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P.P. Sadguru Bapu's Pravachan on KAKA.


Date: Friday Oct 21, 2005

4 days ago, one divine soul passed away - leaving behind this materialistic world. It was father of SUCHIT DADA whom we used to call KAKA. The sorrow of his death is still there for his wife and his sons (SUCHIT DADA and SAMIR DADA) and his daughter. Though for KAKA it meant going from one room to another room. But apart from that an important thing is that he was not any saint. He was born as a common man but he was having great merits (PUNYA) of previous birth and great BHAKTI (BHAKTISHEEL).
In this birth his father gave him SAISACCHARIT (POTHI) at age of 12 years (i.e. when KAKA was 12 years old). First time he read POTHI and in the beginning he did not know any thing about PARAYAN (reading the whole SAISACCHARIT within either 7 days or 3 days as per chapters mentioned in SAISACCHARIT). He had seen that his father was doing PARAYAN. Then he read in SAISACCHARIT that 4 times in a year i.e. on occasion of RAMNAVAMI, GURUPOORNIMA, GOKULASHATAMI, and DASSERA one should do PARAYAN or SAPTAH (reading the whole SAISACCHARIT within 7 days).  From then on as 12 years old boy he started doing SAPTAH on these 4 occasions in a year for the last 60 years. He never missed the reading of SAISACCHARIT in 4 SAPTAH he used to do every year. Also he used to read one ADHYAY daily. Even while he used to do the SAPTAH, he continued to read one ADHYAY separately as his regular practice. He never had shortcuts for not reading one ADHYAY separately during SAPTAH and an important thing about this person is that there was no fear at all of any kind about death in his mind.

Once we were chatting in Happy Home and I (BAPU) asked KAKA –
BAPU: “KAKA, how are you feeling? How are you feeling now? (That time he was not keeping well.)
KAKA: No, since yesterday I am feeling much better. Earlier 2 days I had some trouble. But today I am feeling much better. He asked BAPU,” how many days more?”
BAPU : “why you want to know?”
KAKA: “No!, I don’t want to do any thing with that.”
BAPU- “ Do you want the period to be extended?
BAPU “Do you want the period to be shortened?”
BAPU: Then I asked him then why do you ask me?
He gave me very good answer. He kept his hand on my hand and told me that
KAKA: I have asked just for the reason because I don’t know whether I will be in my senses (consciousness) or not (unconsciousness) in the last moments. I am trying my level best to do as much NAMSMARAN as I can do. I have asked only for that purpose and not for any thing else.
BAPU: “How much number you want to complete?” Have you decided any number in your mind?
KAKA: “I have never counted, so I don’t know. I don’t know at all.”
BAPU: “Have you decided in your mind on which day you want to pass away or on which day you don’t want to pass away?”
KAKA: “That is not decided. I know only that the day will be impure for me on which day I will not remember HIM. You just see that it should not happen and that is sufficient for me.”
Last Friday he passed away and before 4-5 days of that we were talking and that time I told him that “KAKA, see now it has come closer.”
KAKA: It has come closer, it is good thing.
BAPU: “ PITURPAKSHA is coming in between , and if you pass away in PITRUPAKSHA then?”
KAKA: “what about PITRUPAKSHA? What to say? There are all PITRAS where I have to go away now. Then how will be PITRUPAKSHA there? How many things even You (BAPU) tell me then also I know that I have to go from one room to another room only and I know very well that what is there that another room. I don’t know how big will be that room and how beautiful will be that room. But I know that much that to pass away from this room to that room, MY BODY is the door! And that room is MY GOD’S (DEO”S) VILLAGE. If I know this thing 108% then why I should have fear? Why I should take tension and why I should worry?  I have fear that some times I can see HIM and some times I can’t see HIM. But when I have to live in HIS VILLAGE only then there is no problem at all.
BAPU said See the firmness he was having. He started to avoid meeting any one in his last days. He stopped talking to others.He just called NANDA (NANDAI) last Friday and slowly said there is one work.
NANDAI: “what is the work?”
KAKA: “ Will You tell BAPU?”
NANDAI: “ You tell HIM yourself.”
