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Subject: Discourse-OM AMOGHAY NAMAHA

On 26 th in 1st discourse of Vishnu Sahastranama the name was 
OM AMOGHAY NAMAHA. When our BAPU explains every name becomes 
very important for our lives. It seems every time we should try 
to behave in that manner as our BAPU tells.
AMOGHVANI or AMOGH means the one who’s ACTION is never wasted. 
And we can know he is nobody else but the GOD, because HIS no action 
is wasted at all.
Though we know this fact we are not making use of that for our benefits.
Because we are not aware of all his qualities of nature.
We know every thing comes under his control and power, but we 
never realize HE is the master (Owner) of each thing we do. We always say 
that whatever happens is by HIS wish, but that is not true, as HE won’t do
any wasteful things at all. If any thing is not possible without HIS rules, 
we all should have fear for him (at least doing bad things).
But that never happens. We might be having fear for HIM. But when we
studied, became graduate, we learnt that this world is ruled by HIS POWER,
but HE follows a strict discipline. HE is not undisciplined; HE is always
strict for HIMSELF too.
The learned man can easily go closer and closer to HIM, as his faith on HIM
is very strong as he doesn’t have barriers of wrong concepts (ANDH SHRADHA).
HE rules if any thing happens, then my wrong or bad behavior will give me
punishment by HIS rules. But with BHAKTI we can enter in HIS kingdom of
happiness. As HE is SACHHIDANAND.and on a path towards him He protects us
from PAP- PUNYA we do. Actually he burns our PRARBDHA (THE BAD PAST WE HAVE
COLLECTED FROM PREVIOUS BIRTHS). In this world HIS rules stand equally same
for all.
But HIS wishes makes good for BHAKTA (DEVOTEE). Even if we get punishment we
should always know that is for our better prospects and the best end we
should get from HIM.
Then we think why we face unsuccessful events in our life? HIS wish is never
behind our action (bad), so HIS rule goes against our action. If I fail in
exam. According to him I should study more for that exam. According to HIS
rules my efforts were less. Here who has got higher PUNYAYI (good account of
good deeds) will have to take less effort, while other has to take more
efforts if his PUNYAYI is less (account of bad deeds is higher).
If we want like HIM our action to become AMOGH (NEVER WASTED) then behind
our every action HIS Wish or HIS rules should be there. When we are not
devotee, never HIS WISH NOR HIS RULES will stand with us.
Then what is the thing we should do to make our action AMOGH? Shall we chant
continuously AMOGH name? No.
According to SHANKARACHARYA , when your speech becomes truth., maintains
silence and sheel (good Acharan ,behaviour).
When I repeatedly do this my action becomes Amogh. When I keep silence I
follow truth and sheel .My 5 ghyanendriya should follow this silence.
This silence is achieved on 3 levels :-
1. KAYIK – (on BODY level) I will not do any action with my hands or tongue.
2. MANASIK – (on MIND level) I will not think. No thoughts will come to my
3. KARANIK – (on Antakaran level) I will not be conscious of any thing
happen around me. I will not whether I speak or not. Totally devoted or
joined with GOD.
To achieve HIM this 3rd silence is required.
Now you think in a whole day for how long we keep silence. To follow all
above 3 silences is must. But in mind always some or other types of thoughts
are present.
Unthoughtful position (NIRVICHAR STHITI) is never gains by us.
To sit silent does not mean you are keeping silence by mind or body too. You
always think in that position too. To do YOGA – by this you will have
control on your breathing? In   SHAVASAN – people usually sleep and they
think they have achieved the (NIRVICHAR STHITI). SAMADHI is first step
towards (NIRVICHAR STHITI). To keep mind silent is very very difficult. With
great effort you will achieve this.
Our great VYAS MOONI told 5 types to keep silence of body, mind and brain
1. SAHKARAN – every thought comes with some reason in mind. Try to analyze
the reason behind those thoughts, which you don’t like. Here I have to study
myself. Because when I visit a psychiatrist, then also I didn’t show him my
mind opened in full sense. Only I can know and analyze from where the
thoughts are coming and why are they coming?
For e.g. thought of theft or to see a beautiful girl. Now watching a girl is
natural attraction, which is also proved scientifically. I am not an animal
or wild animal. I am human being. GOD has given me superior gift of brain
(BUDHI), which is different than animals. So with HIS power only I can make
my brain stronger than my mind, so that I can stop those thoughts. By Nature
rules, I am not PAPI if those thoughts are coming to mind, but I should
escape myself from that situation.
In SAISACHHARITRA , in the story of NANASAHEB CHANDORKAR the same advice was
given by SAI when he was ashamed to see beautiful woman taking SAI darshan
in front of SAI. But SAI realized the fact and gave same advice, which now
MY SAI BAPU is giving to all of us.
