Wednesday, May 16, 2012


       OM VARDHANA, OM VARDHANAY NAMAHA, My obeisance to that MAHAVISHNU who makes growth /increment. HE makes increment, HE makes development, HE makes growth, HE makes many things from one thing, HE makes TINY things as SOLID things, HE makes small as GREAT and I bow in reverence to such MAHAVISHNU who makes VARDHAN (GROWTH).  
          Every thing in this UNIVERSE is increasing and while increasing it is also decreasing. BAPU( Dr Aniruddha Joshi)  said now question may come to our minds that BAPU is telling some thing uncertain, how these two things increasing any thing and decreasing the same thing can be simultaneous?
BAPU explained that See man is of 25 years, and when he becomes of 30 years, his age has increased. But his life has decreased. If his life span is of 80 years then when he becomes 30 years from 25 years means his age has increased. But his life time has increased. These are 2 sides of the same coin- small and great, to increase and to decrease or to reduce, these 2 things are occurred at same time. We can’t get any more beautiful example then this. So we should understand that when a thing is increasing means simultaneously that thing is also decreasing and when we don’t understand this fact then we face the problem.
            BAPU said that it is common thing that man’s fame starts increasing , his respect in society starts increasing, and the moment his respect, honor in society increases his endurance (patience/tolerance) starts decreasing.100 men are listening to me so if one man doesn’t listen then it doesn’t matter or from that (CHARACTER of )“ HITLER” stands. That means as my RESPECT increases; by the same amount my RESPECT also starts decreasing because as my RESPECT increases, my ENDURANCE (SAHISHNUTA) starts decreasing, my sagaciousness (understanding power) reduces and when sagaciousness decreases, then automatically my RESPECT also starts decreasing.
          Here we will take a simple physical example that there are 1000 families in village. In those 1000 families we will let us accept that 2 men are standing for an election of SARPANCHA. Out of that 900 families are giving respect to one man. First time suppose 500 families only giving respect to him. Slowly his vote bank goes on increasing. Instead of 500, out of 1000 families now 900 families are supporting him, now his support has increased, but now his opposition has decreased. Definitely opposition has reduced. But BAPU said what I want to tell here is that his support has increased but simultaneously the capacity of getting more support has reduced. Now how many men have left in that village? Only 100 men have left in that village. Now there can not be increasing support for him but there can be increasing OPPOSITION for him as that is less now. That means now OPPOSITION has reduced and simultaneously with that chances of increasing OPPOSITION has increased. His SUPPORT has increased and simultaneously chances of getting SUPPORT have reduced. We should understand this thing neatly in every thing of the life. Then we will understand that how exactly ACTION AND REACTION ARE EQUAL AND OPPOSITE? That is not only for the CHEMICAL PROCESS; not only for PHYSICAL but also for my own personal life we should make the principle ACTION AND REACTION ARE EQUAL AND OPPOSITE perfect. And that’s why we are always told that “UTU NAKO, MAATU NAAAKO, GHETALA VAASAA TAKU NAKO”. That means when I get any good thing, I get wealth, I get FAME, I get BIG DEGREE, that moment I should know that there is some seed hidden in all these things, for reducing all these things and the same is called as PARMESHWARA’S BALANCING POWER, which is balancing SHAAKTI (POWER).
          Suppose one man’s JOINT is paining then what will we say? We will tell him that if you’re JOINT is paining then warm/foment with hot water. Otherwise when our waist is paining then we take hot water bag for warming. But if some one considers meaning of this that warming with hot water means one should sleep under HEATER and some one will start BOILER’S BOILING WATER on his back then what will happen? Instead of his BACK getting cured, there will be big boils on his back. What we should do here? Hot water is required but how much hot? We should take that much hot water which we can bear and which will not cause any damage to us. Otherwise “ATI TETHE MATI” (EXTREMES ARE ABORTIVE). “ATI SARVATRA VYARJAYE” means BALANCING means MARYADA – LIMITAATIONS. Here when we cross the specific LIMITATIONS of being BETTER then my loss starts instead of my benefits. The HEAT is same, which is going to cure my paining back, which is going to reduce my pains; the SAME HEAT creates new PAIN for me.
          Now suppose there is hot summer in MUMBAI and some one says that how hot it is and he is not feeling good in AIR CONDITION, so he will sit in the MORGUE where dead bodies are preserved because there is chilled room. What will happen to that man? That man will turn to a dead body. COOLING is required but how much that should be? That should not be that much required for a dead body. Cooling should be that much which will be essential for living human being. HEAT is also required for man, but how much it should be? That should not be that much which is used for burning a dead man’s body. But it should be that much required for living human being’s body. Cooling is required but only that much required for living body and not that much which is used for preserving dead bodies. That is not COOLING. Then I will understand that there may be HEAT or COOLING, only that much is required which is essential for keeping my body live and that don’t take my body to deadness or which can be bared by my living body. That means only that much HEAT or COOLING is my SPECTRUM and that is called as MARYADA (LIMITATION).I have to accept any thing up to that much level only which my PRAN can bear and my LIVELYNESS, CHAITANYA will remain in LIMITATIONS and they will not exceed.     
          BAPU said that people may ask HIM that if they decide to earn PUNYA then do they put limitation to PUNYA also. Many people tell us that don’t run behind GOD and devotion for more time, then BAPU do we put limitation (MARYADA) like this for DEVOTION and PUNYA too? BAPU replied that No, RAJANO! There is no need of putting LIMITATION to that, why? This is because we are already behaving without LIMITATONS, there are indefinite (without limitations) mistakes done by us and they are done knowingly or unknowingly. We do not have any information regarding them. BAPU told that many people come to meet HIM. They tell BAPU that they hadn’t committed any SIN. They had not done any mistake and yet why there is trouble in their fate? BAPUI asked that BABANO! How many times you have censured/reviled/criticized other people? How many times you have heard criticism/slander of other people? That is the SIN you have gathered. If criticism you are doing is not true then 100 % SIN is accounted for you. If that criticism is true but you are criticizing without any reason then also 50 % SIN is accounted. Even if you don’t criticize but you simply hear criticism then also 100 % SIN is accounted. BAPU said tell HIM that how much SIN we are accounting (in this way) through out a day? When 2 men come together, during their conversation 70 % talking, BAPU again stressed that HE means at least 70 %, otherwise 100 % really are of some people. These persons may be women in the building or from chawl or from slums or from office or women from Tea-party. They can be clerks working in the office, workers or big solicitors or advocates, or doctors. BAPU specified that HE is telling sincerely that men are not at all less in this fact than women when we get together. HE said that there is big misunderstanding that when men are collected together they never criticize each other. BAPU said that men also equally criticize. BAPU said go in any office canteen, reviling/criticizing at one’s heart’s content is going on. Husbands criticize their wives and the only difference is that wives criticize some one else. But SINS are alive due to all those CRITICISM we are doing. And along with them we never look after our responsibility neatly and hence these SINS go on collecting in our Destiny. 
