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Om Indrapad Dayinyey Namah.

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Subject: Thursday 07-06-2001 second discourse

Hari Om.
Om Indrapad Dayinyey Namah.
I bow my head in front of that LALITA – who makes INDRA as INDRA, a king of GODs, who 
offers INDRA  a post of king of GODs.Lord Indra - King of all Gods. He became the king of 
Gods after performing 108 Ashwamedh Yagna. All four Vedas describe Lord Indra to be brave
and courageous. One who will always advocate for truth. But Purans have something different to say
about Lord Indra. Lord Indra is described as a coward,unethical and a womaniser and runs to Lord Vishnu for
help. Why do we see different images of same Lord Indra? Does this signify that sages who 
composed Vedas were dim-witted? The sages composed Ved for social good by meditating. 
When the performed meditation the Divine voice spoke in their minds. But Vedas were
written in Sanskrit, which was difficult to be understood by a common man. Therefore purans were
written in a simpler language to be understood by all. But only words gained importance in 
the puran age and not the meaning. When a message is passed ear to earthe last person 
receives a totally inane message.
Thus, though the concept was the same purans reflected a different meaning of religion. 
It caused common man to forget religion. He got drifted away from God as time passed. 
The true religion lost its glory. Common
men were ignorant about religion. They went to temples to listen to God's stories but
returned without gaining anything. They never analysed the moral of the stories. They
wanted victory but they shut the doors on God - one who provides strength to achieve 
victory. If we close the windows during the day how will sunrays enter the room to brighten it? But 
we remember
of God only during disgrace. God is omnipresent. He is everywhere. He is very closed to us.
 Then why are we so unhappy and unlucky. Because we never understood God. We listened 
to the stories only (words) and not the meaning and sentiments.
In our daily life sometimes we witness that we are so much involved in listening to some 
piece of our favourite music that anything kept in front of us goes unnoticed by us. This 
means that our eyes, which are one of the Indriyas, are not with Lord Indra. Vedas
teach the indriyas to work according to the religion and purans teach the opposite. This makes the man
coward and weak. Goddess Lalita controls my mind. The mind determines and hesitates as well. That’s why the
cause for us committing any sin is the weak mind and in return the mind suffers. So we have to change our
mind to save ourselves from getting doomed. We have to make our mind capable. That 
doesn’t mean that we have to visit the temple everyday.
We go to temple and listen to a story , or bhajan or BHAGVAT story. We say RADHEKRISHNA with them. We know
only that much what we had listened in temple. We never take trouble to read ourselves and think what is
real truth behind all this vedas or puranas.Purans have come to us by a method of telling the
knowledge to a next generation by old generation(MOUKHIK PARAMPARA). At those times ,
there were no papers. Every thing was written on BHURGAPATRA ( a leaf of a tree) . 
In Purana there are stories from Vedas in symbolic form called as ROOPAK. We should
think that why king with good characters(INDRA) became corrupted in Puranas.
We say VEDAS are speech of non human body( AAPOURUSHEY VANI). From BRAHMA + Breathing , they
 have originated,
they are not false. Behind every SUKTA there was either a man or woman. Directly from BRAHMA’s  breaths
VEDAS are not generated as they show in now a days serials of VISHNU or others, on T.V.,
otherwise the name of that particular RISHI should not have been given to SUKTA specifically. 
When the complete  mind
was controlled by brain or BUDHI, budhi was totally dipped into HIS NAME , in mind VEDAS were generated
due to presence of PRAGHYA – THE 4th power of SPEECH – a real form of JAGDAMBA, SARSWATI .
How Puranas have come into existence? In those days SANSKRIT or PRAKRUT language was not known to all
society or all people. People were not interested in studies.Due to SANSKRIT , they can’t 
read VEDAS .So RISHI has to explain them VEDAS in  easy symbolic story form called as Puranas.
RAMAYAN was first written by VALMIKI, that was originated in his mind and later on RAM 
has to appear to fulfil that in reality. Puranas easy and simple nature was there to explain 
people complex part of VEDAS in easy manner.
When a story is told to a person and asked to communicate to next other person . and in same 
manner ,50 persons  were told the same story. But at last a story is heard from 50th person that is 
differed in lot of manner from original.In similar manner Puranas were differed from original VEDAS. 