While studying this I will realize that when I am sitting idle or I am
having spare time I start thinking unnecessarily. So getting rid off those
thoughts is very easy by keeping busy yourself in work, may be you are
liking or not.
2. SAHKRAMAN – If you observe carefully the numbers they repeat after a
particular pattern. Each moment, each particle has got the specific pattern.
In GEOMETRY, we have studied that from any point we can draw a tangent to
circle. Each point has different direction and has got SANKRAMAN means
circle forming. In world same thing happens. SAHKRAMAN is to study the
changes occurring in each moment. With our childhood example we will see. In
1,2,3and 4th standard we appear for exam. Very boldly. We don’t have any
fear of failing that time in exam. But after 5th standard we start realizing
its meaning related to my life, slowly and by the time I appear for 10 th
exam (S.S.C.) a lot of fear has been gathered, which causes failure in exam.
In beginning we are not having this fear in mind. We are always scared about
ghosts. But if we are having faith on GOD, we know by chanting RAMNAM,
SADGURUNAM or OMKAR JAP the ghosts remain no longer. But here either my
faith is not there or ghosts are not there. According to Hindu Mythology we
call LORD SHIVA the swami of ghosts. So remember he is not so cruel to send
them to you when you are alone first of all and if you are not praying to
him secondly.
So study of 1&2 keeps you away from thoughts.
3. SAHYOG – to join 2 things together. I always relate my thoughts to some
things, some incidents in my life. Suppose I have lost my very beloved
person in an accident in taxi. So when I go to that place if I reminds that
and feel sorry for him is one thing. But if I think that sitting in a taxi,
any taxi is dangerous then it is very bad. Here I should learn not to relate
the bad things or wrong concepts with any thing.
Second common example in our day-to-day life is of eating pulses
Creates problem of gases to some persons. They think not to eat that or
avoid, but how long he can has control. So instead of thinking, he should
consult the doctor and try to find out solution for that. Doctor will tell
him to eat very slowly or prescribe any medicine to avoid gas trouble. Thus
he will be benefited. And he can enjoy eating all such things, which seems
to be allergenic to his body without any problem.
SAHYOG teaches not to join wrong concepts wrongly. It escapes your mind from
wrong thinking.
4. SAHDHARM – this does not mean any religion Hindu, Christian. While
walking our one leg and one hand go in front and other pair is at back
direction. Now if I think my both legs should be at same position then
either I will fall down or I cannot balance. For balancing, two opposite
actions are always done at same point in opposite direction.
In married life for husband and wife this is must, that is why we call
husband as SAHDHARMCHAR and wife as SAHDHARMCHARINI. Each one should try to
minimize the mistakes of other, where my partner is not strong in some
points other will help him /her to balance it. This is not happening that’s
why we are not happy in our married lives.
If I decide to chant or meditate in the area where a Musical show is
arranged or where quarrels are going on in loud voices, it is not possible
at all. I require a calm place for that.  For that I have to become either
RISHI OR MOONI, then in front of APSARA also I can concentrate.
5. SAHSAHJATA – this is very much different than all above 4. Let the things
happen in same way as they are happening. I should accept the good and bad
things in same easy manner. BAD things I will not do, but if I come across I
will accept it. In things I will try to find out good things and not bad
things. In world whatever happen I will accept only good things and only see
bad things .I will not be jealous of any another person. No jealous nature
       The study of only this principle will totally change your life, but
only SADGURU can teach you. My BHAKTI should be also like this not jealous
  When ATRI (far from THREE qualities of mind SATV, RAJ, TAM) accepts this
BHAKTI, sad guru will accept you.
   It is very difficult to follow all first 4 ways in life, but 5 are very
easy. Try to analyze your own faults and not others. Try to meditate and do
BHAKTI as much as you can do. When I start 5, all rest your BAPU will teach
you, by holding your hands in HIS hands. I am very strict and disciplined
teacher, but very kind examiner. If you study carefully I will give you good
marks irrespective of your mistakes.
  Even if you run away from me I will run after you to catch you. In circle
at any point in any direction you will find me behind you.
So try to realize this in life and make your life AMOGH.
NOTE: Here my BAPU warned me very strictly that telling your friends how
good is BAPU’s discourse is not sufficient. I WANT IN YOUR OWN LIFE THIS
This was a really shocking lesson, when HE said the above I realized that
sending DISCOURSE to all you is not sufficient, if I am not practicing in my
own life very strictly my BAPU will not allow me to pass the PANCHAMI exam
with good marks.
Let us hope that by HIS grace all of us can do and achieve what HE wants us
to do and achieve in our lives.
Hari Om

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