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Jivham Vidhyanidhi Patu


Thursday : 02.06.2005 : JIVHAM VIDYANIDHI PATU

A man’s tongue completely protects his complete life, his body, his Pran and Mind by eating UCHIT things and pronouncing UCHIT words. It depends on tongue whether it makes human from human, from human to Saint or human to animal or devil/demon. We use our tongue for eating, tasting, talking and cleaning teeth. Animals use their tongue to clean their body. Saliva comes out from the tongue and hence while cleaning body with tongue, it heals the wounds on their body. Today even in villages small children apply saliva on their wounds to cure it. Many people must have done this in childhood. Such is our tongue which stays inside 32 teeth. But all the people may not have 32 teeth, because normally we have 28 teeth and 4 teeth are Wisdom Teeth, which may come or not. BAPU said RAJANO! Either you will get wisdom or wisdom teeth. I don’t have a single wisdom tooth so far, so it is convenient for me to say. This tongue is the first MOH (greediness)which man has. See even a one year child has choice of his favorite food and non favorite food. If you give him bitter food he will not accept it because even in that stage he knows taste due to response of taste buds stimuli.
            This tongue gives us MOH for the first time, man develops habit of like and dislike in his childhood automatically when he does not understand every thing fully due to this tongue and the same tongue becomes harmful/dangerous for the man. BAPU said that HE has seen that there is programmer to eat outside on Saturday and Sunday in many houses and on other days also they manage with bread, or ready made vegetable. HE told that if the work load is too much and it is not possible to cook then in that case it is o.k. The most important thing for the man is his food. Whatever I hear with ears, I see with eyes and I smell with nose is also a type of food only. But here I want to talk regarding daily food we eat. It is the food that gives growth to our Pran. The mind is made up of food. Then Buddhi makes sanskar on that mind which is made up of food. Sanskar does not make mind but the food make up the mind. Out of mind, body and Buddhi which is closest to the man? The body is the closet, which we can see. We can’t see our mind but we can realize it a little and we always realize Pran. We have mind and body existing till time PRAN is present. Otherwise if PRAN does not exist then mind and body won’t exist. Actually Mind, Buddhi and Body are 3 such things which a man can realize. It is not true that Buddhi is always within the limits of understanding of the man. There are Pradnya, Mahapradnya and Mahapran after Buddhi, so they are also not in our limits of understanding. We understand what BAPU says but that comes inside from here and goes out from there. Then what is use? No one can take objection that the man has the body, the mind and the Buddhi. If I can see a man is doing some movement then his Pran exists and his Pran and Mind also exists. These 3 things are closest to the man of all and there is no need to make them Siddha. Where from do we get power and strength to these 3 things? All these 3 things can have growth from the food. So RAMDAS has clearly told us that ANNA(FOOD) is PARABRAHMA. Ramdas is a DRASHTA. Food is the main cause which decides whether my body will become healthy or unhealthy. Our Ayurveda has clearly stated that to change my mind I require food. Pran also requires the food. So the food is required for all 3 things. Our food is the most important part of our life. We breathe automatically and breathing and food are essential for PRAN. We can get water. The food contains different varieties. Breathing is of one type, which I require. Water is not of different types. There are 2 types of water – Salty water and sweet water. Dirty water and clean water. But water remains same as its chemistry is unique. The chemistry of air which we breathe in is only one as % of Oxygen is 21 and Nitrogen’s % remains same, so chemistry of the earth’s atmosphere is one and same. So we don’t have independence to choose chemistry of water and breathing. But we see in food there are many varieties. Potatoes having sugar like glucose, fats, proteins are different types. There are many types of sugars, vitamins, chemicals in the food we eat. All these things are essential for our body as they are not created inside the body. Raw material required to produce certain chemicals also should be taken from outside to inside of the body. There are some vitamins in “Vitamin B”, and if there is deficiency of them in the body exists then irritation of brain starts. The chemical like Selenium is required in microgram quantity to our body but its absence causes depression in the man. So here we will understand that why we require SAMTOL and CHOURAS food (balanced diet). But we never think about it which is required the most for our body. Our situation is like that we live for eating. Some men are very crazy behind eating. We like those things most which are harmful to our body. Diabetes patients mind turns towards eating more sugar even though they should not eat more sugar. Then BAPU how we can realize what is UCHIT and what is not UCHIT for us? It is told in AYURVEDA many times that the food is of 3 types. SATVIK, RAJAS and TAMAS .With SATVIK food SATV GUNA increases, with RAJAS food RAJO GUNA increases and with TAMASI food TAMAS GUNA increases. Every thing is made up of these 3 GUNA because that these are that PRAKRUTI’S basic 3 GUNAS, from which the world has made up of. There are 3 GUNAS present in every man, his every thought and even in every non-living thing too.