           Many SINS in this INDIA has to be answered. This INDIA has to answer for very huge SINS. The question always rises in our minds that why INDIA is so poor? In spite of this great SPIRITUALISM, why INDIA is so poor? It is because INDIA had given ill treatment to lakh of untouchable, crores of untouchable people worst than even animal and not for 1or 2 years but for thousands of years. That SIN is accounted on the heads of every individual of us. This INDIA had burnt Lakh women alive. Hardly 1% of them were going to SATI by their own wish. BAPU said you just read those descriptions. 12 years girls were burnt (by people). BAPU asked that tell ME whether they were burnt by their own wish? The dead body of husband used to put on a funeral pile and a bamboo used to be dig at the centre of that funeral pile. On this bamboo that woman/girl used to be tied and then fire used to be burn. Before that they used to feed AFOO to that woman/girl and after putting on fire all people used to circle that funeral pile holding bamboo in hands so that if that woman /girl tries to come out, they used to push her inside the fire again. BAPU asked the question tell HIM that had not these women/girls abused HINDU DHARMA? BAPU replied that YES! They had abused surely, 108 % they had abused. BAPU said just think 1% of that your real son comes dancing and burns you on a single spot, with an AGARBATTI then what will you do? You will surely hit him hard on the temples. Just one scorching of AGARBATTI and we bit one hard on his temples. BAPU asked then would not have those lakh women abused or cursed for years that had been burnt? Yes, they have surely abused.
First we should understand that these ABUSES are obstructing/impeding INDIA. We say that son gets estate /property of his father. Similarly son has to repay debt of his father. Son can’t say that his father had taken loan on the house and now he went off so one should go to him for asking to repay debt. It will not do. A court can sent him to jail. Similarly remember that as GAYATRI MANTRA, RAMRAKSHA (a eulogistic hymn in praise of RAMA), and GHORAKASHTODDHARAN STOTRA are our property given by our ancestors, the SINS made by our ancestors also make DEBT on our heads. Why there is gradual decline or deterioration of INDIA? It is because INDIA had killed lakh women by burning them and lakh women were made widow and cutting their hair, they were made to toil hard like free servants in the house. They were indefinitely harassed/outraged and they were sent to distressful life. We must neatly understand that INDIA is suffering that’s why.
   A question always arises in our minds that why INDIA is unfortunate though so many SAINTS had come in INDIA? So many SAINTS came in INDIA means there is essentiality of these many SAINTS in INDIA. BAPU said 100 % I don’t want to say that other COUNTRIES are DIVINE or HOLY, but I have to speak about INDIA only. I don’t like to make comparison with any one else. I will speak about MYSELF. First I will talk about my MOTHERLAND. BAPU said SWATACHYA DOLYATIL KUSAL AADHI BAGHA AANI MAG DUSARYACHYA DOLYATIL MOOSAL BAGHA. We should neatly understand that harassment done by INDIA had come as CURSES for INDIA and HINDU DHARMA. If we want to get rid off these CURSES then we should sincerely do good things. So we have to gather INDEFINITE PUNYA. So we have to do INDEFINITE DEVOTION (BHAKTI). So we should not put any limitation for any of these things. Otherwise AMRYADA (NO LIMITATION) is the only MARYADA (LIMITATION). INDEFINITE DEVOTION is the only LIMITATION of DEVOTION. I should understand that AMARYADA is the only MARYADA for PUNYA and GOOD DEEDS (SATKAMA). Remember a simple thing 100 % that however may be OXYGEN in my surrounding, my body takes only that much OXYGEN which is essential. It does not take extra OXYGEN.I should understand this ACT OF PARMESHWARA that my body only takes that much OXYGEN which is essential for my body and the filth/dirt is thrown out of my body as much amount it should be thrown out. This structure PARMESHWARA has made inside our body only. So HE must have applied the same in my life too. But still I become tired, while leaving in life. Whatever life I am living during that I become tired or exhausted. That means OXYGEN is not coming inside in proper quantity as it is required. I must understand this thing neatly that I must take maximum of OXYGEN inside and so I should do more and more DEVOTION. So for gaining more and more PUNYAKARMA I should do SEVAKARMA (SERVICE).
          So this MAHAVISHNU who is doing this increase (VARDHAN) has incarnated all incarnations to increase HIM. HE has given birth to SAINTS and SPIRITUALISM is really SUBSTANTIAL in this INDIAN LAND. As I am telling bad side of INDIA, there is also good side of INDIA. Very beautiful SPIRITUALISM, Very beautiful BHAKTI (DEVOTION), Very beautiful nature of LOVE, Very beautiful ART, and then it may be DANCE ART or PLAY ART or MUSIC ART or PAINTING ART or SCULPTURE ART. Today also our CAVES are famous worldwide. These beautiful things are preserved b y INDIA. We have the GREAT GRANTHA like AURVEDA. We have PHILOSOPHY of 4 VEDANTA and UPNISHADA. All these things are in the same soil. But remember that fertile land gives birth to good crops as well as bad crops too. If we sow rice in fertile soil, rice will come in abundant quantity. But in the same fertile soil if we sow dried hemp (GANJA) then that HEMP will also grow in abundant quality. The soil is fertile. PARMESHWAR sends these SAINTS to throw out that HEMP (GANJA) from our fertile soil so that better crop can come. Thus those SAINTS’S take care that undue benefits should not be taken of fertile soil. And hence PARMESHWAR increases these SATVA GUNAS. Which things do PARMESHWAR increase? I should understand that PARMESHWAR increases SATVIK GUNAS.  
Then here question will come to our mind that BAPU just now you told that so will TAMOGUN increase in the same quantity as SATVA GUNA has increased? Has bad quality or GUNA increased? Has SATVAGUNA decreased/reduced in the same quantity? No, SATVA GUNA is supposed to be CHARAN (FEET) of PARMESHWARA. PARMESHWAR is INDEFINITE so SATVA GUNA is also INDEFINITE. So it is better that the amount /quantity of SATVA GUNA increases more and more and for what this PARMATMA is behind us? HE is behind us so that SATVA GUNA should be grown up or increased in our life. But what is basic in this WORLD? 3 GUNAS are the basic of the world. SATVA GUNA, RAJO GUNA and TAMO GUNA. What are the qualities of SATVA GUNA? What happens with the growth of SATVA GUNA? With the growth of SATVA GUNA-
1.     I realize/understand the SATYA.
2.     My power of gaining knowledge (DYAN) increases.
4.     My STRENGTH of 4 types means PHYSICAL, MENTAL, INTELLECTUAL, and PRANIK STRENGTH increases.
5.     I get sound sleep and less sleep is sufficient for me.
6.     SORROW Dreams do not appear in my sleep and bad and dirty dreams also don’t appear.
But some people always ask BAPU that why they get dreams. If we wake up during dream and receive a phone call and then suppose again we sleep then that last dream again continues. During nights dreams come and they also come during day.
