well as one who gives away means both of them are satisfied here. This states 
that First RULE of world says that Donor is equally satisfied as Acceptor. Even after
giving milk to a child mother is more satisfied than a child who gets that milk. Hence 
Even mother is victim of T.B. or She is having BREAST- CANCER, milk will not contain any
viruses of that disease and not at all harmful to that child. This is SHAKTI of MA BHAGAVATI. 
This shows mother’s love for child is BHAV, feeding milk is a KRIYA and satisfaction of both (mother and child). 
It means relation of BHAV- KRIYA-TRUPTI is taught to you right from your birth. Every human 
mother is related with all these 3 BHAV, so BHAV comes in milk. How these 3 SHAKTI are 
developed in my body? How these are related to world?
We go to temple that time we should have BHAV that we are going close to BHAGVAN (GOD). 
I will get TRUPTI depending on my KRIYA, which should be according to my BHAV.KRIYA 
should be according to BHAV. Suppose a mother is deaf. Her child is crying for milk. She has
milk with her. But she can’t feed milk to her child.In this case, mother’s love for child is there. 
But KRIYA (feeding milk) is not done; hence TRUPTI will not be achieved.
In case of Examination, for a student to pass the examination is BHAV. According to BHAV, 
proper study is not done means KRIYA is absent, then passing the examination – Trupti will 
not be achieved. If I am going to temple/church/ Derasar (JAIN Temple) either from house 
or from office or from shop my BHAV should be developed due to love for HIM.I should 
chant HIS NAM till I can see HIS IDOL. I should remain in HIS memory till the time I see HIM 
in IDOL form. While looking at IDOL I should fully concentrate on IDOL only. (This BAHV 
will create my KRIYA accordingly and I will get TRUPTI.)
In religions of HINDU, BOUDHHA, JAIN FASTING is suggested. Without drinking water or eating food
FASTING is done, but actually in mind there is a hidden wish of eating present.
UP VASATI ITI UPVASAHA. UP means close. VAS means to sit or to stay. UPVAS means to stay closer 
to HIM. To sit near HIM.To sit near HIM doesn’t mean to catch HIS (Idol’s) legs. It means with 
all INDRIYAS (SENSE ORGANS) you accept HIM. While going to temple can achieve this then 
no need of Fasting. My eyes will see HIM , my ears will listen HIM (HIS NAM) thus all 5
DHAYNENDRIYA should be used for HIM only. Why we are not satisfied (TRUPT)?
When we go to HIM we don’t have BHAV that we are going to meet HIM. We always have
BHAV as if we are going to a Money-lender (SAVKAR), from whom we have to take some thing. 
So KRIYA is similar and we don’t get satisfaction. Unless and until I have all these 3
parts without any DOSH I can’t get TRUPTI.
In society we see common examples like- There are 2 brothers quarreling for fathers estate. Afterwards
they are separated there is death of one brother.Though they have played together in childhood, 
other brother does not have any feeling for another brother.
Why such a gap between them?  Where is the fault and why there is no satisfaction? 
Dissatisfaction is due to ASHANTI and due to ASHANTI sorrow is created.
There is no action of brotherhood.  This shows that there is no BHAV that  he is my brother.  This BHAV is
not increased hence no action accordingly and hence dissatisfaction.
BAPU narrated a story. There were two real sisters staying nearby.  One of them was 69 
years and another was 62 years old.  The husband of elder sister expired at night but 
younger sister visited her house in morning.  The whole night elder sister was alone.
After some time younger sisters husband also expired at night.  Elder sister was devotee of
BAPU.  She was not ready to go to her sister’s house at night, but asked BAPU’s advice. 
As per HIS advice, She went to younger sisters house at night only. Here younger
sister realized her fault and repented for her earlier behavior.  She also told that even
though her behavior with elder sister was not good elder sister has shownher greatness. 
Thus after 30 years gap two real sisters started their new relationship based on love .