BAPU asked who has read SHRIMADPURUSHARTHA? HE said that He knows many people have not read so far. BAPU asked one woman who was closer to HIM, whether she has read the book? She said that she has not read yet. She asked BAPU to give any work to her. BAPU told her that go and first read that SHRIMADPURUSHARTHA. You have not done the work I have given to you and you are asking ME for other jobs. Your wish is to other jobs first.
BAPU said we don’t want to use that thing which our BAPU has given us and we have hopes for other things. In SHRIMADPURUSHARTHA it is explained that how should be our diet. How our mind is made up of? The next description will come in next Grantha. Here it will be told that which type of mind is made in which way and which are 4 centers of that mind? Which type of food we should take to change center of mind out of those 4 centers? Which diet /food is essential for us? Which diet is unessential for us?
BAPU told that important point is that food or diet is if 3 types mainly SATVA, RAJAS and TAMAS. SHRIMADPURUSHARTHA tells us that is essential to increase Satva guna. As Satva guna increases in our body, the amount of punishments received by us decrease, the troubles faced by us reduce, the diseases faced by us cure quickly. We have read this importance of Satva Guna in first Khanda of Shrimadpurushartha. How should be our food? Our food should increase the Satva Guna in our Mind, the body and the Pran. It should be balancing Rajo Guna that means it should reduce if not essential and should increase if required and destroy Tamo guna.
            Today what food we eat contain more and more Tamo Guna. In any type of food there are 2 parts. One is Quantity and other is Quality. If we observe some people , they eat food like demon. First of all remember this thing that Food should be always eaten with peace of mind. Remember what our grandparents taught us. They said that when food comes in front of you, close your eyes and bow your hands and pray theprayer “VADANI KAVAL GHETA NAM GHYA SHRI HARICHE….”  If you don’t know Shloka then remember the GOD. Tell the GOD that this food is for HIM and then start eating. This is the way your mind calms down. When we eat food in hurry some different chemicals are created in our body, which are dangerous to us. BAPU said many times HE told that you should eat your food by biting every morsel for minimum 32 times. I have told you even when I have taken discourses of Science of food. Many poisonous effects of food are removed when you bite your food slowly. The food is digested properly. Even to reduce your weight also it is essential to bite your food properly. Those men become fat quickly who do not bite their food properly. Those men remain thin who eat their food by properly biting the food.
            We eat our favorite dish in more quantity. We persuade people to eat more as if we think that we can show our love by persuading them to eat more. BAPU told by this persuading whatever amount of the food is left behind in the plates is so large that it will be sufficient to whole India for thousands of years. This much food we just destroy. The excessive food we take in stomach is more harmful to us then the amount of food we throw outside. BAPU said that remember that there are some types of Neuro-transmitters in our brain, out of which 2 types are more important. First is SYSTAMIN and other is SEROTONIC. Systamin makes us active and Serotonic makes us strong and calm. If our diet is not balanced then these liquids are not created in enough quantity as they are required and they make our mind unstable, we get depression. Due to Serotonic man can have a sound sleep and hence for this it is essential that you should eat your food properly biting the food and eat your food peacefully. It is said that there are 6 types of RAS in the food. Our food should contain maximum amount of MADHUR RAS (Sweet ras), LAVAN RAS (salt should be in sufficient quantity) and AAMLA RAS (sour taste) and KASHAY RAS (hot, bitter and not more sour) should be very less. Sweet does not mean only sweet but it should not be too hot or sour or bitter. But we use more spices to add taste to the food. BAPU said chicken and fish are good food items, but we use so much spice that we bring their vitamins level to zero. We use DHANE and KHASKHAS in so much quantity. These things remove nonvegetarianess of that food. We destroy the benefits of nonvegetarian food which we should get from them by using excessive spices.