The symbolism was same. So even after listening BHAGVAT or Puran we were empty in real sense.In temple a 
big que is there , so we offer some thing to a Poojari and accept Prasad , a big garland and 
returns to home. Remember this is a prasad of Poojari and not GOD. There will be no change
in life by that. We  think HE is there only in temples.when we hear a story from Rishi , we 
never take trouble to analyse the meaning behind that sory. By that sins are not avoided.  We run
 behind money ,
fame. They are important in my life. But we  forget that there are 4 PURUSHARTH – DHARMA, ARTH , KAM AND
MOKSHA. When we go by way of DHARMA and follow our GRUHASTHASHRAM , we will achieve both 
ARTH and KAM. We
never go to HIM to get his grace. We never need HIM ,If we have good financial situation in life ( good
bungalow to live , cars) . We go to HIM only in difficulties. HE is there with me in all moments. We
never think why HIS grace is not available to us? I have closed doors for me on my own. See, if windows
and doors of a house are closed then even the sunlight is there , no use to us . I have not opened the doors
is my fault or mistake.
We only listen words, we never think meaning of those words. When we say that he is an intelligent boy. It
indicates that he is brilliant. But when we say it with eyes wide open and praises galore, it indicates
that this boy is bestowed with an astonishing intelligence. The sentiments were different and that’s
why both the situations were different. Hence if we want to acquire God's grace then try to know the
sentiment of the vedic hymns.
Words- STHUL form, MEANING – SUKSHMA form and BHAV –TARAL form. GOD (HE) stays always in TARAL form.
BHAAV of words during prayers.BHAV of Vedas was PRAVRUTIVADI. Never asked you to leave your duty. Try
to do your duty (KARMA) , gain money or KAM with DHARMA. GRUHASTHA is a real authority of all 4
Ashramas. If he is not there, who will provide food to SANYASI? SANYASASHRAM is dependent on
GRUHASTHASHRAM.VEDASteach me how to live a goof life with DHARMA, while Purana teach me if I don’t follow
rules  what wrong effects will be foreseen. INDRA is a TRUE speaker in VEDAS . Lord Indra is the adipati of
our indriyas i.e. The Mind. The indriyas should be with Lord Indra for them to function well.
We heard a sad news  on T.V. ,but we didn’t realise sad part of that, because my ears (Indriya) were
involved in that but my mind was not associating.
When we are in our thoughts we never see things happening in front of us. If the god of indriyas –
MIND is not there, I can’t do any thing properly.
In VEDAS,  INDRA was brave and never used to be scared from any body. In Puran INDRA was timid and used to
run to all TRIDEV for help.In Kaliyuga  purana are there. INDRA means my mind . MIND and BUDHI  are 2
different aspects. LALITA is the ADISHATHI of BUDHI.SHE is MAHAPRAGHYA.Budhi is firm and determined
while mind is having doubts.Till our mind – INDRA is strong my past (PRARBDHA) will not change.
The sins are done by my mind. MISFORTUNE  is made by mind.If mind is not present I will not realise the
pain (vedana).PAIN – is the quality of mind and not avoid pain is to change mind. Unless and
untill your mind changes  PRARBDHA will not change.THERE IS NO AGENT BETWEEN ME AND HIM. SO DON’T
RUN BEHIND ANY MATAJI OR BUVA.   It is of no use. W e have to change mind  means We have to turn our mind
upside down . It means the reverse of man is namah.
That means namaskar. And it doesn’t indicate joining hands but to turn the mind around which is going away
from God. It means that the mind should flow in the right direction - towards God. Goddess Lalita helps a
devotee relate to God. Then only Indra of  VEDA will not go to Purana.Then DHARA of your life will turn
into RADHA.
By birth I came to this MRUTULOK. Wneh I die I leave this MRUTULOK. Means truly speaking birth is my death
and death is my birth. We swim in flow of life. W only learn to save our lives .
OM GHARBHA ANLI namaha!  With mothers palcenta I have joined bya rope or string. We all are tied with her by
same bond.This bond is MAHAPRAN which always exists.
GARBHAGRUH , GHABHARAA is the place in which a moorti of lord is placed in temple. In  LALITA the GOD sits.