KAKA: “ NO, Please you only tell HIM.”
She (NANDAI) called ME downstairs and I went. There was Suchit Dada’s mother, SuchitDada & SamirDada.
He said, “I have just 2 wishes, not more at all.  In my last moments, my hand should be in NANDA’S hand. I may be in my consciousness or not, I do not know but that is my only wish. Second one I will ask later on. But I don’t know whether I should ask that today or not.”
BAPU : “What? If you tell us earlier it will be better.”
KAKA: “I will not tell the complete thing. I will tell little part. I feel now I should not listen to any voice other than PIPA’S voice. I will tell later on”
Then on Friday evening he told that he will feel better if he can listen one or two ABHANGA in PIPA DADA’S VOICE, just sitting directly in front of PIPA.
Then all people did SATSANG sitting in front of KAKA. They sang KAKA’S favorite AARTI of SAIBABA, SHIRDI MAZHE PANDHARPUR and many other ABHANGA.
All people saw that night what is ANAND? He totally knew that hardly few hours of his life was remaining! I had clearly told him that the balance of days in his account (for life) was nil! Now only a few hours were left in his account.
BAPU said think what will be the situation or condition of that man to whom such thing is told. But here there was no disturbance at all. There was QUITENESS, PEACE and HAPPINESS. The SATSANGA ended very beautifully. After that he had calmed down much more. Then on TUESDAY evening he asked me,” will you please send PIPA downstairs?’
BAPU: “For what reason?” 
KAKA: “ I want to listen 32 ADHYAY of  SAISACHARIT from PIPA’S mouth and I also want to listen whatever 4 words He will tell me on that and I want to do NAMSMARAN with HIM.”
PIPA went downstairs between 11.30 and 11.45 PM . PIPA was reading 32 ADHYAY of SAISACCHARIT and BAPU said remember that 32 ADHYAY was by heart to KAKA and so he was also saying with Him. Both of them never knew when the ADHYAY got over and then NAMSMARAN was started and then he slept away when NAMSMARAN was going on. He slept that time and then he never woke up. i.e he was medically unconscious. He was continuously murmuring and in between suppose NANDA entered once amongst all people, or She spoke any word or She coughed a while then also A SMILE used to appear on his face even in unconsciousness state and a little movement/attempt was tried for opening eyes. The happiness used to spread on his face when NANDA’S hand used to rest on his hand. Then Aai (SUCHIT DADA’S MOTHER) was thinking that probably KAKA might get THURSDAY. She was also very calm. She has seen her husband’s journey. But SATYA was beyond imagination good and bad both. His penance (TAPASCHARYA) of reading 53 rd ADHYAY on RAMNANVAMI, GURUPOORNIMA, GOKULASHATAMI, & DASSERA was continued for last 60 years. He used to take half day leave usually on GOKULASHATAMI and used to come at home and used to sit to read 53 rd Adhyay exactly at 3.00 p.m. and used to finish the Adhyay between 3.15 to 3.30 p.m.
Similarly on this GOKULASHTAMI exactly at 03.20 p.m. he closed his GRANTHA of LIFE.
One common man! He had never earned any SIDDHIS. But BAPU said how beautiful it is tell me that he quietly closed his own LIFE’S GRANTHA on the same time on the day of GOKULASHTAMI, at which time he used to complete his SAPTAH of GRANTHA SAISACCHARIT for last 60 years based on his own SHRADDHA (FAITH), TRUST (VISHWAS) and BHAKTEE. BAPU said tell me how beautiful it is that how much beautiful one common man can also make his own life. He was completely satisfied (TRUPT) and he doesn’t have any dissatisfaction with him. Not at all bored with his life. BAPU said RAJANO! I want to tell you one thing that see how one common Jeeva also has escaped from all PRARBDHA (DESTINY). BAPU said you see his 2 sons (SUCHITDADA and SAMIR DADA) and their devotion (BHAKTI ) and their SEVA too. That place must be so PURE where these 2 children have taken birth. He has not kept even the time when he has to pass away in hands of that YAMDOOTA on basis of his BHAKTI. They have to take him on the same time, the time, which was made PURE and made SIDDHA by himself only during not only one or 2 years but last 60 years. BAPU said remember I will tell you why on same time and why on GOKULASHTAMI only!  Why not on RAMNAVAMI, GURUPOORNIMA and DASSERA?