This thing we do just for our Tongue means for our taste. There are no other country where vegetables of different qualities like India are growing. But we fry, bake or cook these vegetables in such a way that their value vanishes. BAPU said I am not asking you to eat half boiled or baked food. But we make food too hot. If food is too hot then it quickly passes from the stomach and actually the food should remain for 3 to 4 hours in the stomach for proper digestion. If food is too hot then it passes within 2 hours from the stomach and that half baked hot food removes inner skin of the stomach and due to which many diseases are caused. We eat Chocolates and Ice-creams for taste but do not eat them excessively. MADHUR does not mean only sweet but it is such a sweet that there is no excessiveness of any taste. Excessive food of any type is harmful because excessive quality is of Tamo guna. The food deep fried, or Ruksha food like KADDHANYA other than Udid dal brings Tamo Guna. Ruksha food means which create Vat in the body. BAPU said we eat only IDLI and Dosa where Udid dal is used. We don’t know other dishes of Udid dal. Nowadays we eat only Khichadi or bread butter. We know Indian Thali is balanced diet where salad, pickle and chuttani are also included. I have given one discourse on Fruits only. Remember the man is basically a monkey and hence his digestive system basically can digest the fruits. So the fruits are best suitable food for our body. Till one and half year child can digest mother’s milk but after that till old age only fruits can equally and properly digested and provide balance diet for our body. BAPU said now you may argue with me that BAPU fruits are very costly. BAPU said eat those fruits which are cheaper. Fruits should be MADHUR as said in SUNDARKAND. Fruits mean the OJA of the trees. There is only one living thing on this earth which can make its food on its own and that are the trees and these trees complete OJA is filled in the fruits. The MADHUR taste of fruit is completely filled with OJA. OJA is the best DHATU and our mind, body and Pran’s strength and action depends upon this OJA. We can get this OJA in readymade form by 2 ways that are Fruits and Parmeshwari Bhakti. So we should avoid Tamo guni food and eat Satva guni fruits. Madhur fruit contains the most Satva Guna of all the food  and mother’s milk is equal to the fruits in comparison. After one and half year this mother’s milk is of no use for us and hence Parmeshwar has gifted us with equal important and beautiful thing and that is the fruit. So we were asked to do UPVAS. For UPVAS we have to do PHALAHAR which means eat fruits as a food. PHARAL is wrongly pronounced instead of PHALAHAR and on that account we eat Khichadi of Sabudana, Vegetable of Potatoes, Shrikhand and Puri of Rajgira which is not correct. BAPU said  that He also prefers these dishes but He does not eat them on name of UPVAS. Actually UPVAS means to sit near to Parmeshwar and eat only SATVA GUNI food on that day. But exactly we react oppositely on that day and we eat Sabudana which is SHEET, Groundnuts which is UGRA, Butter which is MAND, and Potato which is SHEET in Guna and they bring fatness and laziness to the body. Actually when the Grantha was written and the Chapter KALIVARJA was written that time Sabudana and Potato were not known and available in India and hence they were not mentioned in the list of the food mentioned not to be eat on the day of UPVAS. So we eat these things. But remember PHALAHAR means SATVIK food, which increases Satva Guna in our body.
Bhakti also increases our Satva Guna and hence if we do Bhakti while eating the food ou food will become more Satva Guni and hence RAMDAS has given us very beautiful Mantra which should be chanted before eating the food-
When you take your food with Bhakti and love it becomes Satva Guni and it can be easily digested. Even if Tamo Guna is present in the food, it will be reduced. But see feeling behind the Shloka is important. But today we sit in front of television and eat our food. That time there may be a big fight or murder or rape scene is going on a television and when these feelings are in your mind then Serotonic can’t be created. My body and brain will not get peace and hence my food will also not be digested . We bring office matters at our home, wife makes complains to her husband about her sister-in-law or mother-in-law or men shouts at his children. These are the scenes observed during the dinner or lunch. BAPU asked tell Me that how Serotonic can be created. BAPU said some people read newspaper during having their food. What you get by reading paper at that time of food? Why are you doing such wrong things? Talk about some good things during having your food, chant GOD’ name before starting the food, after finishing your food say from bottom of your heart that “ANNA DAT SUKHI BHAV” (the person who has cooked and served your food should become happy). Your food will become Satva Guni and Satva Guna in your body will increase. But our tongue does not like that.
