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Choubal Ajoba

|| Falle Bhagya Maze | Dhanya Zalo Sansari ||
             ||  Bhetla Anirudhya | Tyane Dhariyale Kari  ||

There is famous poem in Marathi “Don Ghadicha Dav Tyla Jeevan aise nav.”
There are some people who become memorable in these 2 ghadis ( Short time).
One of these people is our Chaubal Ajoba.

As Ajoba got Sai sanskar right from his early childhood, he was completely devoted to Sai. He got Sai’s affection when 8 years old. He got the golden opportunity to stay in shirdi and play on Sai’s lap. And at the end of his life, he got Bapu as Sadguru, the reincarnation of Sai. What else can a person ask for in his life?

Ajoba consistently chanted Baba’s jap till the end of his life. He started jap with 5000/7000 counts daily after retirement. He increased it to 16108 times daily and then continued this for last 22 years of his life. The daily programe was to get up at 4.00 a.m.
To chant sainam, to perform kakad aarti at 5.30 a.m., chanting again at 7.00 a.m., Bhagavad-Gita, Dnyaneshwari and finally Sai satchritra reading.
This programme was continued irrespective health conditions.
This same sainam helped him enter the Vishnu lok via Vishnu(Bapu).

Bapu predicted in July itself that Ajoba’s life is nearing the end. He fell on 4th of November at his place. He had a fracture in his left leg. But by Bapu’s grace, even at the age of 90 he did not need a single bottle of Blood for operation. After that, Ajoba wanted to leave this world. Even Bapu had accepted his wish of leaving this world on a holy day Thursday.

On 29th November, his cough increased abruptly. His daughter in law, Mrs. Sheela Chaubal called Suchit Dada up. Dada told her to increase the dosage of the medicine.
Dada again called up in the evening. Even that time there was no improvement in his health conditions. Entire day his eyes were closed but he was chanting “Bapu, Bapu, Bapu”. That time Dada informed Chaubal family about Bapu’s arrival.

Entire Chaubal family and especially Ajoba was delighted with Bapu’s arrival. That time Bapu told Ajoba, “ If you pray from the bottom of your heart, Sadguru always comes like this.”  Then Bapu poured 3 spoons of coffee in Ajoba’s mouth and said, “Actually his life ends today. But he has not completed the number of jap as per his resolution. So I can not give him Moksha(salvation).” So Bapu decided to move him into the Hospital.  Nanadamata and Dada were waiting in the hospital. He had not opened his eyes since Monday morning. But was recognizing everyone by touch and Voice. He asked Sheela tai to read 51st Canto of Sai sachharitra on Monday evening.

On Tuesday morning, Nandamata came to see Ajoba. That time Ajoba was telling Sheela Tai to read 50th Canto of Sai satcharitra. Nandamata told Sheela Tai, “Sheela, first read the Canto. Then keep on chanting.” All three were working hard to minimize Ajoba’s Trouble. Everyone was told to chant “Om Manah Samarthya Data Shree Anirudhay Namah”. Ajoba was continuously chanting  Sai nam.

Tuesday night 11.00 p.m. Bapu told Chaubal family to read 32nd canto from Sai sat charitra. It was started by PIPA dada and then it was continued till 3.15 a.m. Even the chanting was continued as told by Bapu. There were volunteers ready to help in the hospital.

Wednesday morning Bapu came to see Ajoba, Ajoba told Bapu “I want to go”. Bapu told Ajoba, “You will get Moksha ( Salvation) tomorrow.” I will send you the airplane same way as it was sent for Kakasaheb Dixit. Even in those circumstances, Ajoba asked Bapu “What day is tomorrow?”. Bapu answered , “ Ajoba, I know you want Thursday”. Then Ajoba said, “Bapu, I am troubling you.” Bapu kissed ajoba’s forehead and said “ I get one such devotee out of Cores of devotees.” Chaubal family was told to do chanting for the entire day. Appasaheb Dabholkar was told to read 32nd Canto before 7.00 a.m. By afternoon 12.30 Ajoba got a Naam Mudra on his forehead. Bapu showed it to SheelaTai and MeenaTai Dabholkar and said, “After chanting is complete by a devotee as per his resolution, this symbol comes”.