7.     Due to SATVA GUNA’S growth these all our disorders disappear/vanish.
8.     Due to SATVA GUNA’S growth our RESISTIVE POWER towards disease increases.
9.     Due to SATVA GUNA’S growth DHARMA, ARTHA, and KAM all these 3 PURUSHARTHA become strong.
This is growth of SATVA GUNA. Remember how much important is this SATVA GUNA for us.

1.     Due to RAJO GUNA ACTIVENESS comes. But due to ACTIVENESS of RAJO GUNA there are chances of unbalancing.
2.     One can understand what is good and what is bad due to RAJO GUNA. But still the tendency of connivance (neglecting) towards good things increases.
3.     One can realize what DHARMA is and what ADHARMA is. But interest of ADHARMA increases and simultaneously bad feeling of ADHARMA also increases.
How is RAJO GUNA’S quality (PRAVRUTTI)? RAJO GUNA’S quality is ACTIVENESS. One moment this side and another moment that side, so I understand what DHARMA is and what ADHARMA is. 
4.     But there is tendency of RAJO GUNA to fall a victim to MOHA (fascination/attraction).

1.     There ADHARMA is considered or supposed as DHARMA.
We don’t feel that we should go for work, but we feel that instead of 6 hours we will sleep for 10 hours and in afternoon also we will sleep for 2 hours. It does not matter even if we eat whatever and where ever and how ever. I have appetite of eating 2 CHAPPATIS but I will eat 6 CHAPPATIS. I have appetite of eating 10 LADDO but I will eat 26 LADDO. Whatever I want I will steal away that thing from the man in front of me. That person is not giving me respect so I should eradicate him only. There is kingdom of DARKNESS.
What happens due to growth of TAMO GUNA?
1.     ADHARMA is considered as DHJARMA. The realization of      DHARMA itself vanishes. DHARMA’S REALIZATION vanishes means not only MIND’S REALIZATION vanishes but REALIZATION of BODY’S DHARMA also starts vanishing. So all people of TAMOGUNA are UNSTABLE (CHANCHAL).
2.     If one thought comes in their mind then in other moment there will be another thought .Suppose one takes a decision then he himself will start having doubt about his decision
3.     The moment this man does some resolve /determination (SANKALPA), an alternative option /a suspicion (VIKALPA) also rises in the same mind.
4.     When a person of TAMO GUNA sits for meditation then hardly he can concentrate for one timeout of 108 times of JAP, even if he decides to concentrate in JAP his mind wanders at some other places. We all may have experience this thing that means there is predominance/superiority of TAMO GUNA in us. So our health is also not that good.
SATVA GUNA’S main important predominance of all is your very well grace or excellence of body (SHARIRSOUSHTHAVA). We get strong body, painstaking body, stout or robust body all these things due to SATVA GUNA that means SATVA GUNA also has strength /power to give the superior or the PREEMINENT things of worldly matters. This MAHAVISHNU is VARDHAN. Which VARDHAN HE is? HE is SATYAVARDHAN. VARDHAN (INCREASE) is possible due to SATVAGUNA only. No other thing can make VARDHAN. Due to RAJOGUNA creation can be done but VARDHAN is not possible. SATVA GUNA does VARDHAN, RAJOGUNA does creation and TAMOGUNA does DESTRUCTION. Why our all resolves/determinations are destroyed? All our resolves/determinations are destroyed because of AUGMENTATION /GROWTH of TAMOGUNA. PARMATMA doesn’t do AUGMENTATION of TAMOGUNA. Then we said MAYA does this AUGMENTATION. Remember that MAYA doesn’t do this AUGMENTATION. What is MAYA? MAYA means the distance at which I am standing far away from PARMESHWAR. As this distance is long that becomes MAYA means ILLUSION (AVIDYA). Remember that SHUDDHAVIDYA is the distance how much I am close/nearer to my PARMATMA, which means AADIMAYA. “PIPA” gave us this definition. What is meaning of MAYA? What is definition of MAYA? MOHMAYA means the distance I am gar from my PARMATMA (GOD) and that is “MAYA” And SHUDDHAVIDYA is the distance I am close to my PARMATMA. How beautiful is this definition? That means I will understand that what things MAYA doesn’t do! Whatever things we do and according to them how close we are to our PARMATMA and how far we are from our PARMATMA and when we realize this thing, we know that MAYA has not created man. Remember that man has created MAYA. Hence it is clearly mentioned in “YOGVASHISTHA” how long is the region of MAYA? It is up to the man’s MIND. The root cause is of MAYA is in human mind only. The human’s empire is in his mind only. There is no place for that outside. We only create this MOHMAYA. She doesn’t at all knock down us. AADIMAYA is the one who is DEVOTION of PARMESHWARA. SHE is SHUDDHA VIDYA, who does AUGMENTATION of our SATVAGUNA. That means this MAHAVISHNU is VARDHAN. Other than SATVAGUNA the VARDHAN quality is not possible to others. VARDHAN is not done by RAJO GUNA. VARDHAN is not done by TAMO GUNA. VARDHAN is only done by SATVAGUNA. That means what it means that PARMATMA does VARDHAN? HE makes VARDHAN of SATVA GUNA.
          BAPU said then you may ask that BAPU, how you said earlier that TAMO GUNA’S VARDHAN is done? There is growth of TAMO GUNA. There is difference in two words VARDHAN and GROWTH. Suppose two men’s weight is 80 kilogram and both go to doctor. Both has same height 5’ 11”. But doctor asks one man to reduce his weight and he tells other man that every thing is fine. Why doctor does this? Has one man given 4 AANE to tell the same thing to him and Doctor should permit him to eat any thing? No, one man’s body is muscular or strongly twisted. He has gained this weight by doing exercise while other man has collected fat on his body. One who has gained body by doing exercise means his body is VARDHAN which gives power /strength to the body, while other has only eaten food without doing exercise, so his body is having WEIGHT which is going to reduce strength of the body and going to increase the load/burden of the body. The one who has muscular body has the weight of muscles and he feels his body is light. BAPU said the one who has not muscular body and only has heaps of fats will feel his body heavy, isn’t it? The less powerful muscles should bear more weight that means there is GROWTH. I should know that it has not become only VARDHAN. What do you mean by FAT? FAT means TAMO GUNA. Remember that FAT means TAMO GUNA. FAT increases on body means it has TAMO GUNA. That does not mean that lean people should think that they don’t have FAT. This has become only one quality. Otherwise tomorrow lean people will tell fat people that lean people are SATVAGUNI and fat people are TAMOGUNI. No, not at all because SATVAGUNI man is also fat, but he is strong. Remember this difference in both of them. RAJOGUNI man is lean. Remember that only RAJOGUNI man is very lean but SATVAGUNI man is fat too. TAMOGUNI is also fat but SATVAGUNI is fat means he does not have feeble/weak body and he has strong muscular body. TAMOGUNI man has feeble, fat body. We say his body is invitation to diseases. So here we will understand that how much SATVA GUNA is essential in our life as well as in worldly matters/life and this MAHAVISHNU is doing VARDHAN of SATVA GUNA.