KAKA had suffered a lot to problem of ULCER at age of 36 years. He had suffered with severe stomach ache. Those days medicines like today were not available. He was admitted to DADAR NURSING HOME, when GOKULASHTAMI had come closer. But still he had started the SAPTAH which he used to start before 7 days of GOKULASHTAMI and on third day he had to be admitted due to severe stomach ach to the hospital. But he continued reading SAISACCHARIT in hospital too. He used to halt when he had to face strong pains, he used to lie down and face pains and after feeling little better he used to continue reading again. He read same nos. of Adhyay as his usual practice even then. There was no rule that you have to read same nos. of Adhyay, but he had made that rule for himself, which was SHRESTHA for him. On the day of GOKULASHTAMI he was going to read the 53rd Adhyay as per his usual practice on his usual time, but suddenly due to some reasons doctors came in before 5.00 p.m. and it was decided to take him to Operation Theatre. He has taken GRANTHA in his hands to read but if SCOPY was done then he could not read till the night. He joined his both hands in prayer to his SAINATH calmly and said BABA, if you do not wish that SAPTAH should be completed then who will cross you? Your wish is PRAMAN for me. This means that I must have some PRIDE or EGO that how daily I am completing the POTHI or how carefully I fulfill the NIYAM. So DEVA (HEY GOD) are you angry with me and hence you have not allowed me to complete my POTHI. He joined his hands and prayed to SAINATH and slept on the stretcher. The lights went off on the moment the stretcher had to enter Operation theatre. It was observed that the light of only 2 floors of that building went off and message was received that minimum 3 hours light would not come back. KAKA saw the watch it was exact 3.00 p.m. KAKA realized coolly that MY SAIBABA has listened my CALL (HAaK) and immediately he started reading the 53 rd ADHYAY. The moment he started reading the ADHYAY, a strong stomach ache began and AAI (Suchit Dada’s mother) was asking him to read later on. BABA will not be angry with you. But he was pleading to her that No, let me read. I will read, but please don’t call doctors now, otherwise they will keep aside my BOOK. He kept POTHI in his hands and pressed pillow on his stomach where it was paining and while reading POTHI, pains also stopped and exactly at 3.20 p.m. the Adhyay was finished after reading. After that he never faced problem of stomach ache. No operation , no Scopy had to be performed. That was GOKULASHTAMI! That became his ENTRANCE SHEET! So he gained/ achieved the MUHURT of GOKULASHTAMI.
BAPU said RAJANO! These are the things which should not be given away after listening. We hear big stories of Saints and what we say is that we should do Namaskar to them. They are Saints like TUKARAM MAHARAJ, DYANESHWAR MAHARAJ. We can’t be like them. BAPU said but see at least we can do like this common man. We must do as we can. Today also we must do.
KAKA’S father had given him a Photo of BABA , which was given by some one which was taken when BABA was alive. KAKA kept that PHOTO exactly in front of that place where he used to sleep. Every night before closing the switch of the lamp , he used to store the BABA’S PHOTO as much possible for him in his eyes and then used to switch off the lamp and sleep. When he asked to bring that Photo from Thane, AAI realized that now very less time is left. But KAKA was very pleased when that PHOTO came. He knew all things. But that was the PHOTO, which his father had given to him and that was the greatest gift for him as that put him in SAIBHAKTI by his father. My father put me into SAIBHATI and he gave me SAIGRANTHA. How beautiful thing! He used to store the CHARAN (feet) of SAIBABA in his eyes. BAPU said I have seen the JOY on his face when those CHARAN were brought for him and kept in front of his eyes.
After KAKA passed away, we were sitting Myself, NANDA, SUCHITDADA, SAMIRDADA and their mother. AAI told them that how big gift their father had given him. SUCHIT DADA told that his father (KAKA) had given him BABA”S POTHI at 12 years only. Then SAMIRDADA told DADA! KAKA had given you only one thing. But KAKA had given me 2 things. That means he gave me one more thing. One thing is POTHI and other thing is that he told me to follow one NIYAM that never cross DADA’S words. DADA, you have not got this thing, only I have got. I am more fortunate than you. And I decided that forever I will not go beyond YOUR WORDS DADA and so DADA I gained my KALYAN and that was given by KAKA. DADA I have gained more than you.
