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HARI OM Thursday 12-07-2001: SECOND DISCOURSE OM PADDVAYPRABHAJAL PARAKRUTSARORUHAYIYA NAMAHA : This is also a name of mother, which is very simple and easy to understand. Meaning of this
name is just grown lotus flower also feels shy in front of LALITA’s feet.(PAYACHA TALAVA- 
bottom side of feet ). LALITA SAHASTRANAM is not description of beauty of LALITA. We see devotee always looks at HIS/HER feet.(SADGURU/GOD/GODDESS). If we want to see toe
 of feet then HIS/HER feet should be above us. (feet should be above devotee’s head).
If VYAS RISHI says this NAM he must has seen HER FEET (TALAVA). Feet of IDOL are not seen. VYAS tells means he has seen LALITA’s feet and not idol’s feet. How I can see these TALAVE? Unless I become dust particle of feet I can’t see them. Thus
VYAS has become dust particle of HER FEET (CHARAN DHUL) It is very important for me to 
become dust particle of HER FEET. What is importance of TOE (TALAVE)? We never walk with legs. We keep our feet on ground
(earth). The relationship of earth’s son or earth’s daughter with earth is through this 
TALAVE. Dogs, cats, and other animals also make contact with earth through their TALAVE.
Means every living being relates himself with this MAHAMATA (EARTH, PRUTHVI) by TALAVE
only. Even to our mother for first time we touch with legs in her womb. When a woman is 
pregnant for first time and she realizes movement inside her womb for first time, she
becomes uneasy. Then her mother or mother-in-law explains her that child is moving inside your womb which gives you little kicks. That moment that mother becomes very happy. That 
doesn’t mean when you are grown up you start kicking mother to give her pleasure. Till the time child is inside her womb he is related with his mother through TALAVE.
Similarly with EARTH – our MAHAMATA, we relate ourselves through TALAVE. But we never
see our TALAVE very carefully. We see an advertisement of the heel of feet on T.V. 
Till Talave are cracked or some pointed thing goes and pricks TALAVE no one is ready to pay
attention to them. We always take care of our weight, height, body, hairs, face etc., but 
never care about our TALAVE. It is just not sufficient to see them (with our eyes) only but 
we should realize their importance. We walk with help of TALAVE is correct as well as wrong also. It is correct because on 
TALAVE our whole body can stand. But it is wrong because if simultaneously muscles of legs,
hands and back doesn’t coordinate then we will fall down. We observe that from a running
train if we jump out on a platform then we may fall down, as this coordination of muscles
is not properly balanced. So here only TALAVE are not involved but whole body’s muscles
are involved. At the same time our speed of life depends on TALAVE, but we never take 
care of them unless pain with pricking is there. Every SAINT has only one wish (desire) that they should either become a PADTRAN 
(SHOE, CHAPPAL) of their GOD or dust of HIS feet. Why PADTRAN? Because I put my weight on them but I have to carry them when I want to walk. Similarly if I become HIS 
Shoes or Padtran then HE is carrying me away, HE carries my weight(BHAR).This is cheating
of SAINT ,where extreme love for HIM is seen. SAINT creates knowledge for common man,
due to their love for HIM. Other way to see LALITA’s Talave is to become dust of HER feet. Why TALAVE are compared with beauty of just grown up LOTUS flower? Lotus flower is very soft amongst all flowers even though it is only one who comes from 
mud. This Lotus always looks at SKY(where HE and SHE stay) . Leaves are very beautiful even
they dry up. That means Lotus cries only (asks)for HIM.and such LOTUS feels shy in front of LALITA’s Talave. We say HEART is like LOTUS because our feelings, emotions can become like Lotus. My 
emotions are arising from mud , but I never offer them to HIM. Lotus teaches me SHUCHITVA AND SHUDHATVA(PURITY and HOLYNESS) which it keeps
constantly. See, if you observe Lotus plant you will find that either it is just arise or completely
opened or dried up it looks at HIM only. It turns in opposite direction when it has completely seen
HIM and then turns back to see whether the same has pasteurized in its roots or not. In its roots it observe from where it has come and where it has to go.This is its POLITENESS. But in our case, we are filled with AHAM BHAV (Pride of ourselves) completely. We always 
say I have done this and that. But w didn’t realize that I am living till my breathing continues .