          BAPU how does HE do VARDHAN of SATVA GUNA in our life? We Indians feel that “MAHAMRUTUNJAY MANTRA” is very close to us. When some one is sick, priest tell us that do JAP of MAHAMRUTUNJAY MANTRA and we feel little better and we see o.k. now the JAP of  MAHAMRUTUNJAY MANTRA  is over now. That means what that male buffalo (DEATH) does not reach to us. Even if he comes BHAGVAN SHIVA will oppose him. But who know meaning of this? Today’s BRAHMINS don’t know its meaning. Then how we host will know? There are 2 beautiful words in it. SUGANDHIT PUSHTHIVARDHAN – this is description of PARMATMA. This is description of that PARMESHWARA- SUGANDHIT PUSHTHIVARDHAN. PUSHTHIVARDHAN means the one who does VARDHAN of SATVA GUNA. Who is PARAMSHIVA? Who is MAHAVISHNU? There is no difference at all in them. Both are the same. But how HE is PUSHTHIVARDHAN? HE is SUGANDHIT PUSHTHIVARDHAN. What we will think that it may be scanted/fragrant. I should know that RISHI of RIGVEDA will not do such additional (PHALATU) description. What doe mean by SUGANDHIT? Where SUGANDH (FRAGRANCE) does is created in this world? Fragrance is created in the flower. The fragrance comes out only   when bud blossoms into a flower. But when it completely blossoms into flower, fragrance automatically starts reducing. That means action of fragrance SUGANDH, action of blossoming; action of developing and action of VARDHAN all are simultaneous. How is this PARMATMA PUSHTHIVARDHAN? HE is the one who blossoms your flower.
I should understand that HE is the one who blossoms my flower and hence it should be offered to HIM only. We are not the one who blossom our flowers. The bud does not have its own strength to blossom it into flower. We should understand that it is the strength of TOUCH of those SUNRAYS. That means who is the one who blossoms our life’s flower? HE is the VISHNU and HE is SUGANDHIT PUSHTHIVARDHAN means HE is doing VARDHAN of SATVA GUNA. That means how PARMESHWAR does VARDHAN of SATVA GUNA? That VARDHAN is SUGANDHIT….. by making our life’s bud blossom. What is this bud? This bud means the flower in sleeping stage? Whatever GOOD SEEDS OF SATVA GUNA are in us are in state of bud and they are in not blossomed condition, they are in not fully developed or immature state. MAHAVISHNU works to blossom them. BAPU what does it mean? BAPU how will we know that which buds are with us? Which buds are in our MIND and which seeds are in our brain? Then what does HE does when HE blossoms those buds? How that fragrance comes to us? Many things have been told for these questions in UPNISHADA. How this PARMATMA blossoms buds of SATVA GUNA in us? That PARMATMA tries to blossom thrice every day these SEEDS OF SATVA GUNA in us. Here this is poetic imagination but it is beautiful. This thing is told by imagination of poet to explain. But remember that the ORIGINAL SATYA is not imagination of POET.
          PARMATMA exhales in this bud. See, what will we do, if we want to blossom the bud of Lotus? We will breathe out in the bud. Remember that if we hold it with finger and pull to open that bud, then the flower may get torn. We try to blossom that bud by blowing with the mouth. Here the action is used when PARMATMA blows out or exhales in the bud of SATVA GUNA, for blossoming that bud into LOTUS. When HE tries to blossom that flower? HE tries thrice in a day. One is at SUN RISE time, one is at mid afternoon and one is at evening time. Hence TRISANDHYA (SANDHYA done at 3 times) is asked in India. PARMESHWARA’S NAMSMARAN should be done at least in these 3 times. There is no need to sprinkle water by closing your eyes called as SANDHYA during these 3 times. But at least I should do PARMESHWARA’S SMARAN because during these 3 times only PARMESHWARA is trying to do AUGMENTATION of SATVA GUNA in my mind. How is HE doing AUGMENTATION of SATVA GUNA? That means HE is making SATVIK INSPIRATIONS active/alive within me. BAPU have we ever experienced this?  BAPU said surely you have experienced.
BAPU said think that I have sent you to KAHMIR otherwise you have gone to KASHMIR with your own money; let us say any thing but you have gone. There are all beautiful beds of roses blossomed but you have severe cough then can you smell that fragrance of roses? The smell will not reach to you. Your nose may be o.k. but your mind is filled with fear that any time terrorist will come and shoot …. Then even if you wander in that garden smelling those roses, you will see guns there as if they are pointing towards you from the peaks of plants. Can you smell? BAPU said if I am standing behind you with a pointed knife and I ask you to walk quietly smelling those roses, then can you smell? You can not have smell. That means it is not sufficient that to have smell only but there should be my capacity to accept it. When PARMESHWAR blossoms these buds of SATVA GUNA, there should be my capacity to accept that smell. That means what this PARMATMA does at these 3 times? However by collecting TAMOGUNA I am trying to cover SATVA GUNA completely or I put too many covers of TAMOGUNA then also at these 3 times PARMATMA tries to open a little cover on the SATVAGUNA. If we easily do SMARAN of PARMATMA, these 3 times then more progress of our SATVA GUNA can be made. That means how our capacity of accepting SATVA GUNA increases? This capacity increases due to PARMESHWARA’S NAMSMARAN. We will increase our capacity of accepting SATVA GUNA by our BHAKTI. The question comes to our mind that why we should do BHAKTI? Why we should do NAMSMARAN? Why should we listen word of GUTRU? By all these things every man’s strength of accepting SATVA GUNA, capacity increases and hence PARMATMA tries to blossom the buds of SATVA GUNA these 3 times. That time these buds of SATVA GUNA start blossoming. Then that SUGANDHI PUSHTIVARDHA is the one who does AUGMENTATION of my SATVA GUNA.  
Which thing has this fragrance? This is fragrance of LOVE. There is no fragrance without LOVE. There is no fragrance where LOVE is absent. Fragrance is not artificial. It is of no use. See forest of KEVADA, its fragrance is spread at far away. But who dares to enter inside? No one dares. We have heard a legend about tree of Sandal. The snake is surrounding a tree like coil. In forest of KEVADA there is definitely forest of snakes. Then why do these snakes stay in that fragrance? Actually SATVAGUNA’S collection should be there then why do the snakes bringing TAMOGUNA stay there? Even if once there is snake bite then our fragrance as well as smell will go off. Our power will go off, our Buddhi will go off and we will also pass away. Then HE is BHAGVANTA, the one who does augmentation of SATVA GUNA and why these POISONOUS snakes stay at that place of fragrance? But remember that fragrance of KEVADA is no where fragrance of LOVE. The fragrance of KEVADA is not SATVIK FRAGRANCE. It is a fierce strong odor.