We see during pregnancy many women want to eat some different things which is called as DOHALE in Marathi. Then her mother, mother-in-law and husband provide her food as per wish. We say that child is asking for some things. BAPU said that child has not got tongue so far and how that child will ask. This happens during first 3 months mostly and that time infant has not got its tongue. Then how do we say that infant is asking? The scientific reason behind this is that hormones change in the body of pregnant woman and an attraction develops for new food and nausea also develops for some food. That means the tongue starts its work/function before its birth. The infant has born in the womb of a woman but his tongue has not born. So there is only one thing in the world that acts before its birth and that unique thing is the tongue. See here infant’s tongue says its right on his mother even before birth of it and after wards the man repeats the same lesson. The man also establishes his right on his big mother i.e. Parmatma. Our tongue is the only thing which shows its effect before its birth in the world. We see that without Sun rise there is no light, without rainfall its effects are not seen. We know that it doesn’t happen that clouds are gathered in the sky and trees have grown up on the earth. First rain has to drop on the earth and then water enters into the soil and then trees can grow. But our tongue is the only ultimate thing which makes effect on the mother’s tongue even when it has not grown up or born. So here we will realize why the tongue has been offered a separate place other than the Mukh. Why Budhkoushik Rishi has given a separate post or place to our Tongue? What he says – JIVHAM VIDYA NIDHIHI  PATU.
Thus this tongue establishes her right before her birth and then through out the life it keeps it’s right on man for the food as well as for talking. We talk whatever we want , even some times without understanding any subject also. With the same tongue we hurt many people. Every one should think that ho many relations I have spoilt due to my tongue? If I would have controlled my tongue or I have kept little SABURI (PATIENCE) then my men would not have separated from me. We only make hurts with our tongue on the people. BAPU said RAJANO! It is o.k. some times that you hit a person on his mouth but the wound this tongue offers is large. So it is said that the arrow left from a Dhanushya and the word left from the mouth never can be returned back. We must know these things can’t be returned back  So we must learn to use our tongue properly.
In which form Ram protects our tongue? Ram is VIDYANIDHI means HE is the ocean of Vidya(knowledge). See even in a simple oral examination I can answer the questions asked to me only if I know the answers means the VIDYA. But it should be Ram’s Vidya. That is not the Vidya which Ram has. But it is the VIDYA of Ram name. BAPU said it is not BRAHMA-Vidya or AATMA-Vidya. It is not possible to protect my tongue unless I know the vidya of Ram name. Ram means Maryada Purushottam and this Vidya is of Ram name means Vidya of Maryada and Vidya of becoming AMRYAD (beyond limitation) by following Maryada (Limitation) and this Vidya we must teach our tongue at the first. We must teach our tongue that speak UCHIT  things, eat UCHIT things and speak briefly. BAPU told that there is one more important work of the tongue and that is Spitting. Without tongue man can’t spit. And this is Maryada that we should know what to spit and what we should not spit and where to spit and how much we should spit. This Vidya we have to learn. The Maryada of eating means Maryada of the food and Maryada of the Speech means talking Maryada. The man who knows these Maryadas can gain happiness and peace in his life. That man can never become successful in his life who does not have control on his tongue with respect to eating and talking. That man can never gain peace and success in his life. If we want peace and satisfaction in our life then we must have control on our tongue means we should teach Maryada to our tongue. The man who knows to follow Maryada also knows Vidya of ram Name. So it is told to us that keep UPVAS and observe MAUN. But BAPU said I have seen some foolish people follow MAUN and express what they want to talk with indications and gestures. MAUN means not to talk with mouth, not to talk with writing, not to talk with gestures or indications. Beyond this MAUN means not to talk within mind too and not to communicate with self also, even thoughts should not come to our mind. This is too difficult but at least we should not talk with mouth. That’s why MAUN has a very large strength. We say “MAUNAM SARVARTHA SADHANAM” means we are so wise and clever that when we don’t want to give answer we say this proverb. BAPU said really there is a large strength in MAUN. But it is foolishness that we will see we will follow MAUN when there is no one present in the house. There is no meaning in such foolishness. BAPU said husband and wife follow MAUN by hitting pots and pans when they quarrel with each other or man says he follows MAUN when he reads a book or he watches a television. MAUN is a SADHAN (tool) of all Purushartha. Here MAUN should be of VANI (Speech), Mind, Karmendriya (sense Organs). We always think that if we don’t talk then our importance will reduce. BAPU said RAJANO! It is reverse. Speak very few words and then your importance will increase. Our words are reduced when we want to talk about love but words increase while abusing or criticizing. Our tongue can taste MADHUR when our tongue will speak MADHUR. We know salt is required in very less quantity but it is essential to make the food tasty. So LAVAN RAS is also essential in our life. How many things we do in our life but we must add MADHUR RAS of Parmeshwari Bhakti, LAVAN RAS of Memory of Parmeshwar, but this MADHUR RAS of Parmeshwari Bhakti should be NITYA (forever).