One small KRIYA has shown BHAV of elder sister (as she has went to her sister’s house at 
night as per BAPU’s advice). KRIYA and BHAV were pure and hence both the sisters got
 satisfaction.  When KRIYA and BHAV are done easily, those create satisfaction.
Our KRIYA and BHAV should be completely towards LALITA (MAHAMATA).  When this will
 happen? It is a duty (KARTAYA) of the brother to look after the family of the expired 
brother even if he had become bankrupt due to him. This is purity.
BHAV should be renewed after every now and then as we are eating in morning and in night 
also, and taking breath every now and then. It is not necessary that what BHAV is present in morning should remain same
after 2-3 hours.  Thus BHAV is getting transferred from one state to another. Which BHAV 
become ABHAV and which one become SWABHAV?
SWABHAV is the BHAV which is repeated continuously,while the BHAV, to whom I say no 
become ABHAV. ABHAV means deficiency.
How I should understand which BHAV is to be created? Is their any book regarding this? NO.
One should understand his own nature to know what is BHAV. BHAV does not mean your 
nature (SWABHAV). Your SWABHAV is decided by your reaction in sorrow, anger and love.
ANAND and SATYA are not reactions but they are original BHAV of the world. SATYA has only one side
unlike coin, which has two sides.  Selfish people say there are 2 sides of SATYA.LOVE have
 only one direction. Yesterday’s LOVE remains same for today.
Happiness and ANAND are different. Mother gives birth to a child – this is ANAND, which is 
NITYA BHAV and SATYA BHAV. This is my child – this feeling shows LOVE. SATYA, PREM(LOVE) 
and ANAND are not separate from each other. LALITA will be mine only when I will observe what 
I have on these 3 levels. These 3 are qualities (GUN) of LALITA, KAMALA and SHIVA.
  I will get maximum satisfaction as these 3 GUN are DOSHRAHIT. Suppose a man is having 
all things what he expects in life and he says he is TRUPT. But this is not real TRUPTI, as 
he wants every thing remain as it is with him forever. If any thing goes away he is not
satisfied. This type of TRUPTI isn’t DOSHRAHIT. TRUPTI means what I have , no one can take away from me. This
BHAV comes to you with LALITA’s BHAV, which is self-confidence (AATMVISHVAS). SHOUNAK MOONI 
gave definition of SELF CONFIDENCE that when your BHAV for LALITA will increase then
 self-confidence will come to you.
In SANSKRIT,  “VISH” DHATU (verb) means to enter.“VAS” means to stay. So 
“ VISHVAS” (trust) means which enters but stays already there. How both things are
simultaneously possible? BAPU said now here Dr. Shah is sitting in front of HIM and if HE says Dr. Shah is
entering here now, people will say BAPU is mad. VISHVAS is such a thing that it is present 
and not present also. VISHVAS should come to you. VISHVAS comes in you, your AATMA itself
 and stays in AATMA only. AATMA doesn’t mean SPIRIT. “AT” DHATU means who
walks continuously. AATMA is the one who continuously walks with MA VIDYA in NITYA ROOP, who is AMAR. AATMA
never dies.
LALITA’s BHAV is SELFCONFIDENCE, which stays always with SHUDH VIDYA. The BHAV will 
increase only when I will catch hold of BHAV, which I am having.
SELFCONFIDENCE will increase with AATMA’s SHAKTI.Where is LALITA? SHE is in whole world
and even inside me. SHE will increase and also encourage for increasing SHAKTI who is 
sitting at both places. SELFCONFIDENCE is becoming independent.  One can achieve that
 by remembering SADGURU SHAKTI. I don’t have SELFCONFIDENCE because I don’t have LALITA’s
How is KRIYA performed? When I hold a glass, it isn’t action of my hands or muscles only.
 It is combination of all 3.All parts are needed. While doing any action body, mind and 
Budhi all 3 are needed. When Budhi is not present only body and mind performs a KRIYA, 
which is called Voluntary action, which is performed automatically. For performing a KRIYA 
all 3 are required.