What do we refer as SUGANDH (FRAGARANCE)? SUGANDH is SAUSHTHA GANDHA. It is gentle as well as pleasant. The smell which is gentle/mild as well as pleasant is SUGANDH or FRAGRANCE. The one which is not mild and not pleasant also is not SUGANDHA. The fragrance of KEVADA only creates instability. There is property of creating instability in the fragrance of KEVADA. SO remember that snakes of VASANA (desires) stay only there. Remember, we should understand that these snakes of DESIRES (VASANA) bite maximum of all because it is fierce strong odor. It is not fragrance. It is strong odor. The mid isn’t pleased with it. Even if a small leaf of KEVADA is removed, then also its strong odor spreads all around So I will understand that here also there is crossing of LIMITATION (MARYADA) by fragrance. The SMELL which is in LIMITS is SUGANDHA. We should understand that if it crosses this side or that side then it becomes strong odor. So only this DEVOTION, DEVOTION means LOVE can only create FRAGRANCE and only this can blossom our buds and through this our capacity of accepting SATVA GUNA increases. SATVA GUNA surely increases when capacity of accepting SATVA GUNA increases. This PARMATMA is sitting there to increase it. Our physical or health problem starts reducing when SATVA GUNA increases. My MIND’S problems also start reducing and also my financial problems start solving. For all that SATVA GUNA is essential. Yes, 108 % they are essential. But we should understand that only that ultimate MAHAVISHNU, that SADGURU, that PARMESHWAR can do the AUGMENTATION of SATVA GUNA. No one else can do that.
Then question will come to our mind that BAPU, YOU have told us three times SUNRISE, NOON means 12 o’clock and SANDHYASAMAY means SUNSET, but very often YOU only told us that BRAHMAMUHURTA is the SHRESHTHA (PREEMINENT/SUPERIOR). None of us wakeup, give that thing (just overlook that thing). BAPU might have scolded us thousand times continuously that wakeup/get up on BRAHMAMUHURTA. We decide at least for that day, this BAPU is telling so much importance so we should get up at least one day but that one day never rises because when we wake up it is already dawn. So problem doesn’t come only. BAPU said HE knows that some people are trying sincerely. They are waking up in early morning on the BRAHMAMUHURTA and doing JAP. I am very happy. It is not necessary that every day I should wake up. But at least occasionally I should be able to do this. What is such importance of this BRAHMAMUHURTA? BAPU, YOU are telling that there is AUGMENTATION of SATVA GUNA at only 3 times i.e. SUNRISE, NOON,& SUNSET. Then what happens on BRAHMAMUHURTA? Remember and listen carefully as this thing is very important. The question always comes to our mind that why every time BAPU ask to do things on BRAHMAMUHURTA? PARMESHWAR tries to blossom the buds of SATVA GUNA which are covered by TAMO GUNA by blowing with mouth on SUNRISE, NOON and SUNSET these 3 times to do VARDHAN of my SATVA GUNA. But I don’t have capacity to accept that FRAGRANCE. It is very big difference that though that capacity of accepting the FRAGRANCE is zero on BRAHMAMUHURTA that FRAGRANCE still enters in my MIND. My capacity may be zero, or I don’t have capacity to accept. But the BRAHMAMUHURTA is such a time when PARMESHWAR definitely blossoms those buds of SATVAGUNA, when my capacity may be zero or may be NEGATIVE -100 instead of +100 and in spite of my wish when I sit for JAP that SATVAGUNA”S FRAGRANCE surely enters into my BRAIN and it makes compulsory to blossom the buds of SATVA GUNA. Your wish may be there or may not be there. When on BRAHMAMUHURTA I wake up and the moment I sincerely start JAP and sincerely with LOVE so that there should be collection of SATVA GUNA, to do AUGMENTAATION of my SATVA GUNA, to increase my DEVOTION and only for that PARMESHWAR then surely those VIBRATIONS penetrate inside my MIND, body. But if some one says that he will wake up on BRAHMAMUHURTA and do JAP so that his daughter should be married earlier, then he will also get results. But from that there will be no AUGMENTATION of SATVA GUNA. Why there will be no AUGMENTATION of SATVA GUNA? This is not your wish. What is your wish? Your wish is only your daughter should get married earlier. So though vibrations of SATVA GUNA penetrate inside and they are going to penetrate, but then for what you are using them? You are using them to get your daughter married. This thing is not at all bad. But see SATVA GUNA will not increase on that because as it has increased, I have used that much. Then think about that I gave you a golden BANGLE on which diamonds are carved. You will say very nice! But now you have to tie a dog with a chain but nothing is available. So you say you will tie with that chain. What happened? The diamonds of crores of Rupees and gold of LAKH of Rupees is wasted. The moment that dog will break the chain and take away that dog is lost, chain is lost and diamonds are also lost. The same is my situation. So whatever JAP we do on BRAHMAMUHURTA after waking up should not be done for any reason and we should do that only for PARMESHWARA. Then PARMESHWARA will use on HIS OWN for whatever works it is will be UCHIT to use . Then HE will not see business. Remember that if you need 10 grams of SATVAGUNA for your 10 works and you have only entered in 5 grams of SATVA GUNA then HE will get done those works in that 5 grams instead of 10 grams requirement. But we sit with some aim in our mind that some thing should happen and we wake up on BRAHMAMUHURTA then what happens? SATVA GUNA enters inside though my capacity is not there but it is used where I want to use and there I do hard work then its requirement. I use SATVA GUNA than its requirement. We see motorbike and what is our usual advertisement? BABA, this has less mileage where as that has more mileage. This vehicle goes 7 Kilometer in 1 liter, while that vehicle goes 10 kilometer in 1 liter. So we prefer that vehicle which goes 10 kilometer in 1 liter. Similarly PARMESHWAR is sitting there to drive our vehicle. What happens with us? When HE drives our vehicle that earns more points in less petrol and less oil. But when I insist on driving vehicle on my own, saying no to PARMESHWAR then remember that moment I am using 7 Liters for 1 Kilometer. When PARMESHWAR becomes driver of my vehicle, HE can drive vehicle 100 Kilometers in 1 Liter also. But when I keep aside PARMESHWARA saying YOU sit aside and insist on driving vehicle on my own that I am capable of driving then I am using 10 Liters Petrol for 1 Kilometer. And to avoid the same thing, hence SAINTS are always telling us that BAABNO! Ask whatever you want to ask to HIM and then tell BHAGVANTA that I am doing YOUR devotion, I am trying to do DEVOTION sincerely, I am making mistakes and doing wrong, I am becoming proud, but (YOU), FORGIVE me. I am sure that YOU will surely only give me that what is UCHIT for me. Thus I should be able to do DEVOTION on BRAHMAMUHURTA. But don’t ask how much pains we take to our body even to get up once in a month. Tell us that we want to do PARTY for whole night. We will taste that wine till 3 0clock in the night. Then we will sit for dinner at 3 O’clock in the night. There may be some affair in neighbor’s house. Suppose his daughter runs away from the house and some one wake up us in night 2 o’clock, we will wake up. That person will tell us Hey! Get up, police has come to his house and that girl in neighbor ran away with some one? She ran away with that guard who was at ground floor. Now our sleep has gone away. We make JAP of that girl’s name. BAPU asked tell ME whether that girl will be pleased to you or that guard will be pleased to you? But