For very few minutes I can control (stop) my breathing , but heartbeats can not be controlled
by me. That are fully dependent on HIM(PARMATMA)and HIS power means POWER of LALITA.
HER POWER of PRAN(PRANSHAKTI) stays in you that’s why you can work.
Whatever I do is all by HIS/ HER wish and  grace only.I should think that all actions I am
doing are for HIM. I should eat for HIM , I should work for HIM. If some mistakes I have done
I should ask excuse to HIM at night. So it is important for me to know where I am standing.
I never pay attention to HIM, but I see only surrounding to HIM. I compare with others.
I see that my brother has taken a new car, my sister has made golden ornaments, so I think when
I can get all these things.
  Every living being has its own queue towards HIM. Nobody can enter in others queue. Our speed
of life also should be in HIS direction. Earth is circular.East and West directions of earth
depends upon either 0 degree or 360 degrees from where I count. But HE is present everywhere
and in each direction. So it depends on me which direction I select to go to HIM.
If by anyhow I have to reach to HIM why I should go by that way where no devotion is present?
I can go on the way where devotion and seva (duty) is present.
  All four religions (Hindu, Buddha, Jain, Sikh) teach you to chant MAHAVISHNU’S name. Chant
continuously HIS name. You can have choice to select any name, which you like. RAM, KRISHNA,
HARI, GOVIND, ARIHANT. Why irrespective of so many different names, HE is only one? Because I can get choice which I like more. There are many different forms of HIM according to different names.
  BAPU narrated a story of a catholic lady whose mother was devotee of SAI BABA. Once that catholic lady went to BAPU and asked HIM how she can make devotion to SAI BABA. BAPU gave her a little idol of SAI BABA. And asked her to love that idol in the way she wants. Lady loved her SAI like her  own little child. Everyday in morning, she used to brush SAI like her, give bath like her. Then she used to carry SAI with her to office, where she used to give chair to HIM for sitting.
In evening, after coming home she used to feed dinner to SAI and while sleeping she used to offer
a small, separate smooth bed to SAI and massage HIS legs (thinking HE might be tired after long
days routine). Her husband used to laugh at her and tease her saying all nonsense she is doing.
He was an officer and had to travel in different states. He was having Diabetics problem and had
to take insulin injections regularly. The strict restriction to be followed in this course is you
have to take food after injection and not keep empty stomach. One day he had to visit at forests
at Uttar Pradesh. He took Insulin injection and thought on the way he will have food from his tiffin.
He started the journey and on the way found that by mistake he had carried morning empty tiffin only.
He was very scared and his whole body was wet with perspiration. This was not due to fear but
Insulin started giving its effect. Suddenly he found that an old man came across his jeep. After
that jeep was having some fault that it couldn’t start. That man listened his problem. He was
very  kind and offered him some food and told him that he was going to collect mangoes from near
by trees.Early morning a bus comes to near by stop at 05.30 hrs by which he can go to office and
later on can do repairs of jeep. The night passed away and early morning by 05.00 hrs man suddenly woke up.
He found no old man there. But he ran away to catch the bus as there was only bus coming twice to that
stop (early morning 05.30 hrs and evening 17.30 hrs). He went to his office . All office staff was
worried that what problem happened to him and he did not return back at night. But when he narrated
night story every one was shocked. They explained him that that place was very dangerous and at night
robbers come there. The officer was not ready to listen their arguments. So they all went to same place.
But to their surprise there was no house. But on plain land he found burnt Cigarette pieces which he had
smoked that night. Now he was shocked. Here at their own house his wife was scared and sweating very badly.
She ran to BAPU and asked she was scared that her husband might be facing a great difficulty. BAPU
just told her calmly not to worry. She is believing SAI , she has given a lot of LOVE to her SAI.
So HE will take care of her husband. When husband returned back and narrated the story, she realized
that that same old man was nobody other than her dear beloved SAI BABA. This story tells this relationship is beyond SCIENCE limits, which is between HIM and HIS devotee.