  When I take BHAGVAN’s NAM, I use JAP MALA. Whether this is KRIYA or KRUTI? When the 
Budhi and Mind are not involved in that NAM that becomes KRUTI. That can’t be KRIYA.

When an action is with BHAV it is called as KRIYA.
When an action is without BHAV it is called as KRUTI.
What is LALITA’s KRIYA? VIVEK- which tells you what is right /wrong and what is good/bad.
 It is Shakti, which thinks about what is correct and what is wrong. Unless I have VIVEK with
 me my action becomes KRUTI. It is not KRIYA, which is without VIVEK.
What is VIVEK? To remain cautious or alert every minute is called VIVEK. This VIVEK SHAKTI 
is available from LALITA MA. What shall I do? LALITA’s VIVEK is SADGURU’s VIVEK.
In SAISACCHARITRA, it is said that if PARMEHWAR is angry with you,   SADGURU will protect 
you? But if SADGURU is angry who will protect you? But remember SADGURU never becomes
 angry. HE pretends to be angry.(TO KRODH DHARAN KARATO.)
  When mother is feeding a small child some food and he is not ready to eat that food easily. 
Then she takes a bed sheet and covers her head with it and scares the child saying some bad
person has come to catch him.
Here she is pretending to her child so as to make him eat food. In similar way, LALITA MA’s 
grace (KRUPASHAKTI) protects you every time from faults.
KSHAMA means to forgive others mistakes. Unless I have VIVEK I can’t forgive. So DEVI is also
named as KSHAMA.
 VIVEK SHAKTI means to accept LALITA’s SHAKTI, which is created through KSHAMA SHAKTI.
To bring VIVEK means to forgive means KSHAMA.I should learn to forgive others some times
at least.
  How LALITA is satisfied?  By offering a golden crown or giving a garland of flowers? No. 
When my BHAV and KRIYA will become HER BHAV and KRIYA, then SHE will be pleased and 
satisfied. LALITA has got HER BHAV AND KRIYA with her. But when the same will come to HER
 devotee, SHE will be satisfied.
This is similar to MOTHER-CHILD – MILK. Mother has milk with her , but when she feeds that 
milk to her child and both will have milk , both are satisfied.
 – MY BHAV, KRIYA and TRUPTI should become LALITA’s BHAV, KRIYA and TRUPTI.-
To achieve LALITA means TO HAVE KSHAMA- to remove away wrong BAHV. How will you do 
At night before going to bed remember what good and bad works you have done through out 
the whole day. Think about that. Then LALITA’s BHAV will come automatically to you and you 
will get TRUPTI – SHANTI (PEACE)- LOVE. Realize for all this your BHAV, KRIYA should be 
not DOSHRAHIT then TRUPTI will not come. Remember LALITA by any NAM or MANTRA then 
you can observe SADGURU’s GRACE (KRUPA), which is dance of LALITA called as LASYA.

The dance of UMA (SHAKTI) is called LASYA. The dance of SHIVA is called TANDAV.
When BHAGVAN dances with devotee that is LASYA. When HE dances alone because devotee 
doesn’t want to dance with HIM that is TANDAV.
LASYA is dance of love. TANDAV is dance of ANGER.RUDRA NRUTYA.
Every one wants LASYA should be there in his life. No one wants TANDAV should come to his
life.LASYA is HIS GRACE TANDAV is HIS ANGER.I want to dance LASYA NRUTYA, as it is HIS 
grace. LALITA teaches me to dance LASYA dance, as SHE is HIS grace and SHE dances for HIM, 
remembering HIM in mind only. (SHE is always BEBHAN when SHE dances for HIM)
SHE always has meditation (DHYAN) for HIM.

Note: This article was posted in the earlier sadgurubapu group by Suneeta Karande, have
just reposted it here  

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