no, there our sleep will not resist us. But if we say we will do JAP then surely our eyes will be closing. BAPU pleaded that RAJANO! Don’t do like this. What is harm in doing JAP of RAMRAKSHA or GHORAKASHTODDHARAN STOTRA once in a month by waking up on BRAHMAMUHURTA? If you don’t know MANTRA, you can’t chant STOTRA then at least say RAM RAM. Do NAMSMARAN of that who ever may be your ISHTA DEVATA (DEITY). Say MANTRA of that DEITY. See BRAHMAMUHURTA is between 3.20 to 4.40 a.m. according to AKSHANSHA of MUMBAI and MAHARASHTRA on a day. BAPU asked that tell ME what is difficult? Can’t we wake up at least for one day? Let’s sleep early in the night. Sleep in the afternoon on the other day. What is harm/matter? But that also doesn’t happen from us. BAPU again told that don’t do like this. What is matter to do that thing which can give us the best of all? BAPU told that I am telling you sincerely that HE can understand difficulty of some people. They tell BAPU that there is only one room of 10 x 12 and 10 other people are sleeping there. Other people will abuse me if I decide to take bath and tea at 4 o’clock in the morning. BAPU told that don’t even take bath. BAPU said HE will see to it that which GOD will come to bit us. Only gargle with water calmly and sit in your bed peacefully without troubling others, and do JAP with determination. But don’t sleep after that time. BAPU said otherwise you start did JAP between 3.20 to 5.20  and at exact 5.20 you start snoring and you are fast asleep and till 12 noon you are snoring. The bud has blossomed and again it is closed. No, there is one scientific reason that it is same as my brain registers only that picture which lasts for at least 1/10th of second in front of my eyes. We have learnt in school that time of 1/10 th second is essential, otherwise I can’t see that thing. So if any thing goes with speed more than 1/10 th of second then that thing starts dazzling to me. See blades of the fan, they remain for less than 1/10 th of second in front of my eyes so when that fan start moving I can’t see that blade of fan separately. So there is one specific time to register any thing in my brain. That much time is required when I do JAP for one GHATIKA, to reach its effect to my every cell and all centers of my BRAIN. Think about how many thoughts are going on in my brain and by avoiding those obstructions to reach in brain it takes time in the ratio of 1:7 at least. This much GHATAKA or hours are required. Think that one GHATAKA is of 24 Minutes then for how long we have chanted JAP from 3.20 to 5.20? Then suppose we slept then the flower was blossomed and then again that flower was closed. Then there is no use. BAPU said very lovingly that BALANO! Have some PATIENCE (SABURI), sleep after 12 noon and I am not denying even that. (Saying NO). I am ready for all. I am ready to do any ADJUSTMENT. But there should be our preparation to so some thing.  
This MAHAVISHNU who is doing VARDHAN is ready for doing every thing for you because HE can do your VARDHAN through SATVA GUNA only. I wished that VARDHAN should be done. But for that collection of SATVA GUNA should be there. Though we sit for SUNRISE, NOON and SUNSET, on what is thing dependent? It depends on what is our capacity? We don’t know what our capacity is. We know that capacity is very less. When we do NAMSMARAN for 108 times then hardly once or twice GOD appears in front of our closed eyes. There are no thoughts in our MIND. Otherwise some thoughts are coming in MIND. Those things start appearing, which we have never thought. But any bad thoughts may continue in your MIND on BRAHMAMUHURTA, any worse thoughts may continue but remember that even though they are continued still SATVA GUNA rises. This is importance of BRAHMAMUHURTA. BAPU always tell us BRAHMAMUHURTA, BRAHMAMUHURTA, what is the reason behind that? This is easiest thing of all for human being. It is easiest thing to do VARDHAN.
BAPU said that there was HIS PANAJI(Mother of GRANDMOTHER), DWARKAMAI , wife of GOPINATH SHASTRI PADHYE. That woman and MY GRANDMOTHER means daughter of DWARKAMAI never woke up even after a minute of BRAHMAMUHURTA. They always woke up at 2.45 a.m. and before BRAHMAMUHURTA they used to take bath and used to sit for JAP, GAJAR or BAHJAN and while doing this they also used to work with hands. BAPU said you may say that BAPU they were old women and for them as such nothing was there. That time MY GRANDMOTHER was a widow and was fighting alone against society while doing business of HER own since 23-24 years of HER age. SHE has to fight because SHE has not cut HER hair. SHE was the first woman from BRAHMIN SOCIETY who did not cut HER hair. That time big and large articles were written on HER that SHE was an unchaste woman (faithless woman), SHE was the one who drowned away DHARMA, SHE was so and so…. People of all society closed all their business with HER. Grocers did not give HER goods; teachers did not allow HER to enter in the school, such way SHE fought against society. By looking into such matters SHE was also looking after HER own business. No one will purchase goods from HER in that area and hence SHE was selling the goods in village at far away, so that no one should know HER there. I should understand that while doing all these things SHE was waking up at the early morning. DWARKAMAI was also waking up apart from HER married life, though there were husband, children, and nephews, in the house. BAPU said that HE knows today time has changed. It is not possible to wake up every day early in the morning in city like MUMBAI. Really it is not possible. BAPU said that HE totally agrees. But still surely it is not difficult to get up/wake up once in a month. What is matter for us to do that much? Even we are not ready to wake up once in a year. Then we will say BAPU we will wake up once in a BIRTH. BAPU said but still I don’t know whether that will be done or not. But why do you talk about once in a year or once in a BIRTH? See what happens if you get up once in a month. RAJANO! Once you start waking up then interest will be developed. BAPU told that one letter came to HIM before one and half year from a person. He woke up on BRAHMAMUHURTA and did JAP and he felt so nice/ pleasant that he decided that he will do this for every month. But finally that person started waking up for doing JAP on BRAHMAMUHURTA weekly. Every SUNDAY we get up late, but he started gating up early. Why to wake up early every SUNDAY? It is because on SUNDAY we can sleep as we have not to go to the office. In office we can’t sleep. On SUNDAY he said he will sleep in the afternoon. He started waking up on BRAHMAMUHURTA to do JAP on every SUNDAY. Today situation is such that person is young only. He may be 50-51 years only and not so old. That person is doing his job and all other things also. Today that person sleeps 9 o’clock in the night daily and wakes up at 3 o’clock in the early morning and does JAP on BRAHMAMUHURTA every day. That person obtained/gained on the last day of JAGANNATH whatever he has to receive. Some strange thing had been observed and he realized what real SATYA is and then his beautiful traveling on SPIRITUAL WAY (BHAKTI MARGA) was done. The progress was made in SPIRITUALISM, but simultaneously since 29 years of his age this young boy was fighting to get possession of his ancestral property and that possession was solved out of the court automatically without doing any court and judges and he completely obtained possession. Remember both things happened but we don’t have PATIENCE (SABURI) and there is no preparation to do any thing (with us). Remember after increase in SATVA GUNA, his fate/destiny (PRARBDHA) also has changed.