Here in this case she had love for SAI, but BABA gave that fruit of love to her husband by saving his life in difficulty. ALL are HIS NAMES only, you chant what you like. But while chanting HIS NAME you should have LOVE  for HIM, otherwise even if you chant RAMNAM for whole life without love then there is no use. See, VALMIKI was a robber in his past life. When NARAD asked him to chant RAM Ram, he said MARA MARA. But even after that he never died (MARA means he called DEATH GOD -YAM), but he got RAM in his life. NAM is not tied in limitations of letters. NAM is tied with my BHAV (emotions, heart feelings). We have separated ourselves
from HIM and we have to join again with HIM. We have come far from HIM who is SACCHIDANAND, SO WE ARE HAVING DIFFICULTIES IN LIFE. When I will go to HIM all my worries and sorrows will be ended. Thus it is  very essential that I should relate myself with HIM, which only LALITA can do.Due to GRAVITATIONAL FORCE I can rest my feet (TALAVE) on earth. On Moon no GRAVITATIONAL FORCE is present. so there I have to jump while walking. My speed of walking depends upon GRAVITATIONAL FORCE. Even though
I don’t know about GRAVITATIONAL FORCE, it is acting upon me and upon all those who don’t know about that. Similarly HIS POWER is acting upon me even though I have not realized that. But unless I know which force is acting upon me I can’t increase my speed. To drive a car one must be familiar to breaks and accelerator, otherwise accident may occur. Similarly like breaks and accelerator position in car while walking I should know where to give stress and where walk easily on ground. But I don’t want to know this relationship with mother.
When I sit listening KIRTAN, my mind is not involved in that. I think about other things that time. SAINT had very sweet speech and they never established Royalty for that. They only wanted to give all that they have received from HIM. They wanted to give but we are not ready to even accept that. Saints have realized happiness in becoming CHARAN DHUL (DUST OF HIS FEET) and becoming HIS PADTRAN. They tell us that dust particle means PRUTHVI TATAVA. I am a very tiny particle of PARAMATMA. HE IS ANSHI AND IAM HIS ANSH.
So HIS qualities should be present in me too. Like whether you take a gold piece or a golden ornament the qualities of gold are present in both cases, all atoms of every subject contains all its original qualities. The quality of earth is LOVE. I plough the field but the grain comes from earth. I keep my feet on her (actually I kick her) but she hold me firmly with LOVE. So this earth – MAHAMATA has all qualities LOVE, DAYA, KSHAMA, SEVA. I am her particle or smallest degree form but still I forgot all her qualities. If I want to become HER CHARANDHUL at least some qualities I should possess. I am not trying to gain those qualities. Don’t blame yourself for mistakes. Today I got information to remember HER. Till today I have forgotten all that. Even the wish of chanting HIS NAM arises in my mind is also by HIS GRACE only. With this new instinct of chanting HIS NAM I have to make progress to increase my speed. When I will go in any
direction, by any way HE is present there already before me. So why not to go by way where DEVOTION is there? See, Ravan and Bibhishan both went to RAM. But Ravan accepted RAM as enemy while Bibhishan accepted
RAM as a friend. RAM has arrived to kill Ravan. But HE never gave pain to Ravan. RAM has given SANMAN to Ravan. Next birth I have to take to correct mistakes I have done in this birth. Then why not in this present birth I should correct my mistakes?
If I advise a tiger come here and sit calmly. Don’t eat man or animals. Will it be worth? So no need of
advising in unwanted situations. I am not an animal. I have gifted with BUDHI, which is PRAGHYA. I want to improve myself. But why from tomorrow? Why not today?
Because tomorrow never comes to me.
  I never join my present tense with my good things. I make loss due to bad things i do. When I will
 become a small fraction of earth, I can become CHARAN DHUL and then only I will get place under HER FEET.
Beauty always satisfies Mind and the one, which attracts towards BUDHI is Real BEAUTY. Otherwise beauty which attracts me towards wild character (PASHUTA) is not real beauty. This is LOTUS beauty, which are LALITA’s FEET.