Ajoba’s forehead got a Om on both the sides with Naam Mudra at the center. A trident also came at the center. There was too much rush to take Ajoba’s darshan.

Thursday morning, Ajoba told his daughter in law Sheela Tai “ Today is Thursday. We will go home.” On Bapu’s arrival, he said, “Bapu, the time has come. Now I have to go.”
Bapu said, “Ajoba, only one hour chanting is remaining. Chaubal family was told to read 31st Canto and chant. After Bapu went, Ajoba said, “Sheela, I am satisfied. You all stay happily together. Good luck”. After 1.00 afternoon, none was allowed to see Ajoba. Because he was purified by Bapu. He was freed from Kaf, Vat, Pitta i.e. all kinds of vyadhis. Bapu told that without purification Moksha cannot be given. Ajoba was getting brighter every minute. After 1.00 Ajoba started leaving 1 layer out of 7 layers of human body. Bapu, Dada and Nandamata were on rounds throughout the day.

By 5.00 p.m. all layers were freed. Bapu said, Ajoba has started moving from 6th layer to 7th one. Nandamata was consoling Chaubal family, “Stay quiet now. The final journey has started. Enchant continuously. “ After 6.00 p.m. breathing stopped, pulse rate zeroed down. Bapu said still panchapran were there. Ajoba’s head has become very warm. Bapu said, “ Touch his head”. The center portion was radiating vibrations. When ear were keep near his head, the chanting “Om Sainath “ was heard. Bapu said, “All actions have stopped. Sai nam is continuously going on.”
At 6.30 p.m. a big noise “Sai nam” was heard. Bapu said, “Suchit, Sameer you all heard the voice”. Finally his Sainath came to take him.”

Bapu was touching Ajoba’s head center and chanting some mantra. Breathing stopped, pulse rate stopped but Sainath voice was heard from the bottom of the heart.
It proves that whenever science ends, spiritualism starts.
After that Bapu asked Mr. And Mrs. Chaubal to pour one spoon of water in Ajoba’s mouth. He drank it and at 6.37 p.m., on Kartik Ekadashi he expired.

Bapu himself made Ajoba ready for the final ceremony with silk Dhoti, tulsi mal and ashta gandha on forehead. After the body was brought to Chaubal residence at 10.30 p.m.  Mrs. Ashatai kulkarni was asked to draw Om on one leg and Swastik on another. Entire night was spent with Sai nam, Bapu nam, Hanuman Chalisa, Ram raksha , panchmukh hanuman kavach and maruti stotra. As per Bapu’s order, his body was kept for Darshan from 7.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. That time the place was too much crowded for Ajoba’s darshan. Even after 16 hours of death, the body was shining like pure gold. It was as soft as butter.

Friday morning 10.45 a.m. Bapu, Nandamata and Suchit Dada came to Chaubal residence. Brahmin at the place did some rituals.
After that Bapu, dada and Nandamata did some chanting and asked Sheeltai and grand daughter Prajacta to do Aukshan. 11.30 a.m. Ajoba’s funeral started. It was heavily crowded. Everyone was chanting “Shree ram Jay ram Jayjayram”. The special thing is all women entered the crematory as told by Bapu. After that Brahmin did some rituals. After that Bapu, Nanda mata, Suchit dada, Sameer dada, Sarita Vahini and Chaubal family did Pradakshina around ajoba’s deathbed while chanting the jap, “Om krupasindhu Shri Sainathay Namah”. That time even Bapu could not control his tears. After that the attendees got a chance to take Ajoba’s darshan.

To become free from the cycle of birth and death, Sadguru is required. Bapu said in one of his discourses, devotees have to count from 1 to 99. But there is a large distance between 99 and 100. After 1 to 99 is done, Sadguru completes last 100. Same way, Ajoba’s last chanting was completed by Bapu.

Lots of regards to Chaubal Ajoba who wanted Sai and more Sai.
May everyone be blessed with Sadguru bapu’s grace.

Hari Om.          

Note: This article was posted in the earlier sadgurubapu group by Prasad Choubal, have just reposted it here 

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