BAPU said some people call Bhakti as Karmakanda (rituals). BAPU said you cut cake on a birthday, you follow some procedures when a President of the Country expires then all such things are Karmakanda only. Karmakanda is essential for the man’s life but it should not become in excess. We should understand that salt is essential in the food but when it becomes in excess we can’t eat the food. So KARMAKAND should be like salt in our life. SAKSHAT SHRI KRISHNA BHAGVAN has told in GEETA that there is no man who can live without doing any Karma even for a single moment. So He never advised to give away karma. But HE told to do Karma without any expectation. HE told do not have expectation for whatever Karma you have done. BAPU said many people told HIM that with NISHKAM KARMAYOGA nothing is possible in this world. BAPU said remember that BHAGATSINGH has never expected any thing but he dedicated his own life for his mother India. What a great job he has done! He followed NISHKAM KARMAYOGA. We must understand that there is a huge strength in NISHKAM KARMAYOGA (Karma done without any expectation). We can not give up our Karma but we can give up our expectation. Not doing Karma takes us to TAMOGUNA, in Parmeshwari Bhakti. Doinf maximum KARMAKANDA leads us to RAJO GUNA like doing 7 days fast (UPVAS) in wrong way in a week. So we should do few Karmakanda like worship of the GOD. BHAKTI gives MADHUR RAS and KARMAKANDA gives LAVAN RAS in our life and both these RAS can play an important role in our life if we use them in UCHIT way.
BHAKTI is MADHUR RAS and however we follow that will never become harmful or troublesome for us. MADHUR RAS gives us SATVA GUNA and with BHAKTI our SATVA GUNA increases.
We say in our whole family one person worships the GOD and that is sufficient for all of us. BAPU said it is o.k. that you can’t do complete worship in daily routine but you can bow to the GOD, you can make one PRADAKSHINA, and you can make one SASHTANGA NAMASKAR to the GOD. But we don’t do these things and we complain that our life has become tasteless. This is because I forgot to put salt in my life. Your mother had eaten the food then does it mean you had also eaten the food? No, so similarly in Spiritualism (ADHYATMA) wrong concepts are followed blindly so as to become beneficial for us which is wrong at all.
BAPU is not sitting here to tell you what you like. First time remember that whether you like or dislike, you listen or do not listen, whether you come or do not come, I don’t bother at all. I don’t care. I am telling you 108% true don’t tell any one to come to BAPU. There is no need to tell any one. He will surely come to BAPU whose want to make his life better. Every one has to come here. Why you are requesting to others, why are you pleading to others? Remember have feeling that come or go to hale. BAPU said I am telling from bottom of my heart that if you want to have pride then be proud about your BAPU. There is no need to be proud of any other thing. You tell people that come and see once our BAPU. What is thing here to be seen? Is BAPU doing any magic play here? I don’t like at all that you tell people that come and see. Tell them do not come and do not see. We must clearly understand what is ADHYATMA? What is SATYA? No one should be cheated here. RAM and KRISHNA had tried to explain us the real ADHYATMA. But we made their idols and kept in the temples and offer ABHISHEKA to them. But we have not taken any of their GUNA.