BAPU said see the feelings of the children it is same as their father’s feeling.
We should also dedicate our same feeling to the CHARAN of PARMESHWAR. There is no need to do things like the great SAINTS but like this small man we can do small things but see how beautiful they are.
BAPU said REMEMBER that this is real SATSANG to remember these things, to remember them always in mind and to do such things in our life as much as possible. BAPU said those who have seen know that there was SMILE on KAKA’S FACE. His both hands were empty, otherwise normally the hands of the dead body are tightened. His hands were empty as he does not want to carry any thing with him. We have to learn the lesson that a common man also can make his life after doing a officer’s job in a bank and after doing SANSAR with his 2 children, properly looking after them. There is no need to run away or give away SANSAR to do PARMARTH (SPIRITUALISM). SWAMI SAMARTHA has told us that we can do ADHYATMA very well even remaining in PRAPANCH (the materialistic world).Otherwise we will learn to do proper PRAPANCH from ADHYATMA.
KAKA was happy till his last moment and we should also learn to remain happy till last moment of our life. But for that we have to strengthen our relationship with the ORIGINAL SWAROOPA, ANAND SWAROOPA and SATYA SWAROOPA. However , we may be lame, or deaf or blind it does not matter. We may be very sinful or the most sinful (GHORATALE GHOR PAPI) then also it will not matter. But till the moment we love HIM, we fight to work hard, we should not have any kind of fear about any thing and we should understand this thing. That’s why the festival of GANAPATI is not for the mourning for KAKA. It is unavoidable part of ANAND YATRA of one PURE SOUL. We must learn this thing.
When I talked about RAMNAM BANK with KAKA, he asked me that when he will write then? That time it was not possible for him to write with the hands.
BAPU: “KAKA, HANUMANTA has not written in the notebooks.
KAKA said,” very correct! HANUMANTA has written on the PASHAN (THE STONE) and we are in the worst position than those bricks because those PASHAN (BRICKS or STONES) were of greatest quality than us because HANUMANTA has held them in His hands. BAPU said see what is the feeling!
BAPU said really HANUMANTA has written RAMNAM on KAKA’S heart. But his BHAV was so pure that the PASHAN was so great that HANUMANTA has touched them was so great. BAPU told KAKA used to go to SHIRDI till the year 1978 regularly.
After that he reduced the visits as he realized SOME THINGS. But during his visits to SHIRDI , he used to pull his ears and slap his cheeks before entering SHIRDI and while leaving SHIRDI because I am walking on the PURE EARTH, those roads, those stones where my BABA had walked. I have to touch with my feet otherwise I can’t see the holy place of BABA, but how I should touch that holy place with my feet? So he used to pull his ears and slap himself in the cheeks. See this PURE BHOLA BHAV (INNOCENT FEELING) is very essential. RAJANO even if you read the great big GRANTHA, they will be of no use to you. It does not matter how much I have educated. Remember that it is very important that how much beautiful SANSKAR I have made and it is important to be SUSANSKRUT (well cultured or well mannered) than educated and that’s what I feel is very important. I should understand that however big degrees I earn, however big respects I earn, my happiness is not dependent on that. The entire UNIVERSE will be on your side but if HE is not with you then every thing is of ZERO VALUE (VIPHAL) at that moment.
KAKA asked me (BAPU) what I should read?
BAPU told him to read 11 th ADHYA of SAISACCHARIT. It is very beautiful ADHYAY.
KAKA asked Him tell me why it is beautiful?
BAPU: KAKA you know by heart that ADHYAY.
KAKA said no but I want to listen from you.
So we both (SAKSHAT BAPU and KAKA) read 11 th ADHYAY. When PHALSHRUTI started from
last 9-10 OVIS i.e. from OVI 150
There after 11 th ADHYAY became every thing (SARVASVA) for KAKA and he never asked how to read.


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