So try to relate  HIM with her help. When I try to relate myself with Her ,SHE will make DHARA of my life
to RADHA. Then there will be no death. Depth of a any thing or work means the work which want to complete
should not be ended before its due time. We are unable to love others is death of love in us.This is death of
aim and reason behind any work. Before marriage mother loves her son very much and after marriage she
repents. This is death of her love, aim and object should not change. This is death of relation between
mother and son. No one likes this type of death should occur in his life. If I don’t study , it is death of
education in my life. SO man is weak in front of mind.
MIND ‘s job is to accept the work. MAHAPRAN is beyond the limits of mind. HE only gives you control with
BUDHI on mind. We should welcome HIM , MAHAPRAN. We never do that. In whose heart SIYA RAM is situated
only can make good observation and take good decision.
Every thing of this world is controlled by HIM. LALITA is the only one who can give us strength and power to
turn dhara into RADHA .SHE is the first LEELA of GOD,who  can join devotee with HIM in real sense. SHE will
teach us to use KALPANA < NIRIKSHAN AND NIRNAYA in real true sense together, which will help to make our
lives happier.
Bapu said a story to exemplify this. One day Radha was wondering in a VRINDAVAN garden meditating Lord
Krishna. Narad comes to her and makes JAYJAYKAR  of RADHA. She only smiles at him.Again Narad asks her MA
tuzhe mera PRANAM (NAMSKAR)and please tell me truth behind your smile.  Radha asks him , "HEY KRISHNA,
why you have come in NARAD’s form?  Narad is surprised. He says I am not Krishna. Radha says, "one
who chants the name of Krishna, is only MY NARAYAN !He manifests in him." Narad showing disagreement asks,
"Then does it mean that this stone doesnot have Krishna in him." Radha replies that even this stone
are Krishna because even they are  chanting His name. Narad says I cannot hear it. But Radha was quite
positive that it is taking Krishna's name. Thinking that Radha has lost her senses or gone mad,Narad asks
her to o to GOLOK where she can meet Krishna and her madness will be reduced. She denies and tells him that
this Vrindavan is place where her older days very sweet memories are present , which took her in those
days. Narad goes to Lord Krishna. To his surprise he finds Radha sitting besides Lord. He asks Krishna
about it but, Krishna replies that I don’t know anything about it, whether Radha was here or she went
to VRINDAVAN because I was sleeping when this took place. He asks Radha about it and she replies that I
wanted to see your sentiments, your devotion. YOUR BALSULABH BHAV is very much appreciating and hence I
wanted to have joy from that . (I wanted to drink your BALSULABH BHAV i.e. experience that).Though you are
BRAHMAHARSHI,you always want to make progress in your  devotion (BHAKTI)and without comparing any small or
big difference you try to learn from others always to make your devotion more and more pure. I am really
appreciated and enjoying your this BHAV. . Narad asks her how she found his BHAV. When RADHA praised him and
tells it was a pure and holy BHAV.Feeling ashamed he says that I am not a true devotee and my BHAV is not
pure and holy.Because if I was so, I  have not surprised to see RADHA at both places.
 I should have
understood that both are not different. Secondly, I wouldn’t have doubted Mata's words.though I can not
listen  chanting from stones , if  Radha says , I should belive her.because that is the only truth.RADHA
explains him why that was happened. Narad was unable to differenciate because though he was meditating
KRISHNA name , he has not achieved the power (SHAKTI)of LALITA MATA. LALITA is the only one who can
turn DHARA to RADHA and RADHA TO DHARA. NARAD has only caught PALLO (ANCHAL) of LALITA and not yet made
relation with her. So RADHA gives him a Lalita mantra.After continuous chanting of LALITA MANTRA , SHE comes
to give him darshan and gives him a VAR ( blessing to fulfil the desire) that from this very moment he will
never doubt good things . the SADSAD VIVEK BUDHI (neer sheer vivek budhi) will be always present in his mind.
He will become first ACHARYA of BHAKTI PEETH. (He will be first GURU, teacher of devotion school).
So to follow even first GURU we have to follow LALITA mantra.SHE is the only one who can give us strength
and power to turn dhara into RADHA .SHE is the first LEELA of GOD, who  can join devotee with HIM in real

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