We must understand that KRISHNA had never excused those who touched DRAUPAD’S SARI and we must know that HE will never excuse. Finally KRISHNA only reminded BHIMA that pull out the hands of Dushasana who dared to touch DRAUPAD’S SARI. HE told BHIMA to pull out those hands from their base in the body. KRISHNA pointed out to BHIMA to break off those legs of Duryodhana who asked DRAUPADI to sit on them. This KRISHNA tells us our DHARMA through GEETA and that is SATYA DHARMA. So HE used that Dharma and showed to us. We must clearly understand that our BHAGVAN will not excuse every thing then that may be SAMRAT (KING) like Duryodhana or Rishi like Durvasa or he may be whom so ever. There is surely way for him to improve who makes mistake. But KRISHNA or RAM never had excuse or forgiveness or pity for those who made such sins or crimes. That is not Dharma of Krishna or Dharma of Ram. We must clearly understand that the hands of Dushasana were pulled off and the legs of Duryodhana were broken off.
ADHYATMA does not mean PUCHATPANA. We must understand that it is not ADHYATMA to say slap me on other side if you have already slapped on one side. But we will realize this when there will be increase of SATVA GUNA in our body because only SATVA GUNA gives Valor. Many people misunderstand that due to RAJOGUNA Valor is created . No, RAJO GUNA gives you action which is always unstable. Only SATVA GUNA can give you valor. SATVA GUNA means essential ACTION at essential time and completely filled with Valor. We will become successful when this SATVA GUNA will increase in our body and this increases with BAHTI and through the food. Finally it takes long time to pronounce HIS NAME with our tongue. We are common men and PIPA makes all things easy for us and tells us –
PIPA knows these are the common men and their GAJAR (Continuous HIS NAM) can not directly go in the mind and hence He tells us that we should first do GAJAR with our MUKH means our tongue and then RAJANO! After some time it will enter into your mind. But remember first we have to do Gajar with our tongue, we have to take HIS NAM and then when it becomes habit for our tongue, it will automatically enter into our mind. So all the ways goes through our tongue. Bhakti should enter in our minds and for that we must read HIS stories, HIS NAM, HIS praise. Reading is the job of the tongue and when tongue reads this, it goes in our mind. So tongue has separately described here irrespective of its presence in the mukh. There are other things in the Mukh but tongue is separately pronounced as JIVHAM VIDYANIDHIHI PATU…
We must understand that the real VIDYA is to achieve SATVA GUNA because going ahead of SATVA GUNA is a thing far ahead. First being a common man, we will eradicate our Tamo Guna. We will maintain RAJO GUNA like salt and we will make our life MADHUR for which SATVA GUNA are essential.
We must know whose tongue has no MARYADA or control; he will be in a mess.
We must realize that due to excess use of Tongue Tamo Guna is created and Rajo Guna exceeds and Satva Guna are destroyed. The secret of happy life is not to destroy SATVA GUNA, destroy Tamo Guna, and use Rajo Guna like salt. Only our tongue teaches us these things and no one else. We always use the word PERSONALITY. The man’s personality means the man’s tongue and the man’s action. This tongue gives real personality to the man.
When mother shouts angrily at her son and says go and die. Does here she really mean that her son should die? No, She will give her life for her son. But when step mother tells her step son that go and drink wine. That means though her words seem to be sweet for her son they are actually bitter. She wants that her step son’s life should spoil. See the same tongue utters same words, but here the Ras behind the words is important. We must understand this RAS behind the words. Our tongue accepts these RAS. SHRI KRISHNA and RAM are RASRAJ. That MAHVISHNU is unique RASRAJ. HE is the best great RAS of the world. We say KASHAY RAS is the worst of all, bitter ras is little better than it, hot ras is better than it, then AMLA, LAVAN and best of all is MADHUR. But only that BHAGVANTA is crores times better than all these 6 RAS. Our tongue does great job of taking that great RAS inside our body. We say between NAM and NAMI, NAM is greatest and such NAM we can take with our tongue. So to protect this Tongue only Ram can give me VIDYA who is MARYADA PURUSHOTTAM. We must bring   this PAD JIVHAM VIDYANIDHIHI PATU in our life. Our tongue protect our entire Personality and also protects our whole body, Mind, and PRAN and such tongue’s protection should be done by VIDYANIDHIHI RAM which is said in prayer by BUDHKOUSHIK RISHI. The Rishi teaches us first that MUKHAM SOUMITRIVASTALAHA means how to dedicate ourselves means TYEN TYAKTEN BHUNJITAHA and then teaches us what is use of our tongue and how we should use our tongue and why we should use that.        

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