If I want to become PADTRAN then that is also made from a skin. Means I have to put my DEH (BODY+ MIND + BUDHI) while devotion. MANTRA means MANNAT TRAYATI ITI MANTRHA. Mantra protects me from worst things if I chant them. Similarly PADTRAN – PADAN TRAYATI ITI PADTRAN. Means it protects me. But not me , it protects my relationship with LALITA. Hence we praise GODDESS in DEVISUKTA –


  It is also called as TRAY PADANI means it protects your third feet. This is not visible as SHE comes and put in on my head and kills my all pride.
Remember, SHISHUPAL has counted last digits himself. He abused Krishna. and counted the numbers of his sins himself. For nondevotee (ABHAKT) last numbers he has to count himself, while for a devotee HE counts for you. HE counts one with your first mistake and excuses you. For second HE gives warning to you. For third HE gives little punishment. Thus HE tries to keep your count up to 10 numbers only. HE takes care that the count should not be increased after 10. Thus till the time I make attempts to improve me, HE helps me. No one wants that HIS CHAKRA should come and cut his head. IF I am a devotee, I should wish that HE would count my last numbers. When HE counts for me, HE gives me punishment when I have got ability to bear that
pain. In MAHABHARAT, we have seen ARJUN, BHEEM and other PANDAVAS have to face difficulties and had to stay in forest when they were strong and powerful to fight against difficulties. After wards they achieve victory and Dhrutrashtra lost all his 100 sons. He lost emperorship and then he had to face difficulties when he had become mentally, physically, financially weak. While that time Pandava were happy.
It is up to me whether I want to become Pandav or Dhrutrashtra. If I am doing good deeds I can become Pandav. If I am doing bad deeds I will become Dhrutrashtra.
If I want to become PADTRAN for LALITA’s feet. I have to protect this third feet. To become GOD’s or LALITA’s PADTRAN , I have to protect my BUDHI, which shows and guides me on way of DEVOTION, LOVE and SEVA.I should see that my Budhi should always control my mind. My body and mind should be controlled by BUDHI to go to LALITA. For that 3 ways are advised –
1.NAMJAP is YAGHYA only. (For Mumbai) At least 24
minutes in 24 hours I     should spent for NAMJAP.
2.DAAN means not offering money to a beggar. If you give Daan to wrong person (KUPATRI DAAN)  that will not increase your PUNYA. Offer your DAAN to those who are really helpless, needy and handicapped.
3. TAP doesn’t mean go to forest and chant HIS NAM.TAP means SEVA. Those  people who are facing problems due to their past (PRARBDHA) and helpless,you help them to solve their problem. If person is sick with incurable disease,don’t think that he is PAPI. He is  facing that due to his bad deeds. Then you will create PAP for you. Try to give comfort to him.
YAGHYA, DAN and TAP are three ways by which I can go nearer to HIM. When my body, Mind and Budhi will become One (EKRUP) then my DEH will become PADTRAN for HIM. Unless these three are together neither I can become HIS PADTRAN nor I can become HIS CHARANDHUL.
For this no need to perform POOJA or offer CHUNARI to Mother or travel to TIRTHKSHETRA.
What is importance of LALITA’s feet’s TALAVE?
  Because under those Talave ANANAT  KOTI BRAHMAND stays. Means whole world is there. SHE is the only one power  who controls world (VISHVA NIYAMAK SHAKTI).SHE is only power of HIM which makes all HIS GRACE to devotee. SHE is only power which brings up all living beings.(LALAN –PALAN SHAKTI).Where ever I see I will find HIM. If I am staying in a house and I say I have not seen its roof. This is impossible. Similarly I need Protection (CHAYA), which only SHE can give to me. Under HER FEET – under TALAVE my KALYAN is there.
SHE is PARAMSUKHDHAMA. To gain KALYANKARI SHAKTI, I should go to HER who is pure and delicate than Lotus flower. To achieve HER , first I should become pure.If I am impure I should concentrate at HER FACE, then whatever % of HER GRACE comes to me will make me pure. We all need joy and ANAND and only those get that who become HER PADTRAN or CHARANDHUL. So have desire to become PADTRAN or CHARANDHUL of BHAGVATI , LALITA MATA .
Don’t delay that for tomorrow , start from today itself.


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