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Om Swasochswas Gatayey Namah.

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Subject: II Discourse (24/5)

Hari Om.

Om Swasochswas Gatayey Namah.

     Swas means breath. Swasan is our mul bhut kriya. We are alive
because We breathe. Respiration involves 2 kriyas or acts. Breathing
in i.e. swas and breathing out i.e. is uchswas. Both these kriyas are
necessary. Though they are in opposite directions they are
interdependent. If one breathes in he has to breathe out to breathe
in again, thus we see interdependency between these 2 acts here.
Though its bhoutik disha (direction) is opposite its antargat disha
is one i.e. is Life. Chaitnya (life or spirit) is Mahapran ie. Lord
Hanumant. He is the divine essence. He is present in both the kriyas
though they are opposite. The tatwa is the same.

     When we breathe we take in the required amount of oxygen. The
amount that is essential for us to survive and we throw out or
breathe out carbon dioxide which is harmful to our body. The air that
we breathe in and out contains CO2 and O2 respectively but in a small
proportion. The underlying meaning of this is that our dear Lord
grants us what is necessary and best for us and in a proportion that
is required.

   Every being on this earth is a part of Parmartha. When a newly born
child cries, it signifies his first act of breathing. In the womb of
his mother this act takes place in the form of blood circulation. Our
life starts with this act of breathing. This is the first leela of
our Goddess Lalita

    A question may arise in our mind that the heartbeat is the most
essential kriya than respiration because unlike the heartbeat we can
hold our breath for sometime. The heartbeat is also chaitnya. The
rhythm of the heartbeat is of the dumroo of Lord Shiva that goes on
for a lifetime.

    Coming back to 'Respiration' the breathing in signifies taking
blessings and the breathing out signifies service to others. We must
utilise what is essential and give away what is unutilised and
unnecessary for us. We must store but only what is required. In the
same way when We breathe in oxygen store some proportion of it as
energy what is necessary for the functioning of our body. Therefore
whatever power God grants to me is not only for me but for others as
well. To cite an example plants take in carbondioxide which is
harmful for us prepare food by the process of photosynthesis that we
utilise for ourselves. Thus plants prepare food not only for
themselves but for others too. This also indicates that the way
plants take in CO2 that is harmful for us and release oxygen, Goddess
Lalita takes in our bad thoughts or deeds and purifies them. This is
because of her unconditional love towards her children.

          The 2 opposite directions of the process of respiration also
denote Bhakti(devotion) and krupa(blessing). We do bhakti (breathing
out) and receive krupa(breathing in) from God. This is essential for
well-being of my life. But we don't give away anything. Not to others
and not to God. We do business with God. We serve Him if we are in
need of His blessings. We fail to realise this that He provides me
with so much of goodness that We cannot repay it even by serving Him
all throughout my life. We may forget to chant His name but He always
chants our name. What is ours? Every single thing that we have is His
gift and we hesitate to give His things to him. We go to Lord
Hanumant's  temple to take Lord Ram's blessings but not Hanumant's
devotion. Lord Hanumant breathes in Ram's krupa but he releases it
for us.

     We must maintain continuity in our devotion like in respiration.
We don't stop breathing, do we? We must chant His name. We must serve
His children. This also a kind of seva. But we should not expect
blessings too soon. He will definitely grant  what is necessary for
us but it will take some time. As there is a time gap between swas
and uchswas, there is a time gap between Bhakti and Krupa. And this
time gap is called Saburi. We cannot lessen this time gap. This could
cause aasthama. But We can definitely do this by taking some effort.
Exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy body. Exercising also
reduces this time gap. This indicates my devotion must be of right
kind. We must speak good words. We must be humble to others. We must
share knowledge with others. We must serve others. We must transform
kamya bhakti into true bhakti. And thus better my devotion.

    Thus we learn that all of it is present in the surrounding but we
turn a blind eye towards them. We don't learn from them. We educate
ourselves to earn a job but not to better our life with the knowledge
that we gain. We try to find an easy way out. A way that could be
effortless. We expect God to do some kind of miracle without usbeing
devoted towards him.

   Forgetting Lalita means inviting Alakshmi. She grabs us by our
throat leaving us in need of air causing a problem in my "breathing".
We have to get rid of Alakshmi to have Goddess Lalita in my life. And
once We have Her in ourlife she will shower her unconditional love on

Hari Om 

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