This MAHAVISHNU, this SADGURU, this PARAMSHIVA does VARDHAN of our SATVAGUNA and that is not for just increasing SAINTISM within us. But we are living as a common man and we have some difficulties, but the ultimate solution to solve them is to increase collection of SATVA GUNA means POWER (BAL). “BALI TO KAN PILI” (MIGHT IS RIGHT). What meaning we refer as in MARATHI of this saying? BALI TO KAN PILI means we have to listen him, the one who has power or strength in his body and whatever he may do. We can’t utter a word even he pinches our ear. But this thing is really SATYA. If TAMO GUNA becomes powerful then it dismisses you out of the way only. But if SATVA GUNA becomes powerful then you are never dismissed out. If TAMO GUNA becomes powerful then you become the victim. But if SATVAGUNA becomes powerful then surely it will never let you become victim. This is the important thing of all in our life that we don’t want to fall a victim as a he-goat. Unfortunately MAHAVISHNU is the ultimate one who avoids it. If it is managed on BRAHMAMUHURTA then it is well and good but if it is not manageable then at least we will do NAMSMARAN of PARMESHWARA on 3 times – SUNRISE, NOON and SUNSET. I know today we can’t do as per the arm of the watch/clock. But SUNRISE does not mean the exact minute of SUNRISE. It is one GHATAKA before SUNRISE and one GHATAKA after SUNRISE and this whole period is called as SUNRISE. That means totally 48 MINUTES-24 MINUTES before SUNRISE and 24 MINUTES after the SUNRISE. How is this period for NOON? Time for NOON is Two GHATAKA before NOON and 2 GHATAKA after the NOON. That means the time at NOON is 48 MINUTES before NOON (12 o’clock) and 48 MINUTES after 12 O’clock. Then at the time of SUNSET, it is 2 GHATAKA before the SUNSET and 4 GHATAKA after the SUNSET. For this much time we can do NAMSMARAN of PARMESHEWARA. That means tell ME that in this much duration of hours I can get 15 to 20 MINUTES, 24 MINUTES some where surely. If one can’t get these much MINUTES then one can understand that this man does not have preparation. If we do NAMSMARAN during the period of one GHATAKA before SUNRISE and one GHATAKA after SUNRISE, Two GHATAKA before NOON and 2 GHATAKA after the NOON and 2 GHATAKA before the SUNSET and 4 GHATAKA after the SUNSET, then we can obtain SATVAGUNA as per our capacity. But even if as per your capacity little SATVA GUNA comes to you then on the next other day your capacity increases because SATVA GUNA is SWAVARDHAK and this is self increasing. TAMO GUNA is also SWAVARDHAK. ALAS! There is problem now. But there is one difference in both. SATAV GUNA is SWAVARDHAK and AADHARVARDHAK (SUPPORT VARDHAK). It also makes VARDHAN of that thing from which it seeks support. It makes VARDHAN of this JEEVATMA also. But though TAMO GUNA is SWAVARDHAK, it is AADHARGHATAK (destroyer of support) It destroys support. Both have one quality equal that is SWAVARDHAK, but how is the thing there/ One is SATVA GUNA which increases JEEVATMA whose support it is taking , but TAMO GUNA destroys the support from whom it is taking support. “KURHADICHA DANDA GOTAS KAL” ( a person helping to injure his own people) TAMO GUNA is like this. SATVA GUNA is not like this. So we will do NAMSMARAN on the time of SUNRISE, NOON and SUNSET. Let our capacity may be however less, but even when small SATVA GUNA comes, it makes its VARDHAN. If its capacity is 0.010%, then on second day our capacity will become .015 %. Definitely when with that much % it has increased and I will do UPASANA with that, so on third day my capacity will have become 0.030%. I should understand that thus in this way increasing my capacity I can increase definitely my capacity up to 5 % in some months at least. But it will not be possible without efforts. We never do efforts in our life. We never do hard work. The thing of hard work is far away from us. BAPU said leave PRAYANTNACHI KAS (give up efforts) and start doing PARISHRAM (HARD WORK), if we have TRUST that there is GOD in this world and HE will do our better . This is MAHAVISHNU and HE is doing our better. This BAPU is paining HIS throat by shouting in front of us that is because HE has at least some LOVE for us in HIS MIND. If there is our determination and we have surety that our BAPU has  at least very tiny LOVE for us then we should listen at least this thing of our BAPU. At least one day we have to become strong, then why in the next BIRTH? Who has seen the next BIRTH? Do you know what will happen tomorrow? Then why are you talking about the next BIRTH? Let us gain that in this BIRTH only, whatever we have to get. It is easy to talk of next BIRTHS for others, and it is better for them who can see their next BIRTHS. What will they do who can’t see their next BIRTH? Why to waste that BIRTH which is in my hands now? I will try to get whatever I have to in this BIRTH only, and I will be ANANDI even if I don’t get that. But I will do hard work for that. BHAGVANTA knows to give fruits if I will do HARD WORK. Let me be strong or powerful in this BIRTH only whatever I want to become and gain the best , and why to give up on the next BIRTH? “KAL KARE SO AAJ KAR, AAJ KARE SO AAB KAR” (Instead of doing tomorrow, do it today and instead of doing today, do it NOW). Then why stories of retirement of next BIRTH? Not after retirement, and not at all in the next BIRTH, in this BIRTH only I will start work from today only. Remember even if people laugh at me, it will not matter to me. The one who is suffering from chest pain, he has to suffer from pain. Suppose other people tell him to bear the pain, but then there is no use. Suppose neighbors may say why you are shouting madly, but then still he will shout if he is suffering from pains. The tears will roll down from his eyes who are suffering from pains. What to tell me of those people who are showing sympathy for name sake? Are they really not troubling or harassing us? No, they can’t reduce our trouble/harassment. For that doctor is required who can do our treatment. Many such people in our surrounding will advise us lakh of such stories. Why are you doing madness? Why are you wasting time by waking up in the early morning? Yes, we are doing TIMEPASS. Don’t make quarrels. You are foolish. Yes, we are foolish. We are doing JAP and we are foolish. (If they say) You are wise, you are very wise. Say you are extra wise.  If they are knowing the meaning of word EXTRA WISE then let them know and let them be wise. There is no question about you. Don’t get involve in meaningless/waste quarrels. SAIBABA told HEMANDPANT in HIS very first meeting that no, this is not fair to divide parties in 2 groups and doing quarrels. Give up those things. After wards he got name as “HEMANDPANT”. We read this story of HEMANDPANT from SAISATCHARIT. Give up quarrels and start doing JAP. Let people do whatever they want to do, let people talk whatever they want to talk, but we will do JAP by waking up early in the morning. These talking people will not come for your help when time comes. All people come for giving dry sympathy. If tomorrow you are trapped then ten thousand people are ready to laugh at you from away. Have time come for you to laugh? Remember it can’t be said whether hardly one or two men or some times that also will not be ready to have mercy for you. Remember this thing. A man slips off from a banana peel ed off in the road. There are more no. of people who laugh at him. Hardly one runs at him BABA RE! How you have fallen off? Can’t you see with your eyes? Only those people will abuse you who have thrown banana cover on the road, if you say this. But there is no use of that for you. We should understand that you had got injury or your leg is fractured. We will not make our loss by getting scared from those people who laugh at me and who say some thing to me. We will do our KALYAN on the good and UCHIT MARGA. By this way crores of people has achieved their welfare (KALYAN)and the way which can do KALYAN of crores of people then why that way can’t make my KALYAN? Are we not men? Those were men and are we pigs? Are we devils? Are we ghosts? Are we PISHACCHA?, then how those rules are different for us? They were men and we are also men. We have got PRADNYA as they were having. We have BUDDHI as they have. We have MIND as they have. We have hands as they have. Let our MIND may be more impure, that doesn’t matter. Our BAPU occasionally tell us that however PAPI we may be, there is HIS love for us. Then why do you worry? But first have realization about BRAHMAMUHURTA which is above all the SUNRISE, NOON and SUNSET. In my life I have to do VARDHAN of LAXMI(MONEY), WEALTH (VAIBHAV), PHYSICAL STRONGNESS (of MY BODY), HEALTH, LIFE, FAME, and whatever VARDHAN I have to do then remember that it is not possible without SATVA GUNA. Some people earn money by bad practices, but they can earn that money as they have collection of SATVA GUNA. But while they are earning by worst ways, their SATVA GUNA reduces in that much quantity. And one time comes when he can’t utilize that money any way he have earned. He can’t enjoy for himself. Thus they can earn money by bad ways as there was collection of SATVA GUNA of previous BIRTH with them. But that POWER they have used for feeding dogs. Don’t we say “TULA NA MALA GHAL KUTRYALA”? Remember they have fed that to dogs. Remember that dog can’t earn any thing. If we want to gain this thing then we have to follow SHUDDHA MARGA (PURE WAY). By PURE WAY thing may become little, but that will be durable.
  See, it isa a simple thing. You make pickle in the house. I don’t know whether you make pickle now or not. Is it not true that all women bring the pickle from outside? What they say while preparing the pickle? Don’t suddenly make oil  hot, slowly make oil hot and don’t put flame of gas /stove too high. While cooling also don’t cool it immediately, let it cool slowly. Don’t pour in the earthen jar unless it has cooled completely. Why this is so, because it becomes durable and last long. It takes time to make any thing good. Bad things are made quickly. But that time is never bad because all good things happen according to that time only. There is a tree of mango. It may give fruit after 10 years but it will give good fruit. But this fruit devotion which you want may be available to you after 10 years. But that will make many beautiful fruits in your life within these 10 years. I think that there is no benefit if I am not getting the fruit I want. But many good things start happening without my knowledge. Try to look at them keeping your eyes open then you will get encouragement. My strength doesn’t increase when I get what I want. But I will get all those things which I have not asked for and they will come in front of me. It is fruit of my DEVOTION that I have got so many beautiful things. But for that we should understand that VISHNU is the ultimate one who makes VARDHAN. HE is only LIFEVARDHAK. HE is only STITIVARDHAK (SITUATION VARDHAK). HE is only DHARMAVARDHAK. HE is only MONEYVARDHAK. HE is only BALVARDHAK. HE is the only one who makes VARDHAN of all things. If HE is the only one then I have to wake up at least for one day in one month or at least one day in this BIRTH in this SPECTRUM some time on BRAHMAMUHURTA. I have to offer 24 MINUTES out of a day which is dedicated BHOG to PARMESHWARA. Remember there will be MAGIC. We have desire of WONDERS. We want hen should turn into dog, monkey should convert into woman, and woman should convert into monkey. Whatever is there it is right. But there will be no change with such wonders in your life. The change will come when there will be change in my fate/destiny. That wonder should happen. That WONDER surely occurs, if I catch hold of the way of DEVOTION. Today we are not going to forget after listening importance of BRAHMAMUHURTA. We will try to catch hold of this BRAHMAMUHURTA as it is possible for us because the one who wakes up on BRAHMAMUHURTA, he has to just sit for JAP. That MUHURTA or that TIME is such that it will catch hold of me.
Now you may say BAPU the answer of one question is still not answered. Why such things happen on BRAHMAMUHURTA? We have agreed to the importance of BRAHMAMUHURTA. It is so because all PURE VIBRATIONS of the entire world are concentrated on the BRAHMAMUHURTA in that AREA where the BRAHMAMUHURTA is there. Suppose we say that two thousands RISHI are sitting for practicing penance here then that is MASTER of UNIVERSAL and remember those are from INDIA only, all over the world. Where ever they sit for PENANCE, those all THEIR VIBRATIONS are concentrated and become UNIFORM in that area where the BRAHMAMUHURTA is present. There is BRAHMAMUHURTA in MUMBAI, then that may be different time in LONDON. Every where there is BRAHMAMUHURTA then at that place these VIBRATIONS are concentrated. The main thing is that other all maximum no. of people are sleeping in that period and even DHRACHARAN has reduced after 2.00 to 2.30 hours all bad people are also sleeping. All good people are waking and doing JAP only and good VIBRATIONS are concentrated and the important of all is that SAVITRU SHAKTI is completely present in its ALIVE form. Hence it is called as SAVITRU SHAKTI. So we call HER as ATISURYA. What is the property of ATISURYA told to us? The common SUN rises on SUNRISE and sets on SUNSET. But this ATISURYA or SAVITRY rises on BRAHMAMUHURTA and its KALA starts reducing from SUNRISE. Till NOON they have reduced by 50 %. Here KALA does not mean KAL of the MOON. and we have to refer it as percentage (%).  This is SPECIALITY of BRAHMAMUHURTA. Hence there may be my wish or not, however small or less is my capacity those VIBRATIONS enter inside me surely. Only efforts should be that much that I have to keep my eyes open and my BUDDHI (INTELLECT) open and I have to wake up at least once.

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